11 Best Camping Shovels Worth The Money

Best Camping Shovels

Shovels? What is a shovel for? Is it important to take it for camping?

Yes, Of course, it is important. It is multi-task equipment that is useful during the camping session. This equipment makes your essential tasks much easier. If you choose the best shovel, you will be able to succeed in significant tasks such as turning over embers in a campfire in the fire fit, digging a latrine, and burying organic waste to prevent animals from sneaking into the campsite at night. It also can be used for chopping, cutting, and hammering.

Always try to choose the best camping shovel for your company. The best shovel provides you with the best service. The following are the world-famous 11 best camping shovels that make your journey comfortable and smooth.

The World’s Best 11 Camping Shovels. Read More And Know More

Rhino USA Folding Shovel

Rhino USA Folding Shovel

The Rhino USA Folding Shovel is a piece of versatile equipment that is best for outdoor tasks. Using this shovel makes your work easy and comfortable. So, Pay your attention keenly before buying because you should know to choose the best one among all the shovels.

  • Length – 23.8”
  • Weight – 2.3lbs / 1.1kg
  • Dimensions – 24x 6x 3 inches
  • Material – carbon steel

Compact & Portability

The shovel extends to 23 inches but folds down into a compact level 9” size in the carry case. So, This helps you to fit the equipment into the bag and to carry it easily without any problems.

Sturdy & Durable

The shovel is made of powder-coated carbon steel. This is solid and good enough for digging catholes in soft surfaces.


The shovel is used for multi-functional capabilities such as shovel, hoe, pickaxe, and saw. For sawing, it is not sharp enough to cut a branch with ease. You have to work hard and put in a lot of effort to make your work complete.

But, This can not be used with an emergency hammer, nail picking, emergency whistle, and bottle opener.

Blade Design

The sharp serrated edge on one end of the shovel increases the functionality of this tool.

Cons :

  • The locking mechanism is complicated.
  • It is heavy to carry

Place your order and make your purchase worthy.

Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel

Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel

The Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel is a great option for people looking for a versatile product at a cheap price. You can spend your day at the camping site with better relaxation as your favorite handy shovel, Gerber Gorge is with you. So, Be cool and enjoy your day!

  • Length : 16.5”
  • Weight : 1.8lbs / 0.8kg

Lightweight & Portability

You only want to carry 1.75lbs of weight in your pack. Also, You will get a carry case with a nylon tie-string for easy transport.

Push-button & Ergonomic Handle

These are the most unique specifications of the Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel. The shovel is turned into more handy equipment because of these features.

You can expand the tool quickly and easily using the push button. Once you push, You will be able to reach its maximum length.

The handle of the shovel has an ergonomic design. As it comes with a rubber grip, It will make your hand tighten the handle without slipping, When you use it.

The blade design

The blade of the shovel is really durable because it is made of a hard carbon steel shovel. So, It lasts for a long time. If the blade is not sharpened enough, You can reshape it.

Multi purpose

You can use this shovel as a hammer, ax, or shovel.

Cons :

  • It is non-adjustable. It can not be used as a hoe or pick.
  • The bracket that attaches the blade to the handle is flimsy.

Make your purchase and have an easy camping trip.

Five Joy Military Folding Shovel

Five Joy Military Folding Shovel

This is a must-have tool with all hikers, campers, and backpackers. The tool gives you maximum usage during outdoor activities. Five joy military folding shovels are a perfect combination of great qualities.

  • Length : 19”
  • Weight : 1.2lbs / 0.5kg


This shovel comes with 7 different survival tools like a burly shovel, knife, magnesium fire starter, saw, bottle opener, paracord, and whistle. These tools can be used to acquire several tasks without any risk.

Also, the shaft of the shovel can be used as a hoe, hook, or shovel.

Perfect weight & compact

The tool is generally a little heavier in weight than the others. But there is no obstacle for you to carry the shovel as it comes with a bag. You only need to attach a carry belt for easy access.

The shovel is very compact and will be easy to keep in your trunk.


The high quality of metals, carbon steel, and aircraft-grade aluminum are included in this tool. So, This will help the tool to last a long time at your service. You can get the maximum usage by the equipment.

The shovel blade

The shovel blade is made from high carbon steel. The shaft of the shovel can be adjusted to different angles for use as a hoe, hook, or shovel.

Cons :

  • The spade is too small
  • There are no any extension parts
  • The unfitted rubberized grip make you annoy

Make your purchase below.

SOG Folding Shovel

SOG Folding Shovel

This shovel is mostly convenient for rough environments. You will enjoy your journey by using SOG folding shovels as it provides you a remarkable experience. Pay your attention to the following description and know more about the shovel.


The whole shovel is made of tempered high-carbon steel. So, It is strong enough to use in any condition. The shovel will be the greatest equipment that you ever had.

