13 Best Camping Lighters-Worth For Money

Best Camping Lighters - Worth For Money

Camping involves some essentials and a lighter is unquestionably one of them. Without fire, your camping will not be completed and you definitely need the right piece of gear to get your campfire and stove on the go. The best camping lighters are made to light fast, refill easily, and work well even in adverse weather. But as every lighter is not equally crafted, we picked the top 13 from hundreds of options making the job easier just as easy as it going to light.

There are lighters for one-time use. But if you are a smart camper, you can choose a lighter to refill and repeat. Even this comes small in size a lighter is an influential addition to your kit. Make sure you consider the following when choosing one of the best camping lighters.

  • The lighter type: There are different kinds of lighters from Naphtha to butane and to plasma lighters to match with your different ignition needs
  • Ability to refill: A disposal lighter is not among the best camping lighters 2021. Think about one that can refill and use repeatedly
  • Weather-resistant: If you get to struggle with starting a fire when it is not pleasant outside, the lighter you have invested in is a waste. Think about a survival lighter that is of high waterproof qualities

Different campers are having diverse preferences for design, style, fuel usage, and ignition when it comes to camping lighters. Helping you out with finding the best camping lighters to start a fire with minimal effort in any condition, we brief the top 13 in the market of 2021.

Bic Mini Lighters

Bic Mini Lighters
  • Type: Butane
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Price: $6.45 (3-pack)

With the popularity and its use in more than for camping, Bic Mini Lighters are found as the most common pocket lighters in the market. These are simple in design and very handy with their pocket size. Most importantly, these are not expensive to buy.

With each Bic mini lighter, you can get 3,000 lights and with a pushpin, they can be refilled. These are child-resistant as you have to strike the wheel on top to light while pressing on the red trigger. However, this is one of the best camping lighters which is safe, high-quality, and coming in different designs to fit different buyers.

Product highlights:

  • Simple design in pocket-size
  • Dual trigger design that is child-resistant
  • 100% safe and reliable
  • Can get up to 3,000 lights and refillable
  • Not an expensive model to buy

Soto Pocket Torch

  • Type: Torch
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Price: $19.95

Putting versatility in front Soto Pocket Torch is available in the market in a very advanced design. It has two pieces; a pocket torch on the top with a lime green trigger and a valve in adjusting the flame. The bottom of this lighter is a refillable butane lighter.

The pocket torch fits with most of the standard rectangular disposable lighters (a separate purchase) but excluding the round disposable lighters. The closest example is Bic lighters.

This is a powerful camping lighter that is wind-resistant giving you the chance to use it in any weather. And remember, it is made to use below 5,000’ in elevation.

Product highlights:

  • Powerful and convenient
  • Innovative design with added support to control
  • Refillable lighter to repeat usage
  • Easy convert of disposable lighter flame to a torch flame
  • Made to use below 5,000 ft. in elevation
  • Wind-resistant to work well in all weather

RONXS Flexible Neck Lighter

RONXS Flexible Neck Lighter
  • Type: Electricity
  • Refillable: Rechargeable
  • Price: $9.99

RONXS Flexible Neck Lighter is the best pick for its price with an output of a powerful plasma arc to easily ignite any flammable materials it meets. And with a full charge, it can use for over 600 times. Thanks to its unique design with a long flexible neck, you can use it indoors or outdoor safely without any burns on your hands.

It is a slim and lightweight design that fits well in your pocket. And being wind and splash-proof you can trust it to work well in even bad weather. Compared with other camping lighters, this is a hassle-free model with no butane and flame. It is easily rechargeable and with the LED lights on the barrel, you can see the battery volume.

