11 Best Camping Blankets-Worth For Money

Best Camping Blankets - Worth For Money

Are you looking for a blanket that will keep you warm and comfortable while camping? Is it nice to enjoy simple pleasures at night while camping? We believe so! Especially during the winter season, when temperatures fall below the comfort level but aren’t cold enough to keep you away from the fire. But, of course, to stay warm at camp, you’ll need the best camping blanket. So here are the 11 Best Camping Blankets recommended by Campergoals.

The best camping blankets should be warm, soft, durable, lightweight, compact, and high resistance to the rigors of being outdoors to accomplish all of these achievements. We’ve chosen more than a dozen that perfectly suit, so check out our recommendations for the best camping blankets below. 

Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket

Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket
  • Price: 99$
  • Size : 213cm x 203cm
  • Weight : 3.7lbs / 1.7kg
  • Insulation : Synthetic

Our runner-up for a cold-weather camping blanket is the Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket. Rumpl prioritizes sustainability by crafting their repurposed blankets from 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials. It’s challenging and durable, with a 30D ripstop polyester fabric. 

It also uses many of the same stuff found in top-quality backpacking sleeping bags to make its Original Puffy Blankets, such as a water-repellent 30-denier ripstop polyester face fabric and comforting synthetic insulation. Including its synthetic, eco-friendly packaging material filling, this blanket will keep you warm. 

The blanket folds up compact enough to carry inside a backpack, and it comes in a multitude of fun patterns and prints, making it ideal for cabins and cars. It’s also available in a two-person version. The insulation material fibers are made from the same material used to make sleeping bag insulation and puffy jackets. 

It also means that they can be washed in a standard front-loading washing machine. The Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket is lightweight, and the material keeps you cool on hot nights. Polyester dries quickly so that the blanket can be used even in misty, wet weather. 

Product highlights:

  • Designing is a sustainable product that is also environmentally friendly.
  • Best water-resistant blanket, odor, and stain-resistant.
  • It dries quickly because of the synthetic insulation.
  • blanket hands-free with the Cape Clip
  • Using only post-consumer recycled polyester
  • Machine washable for quick cleanup after each use.

Kelty Bestie Blanket

Kelty Bestie Blanket
  • Price: 24.99$
  • Size: 192.024cmx 106.9cm
  • Weight: 1 lb. 8 oz
  • Insulation: Synthetic and Nylon outside shell (Polyester Taffeta)

Are you looking for the best budget-friendly blanket for your next winter camp? Best bet is Kelty bestie blanket. The Bestie from Kelty proves that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have an excellent camping blanket. Is that true? Yes, it’s very cheap among other brands of blanket giants. The Bestie is the best affordable camping blanket on the market, costing less than $25.

Kelty bestie Blanket combines decades of Kelty experience to develop a packable, long-lasting camping blanket for late-night campfire conversations. This bestie is made with soft brushed fabric on the outside of the blanket and lightweight Cloudloft synthetic insulation on the inside.

This blanket is all about super comfort. The blanket even comes with its packsack, and it comes in a multitude of bright colors. You might as well buy lots of them at this price. The Bestie is soft against the skin on both sides and is the perfect size for laying out on the grass or wrapping around your shoulders as darkness falls.

The Bestie bundles into its stuff sack and weighs less than 2 pounds, making it easy to carry between vehicle and camp.

The outside is very soft that makes your day and night comfortable. The Cloudloft insulation is light, pleasant, warm, and has various cool colors and designs to choose from. But, of course, you can never go wrong with bringing your bestie!

Product highlights:

  • This blanket is ideal for lounging around the campfire.
  • Value for money, portable, and long-lasting
  • Stuff it and keep it in the included car sack.
  • Both sides have soft brushed fabrics.
  • Cloudloft insulation provides cozy warmth in a lightweight package.

Kammok Bobcat 45 Down Trail Quilt

  • Price: 199$
  • Size: 83.5 × 55 inches
  • Weight: 1 lb. 4 oz
  • Insulation: Atmos X 20-denier ripstop nylon, 600-fill down

If you find the best multi-use camping blanket that makes your camping night awesome, Kammok Bobcat 45 Down Trail Quilt is the best choice for you. This high-tech lightweight quilt is an excellent alternative to a bulky sleeping bag.