Compact & portable

This is a 3-way foldable shovel that provides you different uses. When it is folded it turns into the size of your hand. So, It will be easy to carry without any effort. Also, It comes with a carrying case that has a belt loop for easy carrying or storage. The most important feature of the bag is its velcro closing, Which is mostly better than the nylon string. This feature helps you to keep the tool from shifting during transport.


The blade is made of black powder-coated high carbon steel and consists of aggressive serrated teeth. This will help you to dig through the rough and firm ground or to cut off small tree roots.


The shovel is constructed by tempered high carbon steel that ensures the durability of your shovel. So, As a result; You will be able to use this equipment for a long time.


The large triangular handle of the shovel and the wide grip makes you comfortable while digging. In just a few seconds, After you flip the handle; the shovel converts into a hoe for faster soil removal.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is durable. By this, the tool will not be apart, even though you add more pressure on it. This operates by a twist, Which can take a little longer to loosen and adjust, But not a long time.

Cons :

  • Smaller in size
  • Non-adjustable handle
  • Not many additional features

Make your purchase and make the way easy.

Zune Lotto Annihilate Tactical Shovel Camping

Zune Lotto Annihilate Tactical Shovel Camping

This shovel can be introduced as the most suitable survival shovel that has ever been made. You will not be disappointed by using Zune Lotto Shovel. The shovel provides you with its maximum performance during your journey.

  • Material : German Martensitic Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions : 29.7 x 6 x 1 inches
  • Weight : 3.97lb

Strong and Sturdy

This is an F-A3 style unbreakable shovel. The shovel has high strength due to its adaptation of foundry technology made of German martensitic stainless steel by 100% molding and casting. The 10mm joint part of the shovel makes the shovelhead hold up to 1060lb without breaking.

The shovel is 3.97lbs in weight, Which is the heaviest shovel on the list. Though it is heavy, You can still have a positive impression of the tool as you will be able to dig harder or cut than the lighter shovels.


This equipment can perform 32 tasks like digging, cutting, chopping, jack, fire starter, break windows, cudgel, whistle, alpenstock, wire cut, safety rope, fish hook, bottle opener, provides camera support, wire saw, blade, fish scaler, peel, camping fixator, shoveling, ice road break, etc.

Smooth and Handy

The 5 handles that come along with the shovel are made of VioGi aluminum and have built-in-anti-skid silicone. This allows you to work in a smooth way.

Also, The tool has the ability to change from one position to another under using the button.


The 3lbs weight shovel is quite flexible to carry. Its unique shift head saves by adjusting to different angles : 30⁰, 45⁰, 60⁰, 115⁰, 135⁰, and 180⁰ for different uses.

Cons :

  • Expensive (but worth)
  • Has no backpack
  • Less durable

Buy it now and feel better.

Iunio Military Portable Folding Shovel

Iunio Military Portable Folding Shovel

This shovel is best for outdoor enthusiasts like campers and hikers. Also, this is a convenient shovel that can be used for every purpose. So, Read below and make a brilliant decision that would keep you in pleasure.

Strong & Portable

The blade and handle are made of high-carbon steel. This makes the tool more strong and wear-resistant.

It is portable enough as it can be folded up into your tactical waist pack with a belt loop for easy carry.


The tool can be used for hoe, pickaxe, saw fire starter, whistle, hammer, knife, and nail extractor. By using this, You can get the feeling that you can get everything from one place. So, The shovel is best for outdoor activities.

Long Handle

As long as the handle is long, You can get more advantage from the shovel. The tool comes in 17, 31, and 35 length handles.

Cons :

  • It is too heavy for backpacking
  • It is too hard to keep the screws tight. So, This decreases the sturdiness of the tool.

Make your purchase and have a splendid day.

Tyger Shovel Military Heavy Duty Compact Tool

Tyger Shovel Military Heavy Duty Compact Tool

If you are looking for high-quality service, This is the best option for you. This shovel will not let you down and provides maximum performance. Keep your worries aside and lookout for the best tool.

  • Material : Aluminum, Carbon Steel
  • Dimensions : 10 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Weight : 3lbs

High in quality (strong)

The shovel is made from solid steel carbon and aerospace-grade anodized aluminum tubes. So, The strong construction of the shovel will give you maximum usage during the journey.

Handy, Foldable, and Compact

The Tyger Shovel is compact and you can store it in your vehicle.

It has an instant switch system and a threaded ergonomic handle for smooth camping trips.


As the shovel is constructed of solid carbon steel, It is full of durability.


The shovel includes a fire starter, ice pick, screwdriver, hammer, and 16 other functions. The whole tool co-operates with you during your camping session.

Cons :

  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Not suitable for easy purposes like digging, hoeing, nail packing, and pickaxe.

