The Best Camping Hammocks In 2022

Best Camping Hammocks in 2021

Hammock camping is a comfortable and happy way to camp and super fun to raise your relaxing experience. Whether you are looking for ultralight backpacking, a super-luxury for car camping, best for budget, or a different style, we have got you covered here with the 9 best camping hammocks in the market today.

Hammocks master the art of comforting and nothing could beat it at all. And if you got the right camping hammock that meets what you expect, you are going to have a great outdoor lounge. From hundreds of different options, it is not always easy to pick the best camping hammocks. Consider the features carefully including the following.

Types of camping hammocks: Think about the most fitting camping hammock for different campers and styles

Hammock materials: Consider the quality and durability

Maximum weight capacity: The right hammock should provide a stronghold

Best camping hammocks are essential as a camping accessory if you are thinking about high time to relax outdoors. When there are many different options to fit your backcountry needs, we choose the 9 best camping hammocks thinking about the best overall in features, best for budget, ultralight, super comfy, and more.

Warbonnet Blackbird XLC Hammock

Warbonnet Blackbird XLC Hammock
  • Dimensions: 132 x 62 in.
  • Weight: 1 lb. 6.3 oz.
  • Max weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Price: $180.00

Warbonnet Blackbird XLC Hammock is the best ultralight backpacking hammock with a bug net, elastic-side guylines attached, foot box/ shelf and stuff sack included. This is high in popularity as one of the most comfortable camping hammocks in the market and a top pick of hikers for its ultralight design.

You find this an adjustable Asymmetric end-gathered design supported with a fully detachable, no-see-um mosquito net top. It allows zipping in a top cover which makes it even good for cold weather camping. And here, with Warbonnet Blackbird XLC you get both single layer and double layer Blackbird options.

With the double-layer design, you can get the maximum weight capacity and you can use your sleeping pad in the hammock. But here the single-layer one is perfect in weight for backpacking and you can use an underquilt as a substitute to a pad when you are hammocking.

Product highlights:

  • Updated design with a super comfortable cotton-like texture
  • Removable, no-see-um mosquito net top
  • Enough headroom and foot box for comfortable legroom
  • Multiple suspension choices
  • Good weather-resistant
  • The versatile design can even use on the ground
  • Slightly expensive and extra cost for straps

ENO DoubleNest Hammock

ENO DoubleNest Hammock
  • Dimensions: 112 x 74 in.
  • Weight: 1 lb. 3 oz.
  • Max weight capacity: 400 lbs
  • Price: $69.95

If you are thinking about the best double hammock, ENO DoubleNest Hammock is a perfect match. This is a lightweight and compact 2 person camping hammock with enough room for 2. With lightweight and portability, it is a popular addition to backpacking while you can find plenty of luxury for the backyard.

This affordable ENO hammock is durable and easy to hang with the packed carabiners. You can buy this in numerous fun colors to perfectly match your style. You can find this compatible with most hammock suspension systems and straps that are sold separately.

You can buy this 2 person camping hammock with a built-in stuff sack and it packs down small for high portability. The seams are triple stitched making this a heavy-duty hammock and use 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta to make it work in any weather. It dries quickly and comes with high breathability to feel comfortable and cool on summer camping days.

Product highlights:

  • Hammock includes aluminum carabiners and stuff sack
  • Best for 2 person hammocking
  • Best for any weather and dries quickly
  • Durable with triple-stitched seams
  • Compatible with hammock suspension systems and hammock straps
  • Available in plenty of color options
  • High breathable material
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Very easy to set up
  • Budget-friendly

Hummingbird Single Hammock

Hummingbird Single Hammock
  • Dimensions: 104 x 47 in.
  • Weight: 5.5 oz.
  • Max weight capacity:  300 lbs
  • Price: $71.95

If weight is your first concern when planning camping gear, Hummingbird Single Hammock is a perfect option to welcome. With only 5.5 oz. this is an extremely lightweight hammock for camping for very affordable pricing too.