It’s packed with water-repellent 600-fill power duck down and will warm you up in temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Kammok is known primarily for its hang-anywhere hammocks when it expanded into camp bedding. The down-filled Bobcat is a lightweight, zipperless cover that can stand in for any sleeping bag in warmer weather.

The Kammock down trail camping blanket is a good solution if you want a down backpacking blanket. The blanket’s multiple snaps and cords also make it highly adaptable, as it can be transformed into a poncho, a hammock underquilt, or anything else the situation requires. 

 The conversion kit contains snaps to secure this camping quilt in place in your hammock, and the middle opening lets it be worn as a Pancho.

The exterior of the Bobcat is composed of Atmos X 20D fabric, which is soft, lightweight, robust, sturdy, and water and abrasion-resistant. Here are tiny pockets hidden in the blanket’s hems that conceal button snaps and loops that help to connect one side to the other. 

When combined with cinching top and bottom hems, this feature allows the Bobcat to close nearly wholly and serve as a stand-in for a sleeping bag. 


Product highlights:

  • Hands-free enjoyment is possible with Poncho mode.MAkes
  • Makes wearable warm
  • Durable water repellent (DWR) finish that is free of PFCs.
  • Minimalist sleeping bag with tailored comfort and fit
  • Under-quilt hammock and top-quilt hammock

Kammok Mountain Blanket

Kammok Mountain Blanket
  • Price: 135$
  • Size: 213cm x 127cm
  • Weight:  4.4lbs 
  • Insulation: 240g Polyester Fleece

Do you want to go front-country camping? Then, Kammok Mountain Blanket is the best choice for your camp. The Mountain Blanket from Kammock is made of 40D ripstop fabric. The interior is made of warm polyester fleece. All these materials have a DWR finish to hold moisture and dirt stains at bay.

With a plush fleece inner surface, the included stuff sack improves packability. All camping is superior if it serves multiple functions, and the stuff sack does not disappoint. Flip it inside out to reveal a fleece-lined interior, and you’ve got yourself an improvised pillow.  If you have additional Kammok blankets, just use Mountain’s built-in snaps to connect them to super warm.

Product highlights:

  • The included stuff sack allows for easy packing.
  • Snaps that are modular and can be configured in several ways.
  •  Super durable and ultra-plus
  • Modular snaps modify your use in a variety of modes.
  • All Kammock products have a lifetime warranty.

Yeti Lowlands Blanket

Yeti Lowlands Blanket
  • Price: 199.98$
  • Size:  201cm x 140cm
  • Weight: 6.1lbs
  • Insulation: Polyester

Are you looking for a dry and doesn’t get dirty easily blanket that makes your camping days awesome and comfortable? The Yeti Lowlands Blanket is our excellent recommendation owing to its good insulation and stain-resistant design. However, if you’re on a tight budget, the Kelty Bestie Blanket saves money without sacrificing features.

The Yeti blanket is specially designed for your cool evenings, car camping, and backcountry excursions. A waterproofing layer with a hydro barrier layer keeps you dry even in a fine mist. Its HydroBarrier prevents water from soaking through; it is padded, smooth, and insulated.

 It also includes a heavy-duty zippered carrying case. On the other hand, the top is soft and lightly insulated, so the Lowlands is still very comfortable. The padding inside the blanket includes polyester insulation, which maintains it smoothly while remaining durable. 

Do you know Yeti blanket material is pet-friendly? It does not readily absorb dirt and plant material. It quickly removes pet hair and any remaining camping residue. It can be machine washed and dried. Throw it in with the rest of the laundry, and don’t worry about it.

Product highlights:

  • Waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Pet-friendly and extra durable.
  • Polyester insulation keeps you warm and comfortable.
  • The blanket is well worth it.
  • On the outside, it’s rugged and waterproof;  and on the inside, it’s padded and insulated.
  • Machine washable

Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket

Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket
  • Price: 169$ – 234$
  • Size:  213cm x 168cm
  • Weight: 5 lbs. 4.3 oz.
  • Insulation: Wool

Pendleton has created a stylish blanket for restful sleep, whether indoors or outdoors. They are woven in American mills from durable virgin wool mixed with cotton. The combination protects against a variety of cold and rugged camping environments.