Product highlights:

  • Rechargeable electric camping lighter convenient to use
  • Can use over 600 times with full charge
  • Slim design fits the pocket
  • Safer ignition with flexible neck
  • LED lights on the barrel to see battery level

Zippo Windproof Lighter

Zippo Windproof Lighter
  • Type: Butane
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Price: $22.95

Proving the updated work frame of Zippo lighters, Zippo Windproof Lighter comes being windproof, small and lightweight too. It is a type of lighter you can take wherever you go to start fire or camping stoves not only today but for all years ahead.

The exterior of this Zippo lighter is made of steel and you can go with multiple colors and designs as your preference. This reusable lighter works with Zippo lighter fluid which you have to buy separately. And thanks to replaceable parks of this lighter you can verify its long run with no struggle.

Product highlights:

  • Optimal performance with replaceable parts
  • Runs on Zippo lighter fluid which is not replaceable
  • Made of steel exterior for long-time use
  • Windproof to work well on any weather
  • Small in size and lightweight to easy carry
  • Pricier than some models in the market

Survival Frog Tough Tesla Lighter

Survival Frog Tough Tesla Lighter
  • Type: Electricity
  • Refillable: Rechargeable
  • Price: $29.97

One of the best overall lighters in the market includes Survival Frog Tough Tesla Lighter which is a rechargeable electric model. Using a 3.7-volt battery it produces two plasma arcs and ignites all flammable materials without any effort.

This lighter is both windproof and waterproof making it essential to pack when camping in wind or rain. Adding more value to its price the lighter comes with a flashlight at the bottom, an emergency whistle, and a paracord lanyard. With the quality build, you can use it for a long time and not waste investing a little more than on some other camping windproof lighters.

Product highlights:

  • Works easily in rainy or windy conditions
  • Rechargeable and high performing
  • Fully charge can work for more than 300 lights
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Orange shell for a nice design and to make it easier visible in dark
  • Features a whistle and flashlight

Jinlun Waterproof Dual Arc Lighter

Jinlun Waterproof Dual Arc Lighter
  • Type: Electricity
  • Refillable: Rechargeable
  • Price: $12.88

Jinlun Waterproof Dual Arc Lighter is an excellent lighter model designed having outdoor fans in mind. It features a military design and its durability is unquestionable with zinc alloy and ABS plastic build. Per full charge, it gives about 60 powerful lights making it a perfect piece of gear for your shorter trips. Like most of the rechargeable camping lighters in the market, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge the lighter.

Being compact and lightweight, this is well known as the best lighter for ultralight backpacking. And adding value to its price, it takes child safety features. This affordable camping lighter is a very good addition to your casual camping needs. It is also waterproof and windproof working well in all weather.

Product highlights:

  • Great for outdoor use being windproof and waterproof
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Safe and environmentally-friendly
  • Durable ABS and Zinc Alloy material
  • 60 times per full charge making it ideal for shorter trips

UST TekFire Pro Lighter

  • Type: Plasma/Electric
  • Refillable: Rechargeable
  • Price: $20.34

UST TekFire Pro Lighter is one of the smart additions to your gear list with its unique technology. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is stored inside the lighter and avoids the use of any kind of liquid fuel. It creates a high-voltage electric arc between two prongs. And you can simply start it through a spring-loaded wire latch. In a few seconds about 10, it turns off automatically as a safety technique. This is good for safety as well as preserving the battery.

With the lighter, you get inner ParaTinder paracord strands that are usable in sewing, as the fishing line, or even for first aid. And the red thread in the center of the paracord lanyard to start a fire easily. Adding more value to it you receive complete care instructions and a 2-years warranty.

Product highlights:

  • Uses unique technology
  • 10-seconds safety feature ensures the safety and saves the battery
  • Features extras for better support
  • The rechargeable lithium-ion battery inside and use no liquid fuel
  • Warranty for 2 years and care instructions includes

Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter

Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter
  • Type: Butane
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Price: $16.98

Zippo is coming with a variety of styles focusing on different shapes and sizes. Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter is one most notable in the category which features long flexible neck thinking seriously about the safety of the use. And it has an adjustable flame dial through which you can simply change the flame as per your requirement. This is an effective controller feature that ensures user safety.