For your need for a hammock to take anywhere you go, this is a perfect fit, super lightweight, and compact. As this is made of extremely lightweight packers, you do not find this roomy as some other best camping hammocks in the market. Even this is not the best for sleep in, a perfect choice to take anywhere to lay in and relax. Being lightweight and highly packable, this is a top choice for solo campers too for a great trial break.

Product highlights:

  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Strong with lock stitching
  • Reliable, durable hammock system
  • Dye sublimation to print graphics on bags without adding weight
  • User-friendly with a button link system
  • Less spacious than other camping hammocks
  • Hammock straps sold separately
  • Best for relaxing but not the best for sleep in
  • The USA made with high quality

Grand Trunk Single Nylon Hammock

Grand Trunk Single Nylon Hammock
  • Dimensions: 126 x 78 in.
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs
  • Max weight capacity:  400 lbs
  • Price: $33.33

For your plans on a budget, Grand Trunk Single Nylon Hammock is a good fit with a fine combination of durability, weight, comfort, and style. In Hammock development, Grand Trunk Hammocks play a vital role and this is one of the top hits and especially for all value for its price.

This is larger in size than some other camping hammocks with a wider surface area and makes super comfortable hammocking. It allows you to easily adjust your position for extremely high relaxation. The added power stitching and trip-lock seams add the highest durability to the hammock and are made of Nylon to feel soft. The material is breathable and also dries out quickly to make it work in any environment.

The name says it is single but works fairly for two people. For its extremely low price, it includes a ready-to-hang starter rope kit, two nautical-grade carabiners, and a stuff sack to use easily. And with a wide choice of colors, it perfectly fits your camping style.

Product highlights:

  • High-value hammock for its cheap price
  • Single model but fits for 2
  • Strong with strong stitching and trip-lock seams
  • Larger, comfortable, and easy to adjust to your position
  • Made for easy use with rope kit and carabiners included
  • The quick-drying material, highly breathable and soft outer layer
  • Starter ropes are not much durable and recommended to use hammock straps separately
  • Available in different colors

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Zip

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Zip
  • Dimensions: 100 x 48 in.
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs.
  • Max weight capacity:  250 lbs.
  • Price: $159.95

If you are thinking about the best hammock brands in the market, never miss Hennessy Hammock Expedition Zip which is a super hit among backpackers. This Hennessy hammock is in form is asymmetric and includes a rainfly. You find this with a side entry and one end is larger to comfortably fit with wide shoulders. And with lightweight, it is a welcoming piece of gear in the backpack with the right comfort coverage.

This Hennessy hammock includes a no-see-um mesh to keep all insects out during the night and provides the best ventilation. This is similar to a hanging tent with a side entry through double-sliders, and a heavy-duty zipper. And with a gear pocket slides out, you can arrange your stuff separately by saving space.

The polyester suspension system has 10 ft. long, 1500 lb. low-stretch polyester core ropes supporting polyester cover. The polyester webbing straps are attached with the end of the suspending ropes and going to secure the tender bark of trees also providing a high span for the ropes.

Product highlights:

  • Comfortable with more space for wide shoulders
  • Easy adjustments to hammock and mesh with durable #10 zipper featuring double sliders
  • Hennessy hammock with side entry
  • Waterproof polyester ripstop rainfly
  • Insect protection and extreme ventilation with no-see-um mesh
  • Comfortable with Asymmetric form
  • Good for single sleeper with low max-weight
  • Find design with multiple uses (can fold into an open-air lounger or chair, can use hiking poles and use as a ground tent)

Kammok Mantis Ultralight All-in-One Hammock

Kammok Mantis Ultralight All-in-One Hammock
  • Dimensions:  120 x 56 in.
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 3 oz.
  • Max weight capacity:  300 lbs.
  • Price: $269.00

If you value the best camping hammocks with rain flies Kammok Mantis Ultralight All-in-One Hammock can be a perfect solution for you. Made of Levitas 20D ripstop nylon, it maintains a high strength-to-weight ratio. And with packed Python 10 Ultralight hammock straps, you will find it extremely strong but at the same time light in weight. Most importantly it includes a rainfly made of 5D ripstop nylon where the ridgeline connects to the attachments the hammock connects. These features support higher protection and will increase water shedding ability.