However, to stay warm for weeks outside, they had to modify their clothing and insulation system. The Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket now does the same thing.

These blankets are available in six different natural patterns. When you purchase from their website, you can personalize it with a monogram or embroidery. Instead of throwing the blanket in the washing machine, dry clean it. It is more expensive to wash clothes after a camping trip if they are dry cleaned. 

With our best-selling camp blankets, you can sleep soundly indoors or out. They’re famous for being tough and warm. The company has based its wool blankets on the fashions of Pacific Northwest shepherds. They’re based on the blankets that early shepherds often used to brave the cold—the Pacific Northwest location where our rugged wool types are still woven currently.

Product highlights:

  • American design makes it more eco-friendly.
  • It’s simple to personalize, thanks to the variety of patterns.
  • Insulates blanket with warm wool with a specific layer.
  • Soft, long-lasting, and elegant
  • Pure virgin wool provides exceptional comfort.

Therm-a-Rest Stellar Blanket

Therm-a-Rest Stellar Blanket
  • Price: $79.95 
  • Size:  191cm x 142cm
  • Weight:  1 lbs 6 oz
  • Insulation: eraLoft Synthetic Fibers

If you want something with a few enhanced features, the Stellar is a great mid-range option. Therm-a-Rest Stellar Blanket is the best water-resistant, thanks to a DWR coating. In addition, this blanket manufactures a wide range of comfortable products designed to insulate campers’ outdoor and indoor sleep structures.

With this blanket, they’ve thought of everything, including a built-in pocket that doubles as a camping pillow.

It has snap loops around the perimeter, allowing you to pair it with other Therm-a-Rest products like quilts and sheets. Furthermore, you don’t need an extra bag to pack it because it fits into a built-in pocket. Finally, the era loft insulation is a water-resistant filler made of synthetic hollow fibers.

It softens and lightens the blanket without reducing its insulation capacity. DWR is applied to the shell fabric. The polyester lining is softer to the touch due to its lower denier rating. 

However, it is not a sleeping bag; it has a drawcord at the bottom edge to keep drafts at bay around your feet. This blanket is extra-durable among the other blanket brands. In addition, there are snap loops around the perimeter to connect the Therm-a-Rest Stellar Blanket to sister blankets brought by other campers.

Product highlights:

  • Water is not a problem for eraLoft insulation because it has the best water-resistant power.
  • Durable, lightweight and, easy to pack
  • DWR treatment on the shell to improve water resistance.
  • Cinchable bottom edge reduces drafts so that heat can be retained.
  • To reduce drafts on the feet, pull the drawcord.

Matador Pocket Blanket

Matador Pocket Blanket
  • Price: 29.99$
  • Size:  191cm x 142cm
  • Weight:  4 1/2 lb 
  • Insulation: eraLoft Synthetic Fibers

If you are looking for a camping blanket with the best packability, durability and is worth money, Matador Pocket Blanket is the best bet for your next camping trip. Matador has created a lightweight camping blanket that can be taken anywhere. In addition to folding instructions, the blanket comes packaged in a pocket-sized stuff sack. On average, four adults can fit in the space.

This wool blanket can be used as a tarp and a blanket in certain situations, depending on the situation. However, this is the minimal gear that makes a compact size for your backpack because it’s made of nylon rather than wool or down insulation like the other camping blankets in this article, so it’s not a replacement for your sleeping bag.

Many campers have used it as a beach blanket or a picnic blanket, depending on camping. Corner stakes are built into the design. Corner stakes are built into the design. Water-repellent nylon HyperLyte ripstop fabric allows it to be water-resistant as well as resistant to punctures and cuts.

Due to its weighted corners, the Matador Pocket Blanket remains stable in strong winds. It also has sand pockets to help keep it safe. As a result of its small size, it’s a must-have for any survivalist’s kit.