Like most of the best camping lighters in the market, this is of durable metal construction. And with its wind-resistant dual-flame technology, it can support you start a fire even when it winds heavily in your campsite. This is refillable with Zippo-specific premium butane which is sold separately and is worth buying for long-time use.

Product highlights:

  • Long-lasting metal build
  • Wind resistant dual flame technology used
  • Features a long, flexible neck and adjustable flame dial for safety
  • Refillable with Zippo-specific premium butane (should buy separately)
  • Includes a child-resistant safety button
  • Affordable price

Saberlight Plasma Beam Lighter

Saberlight Plasma Beam Lighter
  • Type: Plasma
  • Refillable: Rechargeable
  • Price: $37.00 (2-pack)

Saberlight Plasma Beam Lighter is an effective lighter in this list which uses enhanced plasma wave technology where it comes with a lithium-ion cell battery inside the lighter. This is easily rechargeable and produces a powerful flame for up to three hours supporting about 300 lights. Thanks to its plasma technology, it takes no chemical use. So this is eco-friendly and good for the user too.

We find this as one of the most energy-efficient models in the lighter market which is easy to recharge and use. As it uses beam tech instead of flames you can use it in any weather. Although it is slightly larger than similar products, this is worth investing in.

Product highlights:

  • Uses advanced plasma wave technology
  • This is airport-safe
  • Easily rechargeable and efficient in functioning
  • Eco-friendly with no chemical usage
  • A full charge will allow about 300 uses
  • Slightly pricier and heavier

Zoocura Ice Blue Torch Lighter

Zoocura Ice Blue T
  • Type: Butane
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Price: $21.68.00

This Zoocura Ice Blue Torch Lighter is butane powered lighter that is shaped like a bullet and survives all weather just like a bullet. It provides a powerful turbojet flame through its wide nozzle and features an easy adjustment thumbwheel at the bottom to operate it even in one hand.

It is really easy to refill the lighter with butane and is ideal for your long outdoor trips. Even it is slightly heavier than some other windproof lighters in the market, its adjustable flame power, easy operation, and attractive design make it a winner in the category.

Product highlights:

  • Unique and attractive design
  • Easily refillable with butane
  • Up to 15 continuous burn times when fully charged
  • Easy to operate
  • Butane reservoir is not noticeable which is a drawback
  • Finished of heavy-duty zinc alloy

Scorch Torch Skyline

Scorch Torch Skyline
  • Type: Butane
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Price: $12.15

If you are thinking about the optimum control of your lighter Scorch Torch Skyline is a wise pick. It features a cap to cover the top of the lighter from where flame produces. You find an external trigger to spark the flame which is supported by an adjustable flame controller. This is one of the key features that makes the light more convenient.

This lighter is purposely developed for lighting cigars. But it is really smart to use in camping as well. When the lighter runs out of charge, you can refill it with butane easily. But as it has smaller butane tanks compared to some other models, you will need to refill frequently. For its reasonable price, this is a good addition to your gear when camping.

Product highlights:

  • Comes with a Punch Cutter Tool as specifically made to light cigars
  • Safe and easy to perform
  • Retro Style Flint Igniter,
  • Effective with adjustable flame controlling
  • Easy to start and refill but features smaller butane tanks

Icfun Waterproof Lighter

Icfun Waterproof Lighter
  • Type: Electric
  • Refillable: Rechargeable
  • Price: $14.89

This is a multifunctional lighter from Icfun that has a powerful plasma arc to ignite any fire starts like up dry leaves, papers, twigs, paper, or any to perfectly start a campfire. Icfun Waterproof Lighter is good to take in any weather as it is waterproof, windproof, and flameless.

You find this with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery making it an environmental-friendly model with no gas or butane used. And this is durable and safe with its features of 7 seconds automatic power-off protection, leakage defense, and short circuit protection. For its low price, this is a value pick that is easily rechargeable too.