This is very easy to set up and thanks to its knotless suspension system it would take about 60 seconds to set up and teardown too. And being lighter than a tent, this is a great way to spend quality outdoor experience by lengthening your journey. To ensure your investment is right, it offers a lifetime warranty making you more confident with your gear.

Product highlights:

  • Extra protection with removable rainfly
  • Value investment with a lifetime warranty
  • No-see-um mesh bug net for high ventilation and bug protection
  • Included Python 10 Ultralight hammock straps
  • Features in-built pockets and operational ridgeline
  • Easy setup and teardown with the knotless suspension system
  • Comfortable for 1 person
  • Slightly heavier and not working for backpackers
  • Highly-priced

ENO SuperSub Hammock

ENO SuperSub Hammock
  • Dimensions: 112 x 74 in.
  • Weight: 9.8 oz.
  • Max weight capacity:  300 lbs.
  • Price: $85.00

ENO SuperSub Hammock is going to be the ideal option for you if weight is your top concern when choosing the right one from the best camping hammocks. It maintains a very high standard of comfort maintaining weight below a pound. But it is spacious and found among the top sellers when it comes to ENO hammocks.

When compared with the ENO DoubleNest model, this SuperSub only shares the same dimensions but changes in the weight rating. As with super durable Dyneema Fiber Line and 30D Ripstop Nylon finish, this change has come and in quality and support, it does a fair job.

Here ENO SuperSub includes no hammock straps for its cheap price and straps will cost some extra. And with aluminum toggles integrated Helios suspension system; you can set up the hammock in easy seconds and minimum requirements.

Product highlights:

  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Value for its price
  • High level of comfort and enough space
  • Easy set up with aluminum toggles integrated Helios suspension system
  • Made of super-durable Dyneema Fiber Line and 30D Ripstop Nylon
  • Stable and durable
  • Lower maximum weight compared with some other models

Sea to Summit Pro

Sea to Summit Pro
  • Dimensions:  108 x 60 in.
  • Weight: 19.7 oz.
  • Max weight capacity:  400 lbs.
  • Price: $91.72

Sea to Summit Pro is a value package that includes straps and a compression sack for a reasonable price. This is highly versatile and easy to carry being ultralight. This camping hammock packs down small into the compression sack making it easily carry wherever you go.

This is high in value with included straps and strong with the maximum weight capacity. For its lightweight, it is incredibly strong and good for camping and backpacking.

This Sea to Summit Pro hammock is made of 70D nylon providing good airflow and maintaining the highest comfort. Thanks to its buckle suspension system, it is easy to set up and extremely durable. This works well in car camping, hang in parks, and also backpacking by completing the hammock kit with a bug net and the right tarp.

Product highlights:

  • Best value hammock for camping
  • Ultralight and portable
  • 70D nylon for good airflow and highest comfort
  • Highly versatile and strong
  • Value for its price with the straps and compression sack included
  • Easy set up with buckle suspension system
  • Slightly smaller than some other models

Mock One Hammock

Mock One Hammock
  • Dimensions:  67 x 25 x 31 in.
  • Weight: 14.5 lbs
  • Max weight capacity:  250 lbs.
  • Price: $199.99

If you are thinking about taking a new hammock camping experience, Mock One Hammock is a perfect option that is with a built-in hammock stand. As the best new product from 2019, this is a popular pick by today as a portable folding hammock is an all-in-one design. So you do not need to look for trees or straps any longer if you decide to take Mock One with you.

Just like most of the best camping hammocks, Mock One is easy to set up and adjust to comfortable positions. And this is durable and comfortable enough for ones up to 6ft and slightly taller. If you are even taller, you can take the XL model and with various accessories, you can make it perfectly comfortable for you.

You can find this in a compact size and minimal footprint taking less space than any other folding hammocks in the market. So it can fit anyplace easily even at places traditional hammocks are not allowed. But as this is 15 pounds in weight, it is heavier than other models and not working for minimalist packers.