Product highlights:

  • Waterproof and compact size
  • Best  ultralight and best portable blanket
  • Blanket built-in tethered corner stakes
  • A simple pack pattern to make repacking easier
  • Compact size and convenient integrated storage bag

Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket

Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket
  • Price: 179$
  • Size:  190.5cm x 132cm
  • Weight:  1.8 lbs 
  • Insulation: Synthetic 

Nature lovers like synthetic insulation because it mimics traditional down while being quick-drying and highly durable. Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket is a world-famous piece of gear distinguished by high durability, warmth, water resistance, comfort, and its use of recycled materials. 

It’s eco-friendly and made from regular down or feathers, thanks to recycled NanoLoft insulation. In addition, technology in the blanket traps warmth in tiny pockets of air, which helps to keep you warm and comfortable when camping. 

DWR finish, as well as a Cape Clip for hands-free use, complete the package. Next, decide on other technology, whether you want the smaller size, which folds neatly into 6 x 14 inches, or the larger size, which folds neatly into 8 x 16 inches depending on the requirements. 

The innovative NanoLoft synthetic insulation in this version enhances the original puffy. NanoLoft is a heat-trapping material made up of tiny circular fragments of high-elastic cloth that may be used in any setting.

Product highlights:

  • The blankets are made of RDS certified ducks with 600 padding power
  • Compact & Ultra-Lightweight
  • It is machine washable and dryer safe
  • Resistant to water and odor
  • Polyester 30D ripstop fabric made from 100 percent recycled material
  • Insulation and shell are made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester
  • NanoLoft insulation mimics down

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket
  • Price: 68$
  • Size:  77 x 50 in
  • Weight:  1 lb 1 oz
  • Insulation: Nylon and down

Are you looking for durable, lightweight, high-quality, Best Camping Blankets? Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket is a budget-friendly camping blanket.

 Horizon Hound’s ultra fluffy and puffy down comforter is good at keeping you warmer. It is made from down material that is properly sourced and of excellent quality. Not only that, but the down and feather filling is the ideal combination of weight and warmth—everything you need to be warm and toasty all year long.

Its ripstop nylon fabric resists tearing and packs down into a small stuff sack. It’s machine washable. The 20D ripstop nylon outer is water, sand, and animal fur resistant, making it easy to maintain while camping.

This blanket includes all of the qualities that you’d find in a high-end sleeping bag. The Horizon Hound’s most significant feature is its affordability: the 1lb packable camping blanket costs only $65 on Amazon. It is worth your buying and durable for long-term service.

Product highlights:

  • Puffy and plush
  • Excellent Lightweight and compact  
  • Compresses small
  • Blanket wraps around you and snaps together to form a warm Stadium blanket in the style of a Poncho.
  • Machine-washable 
  • Water resistance
  • Ultimate travel blanket with the best durability

REI Co-op Camp Blanket

REI Co-op Camp Blanket
  • Price: 79.95$
  • Size:  70 x 54 inches
  • Weight:  1 lb. 6 oz. 
  • Insulation:  Polyester fibers

Do you dislike black and brown blankets? Are you feeling bored to see your camping blanket in these two colors? Or Are you looking for a colorful blanket for your next camping adventure? Then, this blanket is for you! The REI Co-op Camp Blanket is brightly colorful and fashionable, as well as more valuable than most. 

The REI Co-op Camp blanket is cozy, sturdy, and wind-resistant, providing comfort and warmth around the campfire or on the couch. It’s also machine washable, so no worries about mud or spills. It consists of ripstop nylon fabric with a DWR treatment that repels water and grime. 

The quilted structure uniformly distributes the fiber insulation to help minimize cold patches, which is always a plus while you’re outside. This machine-washable blanket is 70 x 54 inches and weighs 1.6 pounds. It also includes a stuff sack.

Product highlights:

  • The soft, ripstop nylon shell has a water-resistant finish.
  • Machine washable and durable 
  • The polyester fiber insulation is properly spread, so there are no chilly areas.
  • Thanks to the quilted construction, the simple packing, it comes with a stuff sack.

Best Camping blankets – Buying Guide

You now have a good idea of ​​what the best products are on the market today, but do you know how to choose the best ones for you? As a good camper, you should carefully analyze every product before purchasing or adding to your camping gear. 