Product highlights:

  • Lightweight and compact model to take anywhere
  • Included lithium-ion battery for easy recharging
  • Powerful plasma arc to light up easily
  • Comes with three flashlight modes
  • Multiple safety features to ensure user protection
  • Waterproof and windproof

Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter

Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter
  • Type: Butane
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Price: $14.00

The rich design of Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter is a plus point to find this model popular in the market. And it is a refillable powerful triple torch lighter that is highly reliable to use in any weather conditions.

This features a larger button making your very easily ignite. And thanks to its larger butane tank, you do not have to refill it so often and one full charge can work up to 20 uses. And as it has a fuel level window, refilling is easier on this wind-resistant 3 torch flame lighter.

Product highlights:

  • Quartz Powered Ignition
  • Wind-resistant 3 torch flame lighter
  • Nice design with an attractive look
  • Easy to refill and supporting with fuel level window
  • Dual Action Ignition
  • Comes in a safe pouch
  • Affordable price tag

Best Camping Lighters- Buying Guide

Buying a value camping lighter is essential and seems an influential addition when camping. But depends on where you camp and planning to what type of usage your choice may vary. Even if you are still confused to choose from the above 13 best camping lighters, go and get help from the buyers’ guide.

We find a few essential facts to determine when buying quality and reasonably priced lighter to meet no fire troubles in the next outdoor trip.

Best Camping Lighters - Worth For Money

Different types of camping lighters

There are different types of lighters in the market and will work depend on that. Let’s see what they are.

Butane: Very common type of lighters we find are each of them uses different butane fuel to light up. You can hold on to the button for continuous flame and if fuel runs out you can refill

Jet/ Torch: These types of lighters use Butane like fuel to work. The light comes out through a special nozzle working out like a carburetor by blending air and fuel for a higher burn rate

Plasma/ Electric: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery plays the role here generating electricity or a plasma band (between two of the prongs)

In addition to the main types of camping lighters here, we find electric coil type lighters that use in cars, flint type that uses flint-stone or metal and should hit hard on something to get sparks, and have disposable lighters which are not very good options by today in concerned being an environmentally-healthy but easy to use.

Flame size and temperature

You can determine the effectiveness of your lighter through its flame size in the face to how you are going to use the flame. And also the temperature is a key consideration because of why campers love Torch lighters. They burn extra hot and are more effective.

Flame size and temperature are working supported to each. And if you have a chance to control flame size, that is an effective feature to make the lighter use in multiple ways. The bigger the flame more powerful it can be. And this flame controller is a safe technique too which is for added convenience of the user.

Ability to refill or recharge

This is not the age of disposable lighters. If you are buying one make sure you check for its refilling ability or recharging support. This is environmental-friendly too as you can reuse the item with the right refilling or recharge rather than disposing of it after one use.  But in case if you feel refilling is extra trouble to go through look for a higher fuel capacity one to prevent frequent refills or recharges.

Lighter performance against weather

Camping lighters are needed for outside use and each of their performance against the weather is very important to consider. If you get to trouble extra to start a camping fire or your camping stoves at the end of a tiring day, that will be a big matter. Therefore, take windproof and waterproof as serious concerns when thinking about buying a camping lighter. Especially if you are camping in rainy, misty outside a hot meal is a must and you have to take a weather-resistant type of lighter for convenient use.

There, plasma-beam lighters are effective with their advanced technology use and think about a smart option from the best camping lighters above.

Even this is found to be one of the smallest pieces of gear when camping, to stay happy and comfortable, a lighter is essential. Together with the above features, you will also find some extras like a built-in flashlight, compass, whistle, or paracord lanyards adding more value to your choice. Take these too into the look and find the value pick for your investment.

Like everything in life, the right choice can make life easier; so pack the right tool!

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