Product highlights:

  • Best hammock with a stand built-in
  • Very quick in setting up and provides extremely comfortable lay
  • Durable and foldable design
  • Supported with a variety of accessories to get maximum comfortability
  • Quite heavy for backpackers and minimalist campers
  • Value hammock model for its price
  • UPF 50+ adjustable sunshade included
  • Different from traditional hammocks and does not harm trees

Best Camping Hammocks Buying Guide

If you are a relaxed type of camper, you know how worth taking a camping hammock with you. But it is a lot more than just a fabric hung between two ends. In fact, there are many important things you should check before buying a quality camping hammock. Go through the in-detailed guidelines below.

Best Camping Hammocks in 2021

Types of Hammocks

For different uses, hammocks are made differently. Know the right type of hammocks to meet the right requirements.

Camping hammocks: Hammocks for camping are heavier and made of heavy materials. They are larger in size and aimed at more comfort. And most of these can hold 2 people comfortably at a time

Backpacking hammocks: These are made for overnight stays and include Hammock bug nets and also rain flies at some times. Most importantly, these are lightweight and easy to carry

Ultralight hammocks: If you are looking for longer backpacking trips, you should definitely take an ultralight hammock. These are great for overnights and made of ultralight material for minimum weight

Best camping hammock materials

The common material used in hammocks is Nylon as it is lightweight and great for long-term outdoor use. Nylon is safe from the growth of mildew and mold making Nylon-made hammocks are best for outdoor. For more, consider the denier rating such as 40D. If higher the denier rating, it is thicker and durable. Take that support to know the strength of the hammock material.

Maximum weight capacity/ rating

Different hammocks are having different weight ratings helping you to realize the stronger hold. This will come with a variety of denier ratings, and types of hammock-like single or double.

If your hammock has a maximum weight rating of about 250 lbs, it can only hold a single person. But if it is 400 lbs. or more that is safe to hold 2 people. But this is in the other way makes camping hammocks heavier. If your hammock has a higher max weight capacity, it can be heavier and stronger too.

Your hammock comfort

If your hammock isn’t comfortable, that would not be the right camping hammock. In fact, a hammock is a great place to relax where the right comfort is a must.

The shape of the hammock is one important fact that affects the comfort of the hammock. Especially if you are a taller person, it is a must to choose the right pick to not to feel uncomfortable. So when choosing the best camping hammocks, check whether it is two feet longer than your height to fit comfortably inside.

Just as much as the length, if it is wider, you can get more space for movement. This means you can have more comfort where the hammock is wider and perfectly long. And do not miss to check the breathability of your hammock if it has a mesh cover where it fits the best when camping in hot environments.

Size and weight

When choosing the right camping hammock, it is essential to check the folded and unfolded dimensions. If you are taller and have broad shoulders, you should check whether you have the right requirements of size to feel comfortable in. And as with your camping style, the weight of your camping hammock is essential to check with as some investments are worth paying extra and some are not. If you are in backpacking style, something ultralight and compact is essential and there are many options in the market to support it.

Features for extra protection

If you are taking a hammock just for extra relaxing when camping, you can get satisfied with a simple design. But if you plan overnights, a hammock with a bug net, canopy, or rainfly will add more benefits.

Canopy: This is a high-value add-on for both overnight stays and days so sunny. Even they are heavy and add extra weight; they provide you with cool shades and ensure you are protected from heat

Rainfly: This can also be a canopy and give the right protection from different environmental elements. A rainfly is not effective as a canopy to block sun rays, but to protect from morning dew, and rain while covering you slightly from windy weather. A rainfly will add weight about half a pound to the normal hammock and those who are going to stay overnight should bear it for a comfortable stay

Bug nets: For both daytime use and nights, bug nets are useful to stay protected from bugs around. Almost all of the bug nets are made from no-see-um-mesh to keep bugs away at the same time not restricting your views. Since the mesh is light in weight, these are not heavy and not going to add more weight

Assembly addons for hammocks are too come helpful especially for beginners. There can be suspension ropes, hammock stands for some, and also carabiners. For immediate use, these are helpful that prevent you from buying additional. But if you are not happy with their build qualities, you can find fitting options from the market.

Thinking about a comfortable sling; pack the best camping hammocks with you!

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