Camping blankets are available in a variety of sizes, a variety of qualities are made of plain wool or are packed with lightweight insulation (synthetic or down), and are designed to withstand outdoor use. 

Camping blankets may appear simple, but they must work well together as part of a more extensive system. Before purchasing a camping blanket, consider the following factors. 

Best Camping Blankets - Worth For Money

Materials for insulating

One of these three significant materials, or a combination of them, makes each camping blanket. They all have advantages and disadvantages, and the most acceptable camping blanket for you will be determined by your priorities and what you require from the blanket.


Blends are among the most durable fabric options, and they’re frequently blended. They last for a long time, far longer than some of the other options. They are, of course, excellent insulators with considerable clout when it comes to increasing the temperature of a sleeping arrangement. Pendleton’s Yakima Camp Blanket is the best wool blanket on this list.


Synthetics aren’t usually made from the same material. Typically, these blankets are constructed of nylon or polyester, with other fabric fibers thrown in for good measure. Synthetic insulation is used to fill the Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket. 

Yeti’s Lowlands Blanket is constructed of polyester insulation, while Therm-a-Stellar Rest’s Blanket is made of a unique blend of synthetic fibers for superior comfort.


Fleece is unique in that it is manufactured from a fabric generally associated with synthetic polyester materials. To distinguish it apart, it goes through a special manufacturing procedure. 


The best camp blankets are made to endure the outdoors and the normal wear and tear that comes with camping. To ensure that your blanket will last, go for one made of ripstop nylon, high-quality cotton, fleece, or wool.

Your blanket should have a durable water repellent coating (DWR). In addition, nylon can be made ripstop, which provides further protection against punctures and tears.

Size of a camping blanket

Size is a significant factor for camp blankets that are good spread correctly frequently ignored. If your feet are protruding out of the bottom of your tent, it might be very inconvenient. Is the camping blanket too big, or will it merely get in the way or be too heavy? Check for the correct size, which should be indicated on the packaging or in the product description.

Blankets are sized varied depending on who will be sleeping underneath them. Blankets are available in sizes for juniors, singles, doubles, and four persons. Other sizes are available, but these are the most frequent and most usable. For example, the junior size of Rumpl’s Puffy Blanket is 28 x 40 inches.


What are your plans for camping and how long will you stay there? When I go trekking or hunting, I understand how essential it is to bring the right gear. But you’re miles into your hike, and you’re starting to wonder if you need to get that bulky item.

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket is the best lightweight blanket on this list. You’ll want to go for a lighter alternative next time. Weight is a significant consideration, and you don’t want to carry any more than is necessary. Weight should be taken into account while selecting a camping blanket or sleeping bag.

In terms of weight and space, smaller pocket-styled camping blankets may be the best option, but you must also consider all of the other options discussed.


The weather heavily influences the proper selection of camping blankets. Higher thermal ratings may be required in colder climates. Naturally, warmer weather necessitates lower thermal ratings. 

However, you must consider the following: if the weather changes, will it be windy and wet? If you want to make the best decision, you must answer all of these questions.


What kind of high temperatures will you be dealing with? Even though it’s scorching outside, you’ll need some type of protection.

 The excellent camping blanket protects you from the elements, insects and just makes you feel safe when sleeping. You will sweat while sleeping in the heat, and a good wicking camp blanket will keep you dry and cool.


The cold temperature poses several difficulties. First, sweating causes hypothermia in a large percentage of people in cold weather. If you find yourself sweating in hypothermic conditions, the best thing you can do is undress and dry off. The perfect cold-weather camping blanket can protect your life in this situation.


I trust you have a waterproof camp blanket in case you get caught in the rain. Even in warmer weather, being wet can cause hypothermia and death. When we are in direct touch with water for an extended period, our bodies do not function properly.  Yeti Lowlands Blanket and Matador Pocket Blanket are the best waterproof blankets on this list.

You have two choices: keep dry with a waterproof camp blanket or remain dry with a wicking camp blanket. Some camp blankets combine several fabrics to create a waterproof shell with a wicking bottom.

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