Buy it now and make yourself worthy enough.

Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel

Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel

Are you looking for an all-in-one shovel? Then it is your time to stop here. This is of the most high-quality shovels you ever find. Read below and now more.

  • Material : High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions : 10.2 x 6.9 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight : 3.54lbs

Sturdy & Durable

The Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel is made of reinforced, heat-treated military-grade solid carbon steel with aerospace-grade anodized aluminum tubes. Also, Due to its durability; It can be easily used in any outdoor situation.

Compact & Portable

The shovel is foldable and expandable using a 4 size wrench. Also, It is easy to carry and store.


The shovel comes with 12 tools like a saw, hatchet, hoe, hexagonal wrench, knife, hunting spear, bottle opener, whistle, fish scaler, hammer, flat-blade, and screwdriver.

Also, This tool can be used on different occasions like hiking, gardening, backpacking, hunting, car emergencies, and traveling.

Cons :

  • Little heavy

Place your order and forget your regrets.

Antarctica Folding Shovel

Antarctica Folding Shovel

Are you fond of buying a shovel that includes both lightweight and versatile quality? Then Antarctica Folding Shovel is the best option for you.

  • Length : 15”
  • Weight : 1.5lbs / 0.7kg

Strong & Durable

The shovel is made of high carbon steel and aerospace-grade aluminum. So, The shovel consists of durable quality.


Antarctica Folding Shovel comes with several types of equipment like a compass, bottle opener, saw, and screwdriver. So, You need to bother in search of tools.


The blade on this shovel can be adjusted to different angles for digging, hammering, and sawing, etc.

Compact and lightweight

The shovel can collapse down into a small carrying pouch for transportation. This is one of the lightest shovels you can find in the market.

Cons :

The knife handle is made of plastic.

Make your purchase for a better experience.

Yeacool Folding Shovel Pickax

Yeacool Folding Shovel Pickax

This shovel is suitable for all purposes of outdoor activities. You can enjoy yourselves how long you want without any worries as Yeacool Folding Shovel Pickax is with you. So, pay attention and make the best choice.

Multi-functional tool

This is used as a shovel, knife, or spear. Also, It can be used for other activities like hunting, fishing, and camping trips. It also includes a pick tool that can help crack ice or remove rocks.


The shovelhead can be adjusted to 45 degrees as a hook, 90 degrees as a hoe, and 180 degrees as a shovel.

Sturdy & Comfortable

The shovel is constructed from carbon steel. So, It performs very well during the tasks.

Also, It has a rubber-type handle for good grip. The lock mechanism of the shovel is very solid and friendly. You can dig hard soil without any issue.

Cons :

  • Screw locks can be sticky if sand gets in from digging holes.
  • A bit heavy for backpacking.

Buy it now and be comfortable.

Jingrong Folding Shovel

Jingrong Folding Shovel

Are you searching for military multi-functional equipment? Then, a Jingrong folding shovel is the only option.

Sturdy & durable

This shovel is designed with unbreakable and sturdy materials that are protective against rust, water, and fracture for maximum strength and lifetime durability.


There is a simple unique lock adjustment that can rotate into several positions. It can be turned into 45, 90, or 180 degrees as a hook, hoe, or shovel.


The shovel plays a high-quality performance as it is made of a high-quality manganese steel blade for maximum durability.

Cons :

  • Not expandable

Place your order and be content.

How To Choose Best Camping Shovels? Curious to know? Read Below

There are several important requirements that make a perfect shovel. So, To avoid unnecessary issues, It is better to explore more things before buying them.

How To Choose Best Camping Shovels

01. Overall size and portability

Portability is the most important fact that we should pay attention to before buying shovels. As long as the shovel is portable enough, You can manage your pack easily.

Mostly consider lightweight shovels as it is easy to carry. In general, any shovel that is less than 1.5lbs (0.7kg) would be considered lightweight and any shovel over 3lbs (1.4kg) would be considered heavyweight. The heavyweight shovels are usually not suitable for camping processes.

Survival shovel should fall under 4lbs. If you are looking for a standard camping shovel, That should be under or around 2.5lbs.

Also, A shovel needs to be at least 12” (30.5cm) long to be functional for bigger digging processes.

The shovel’s folding system is more important when it comes to portability. Some shovels have tri-fold designs and some other shovels have longer shafts that can telescopically close for storage.

02. Blade design

The design of the blade is another significant fact that you must consider. You should pay attention that the blade is thin or thick? Thin to thick blade designs are more efficient than the others as it helps you to dig harder and harder. If the material used for the blade is good in quality, you can sharpen it as much as you want.

The modern century camping shovel blades are made with three materials:

Stainless Steel

These compounds are durable and affordable.

High Carbon Steel

This is popular amongst tactical gear makers as it stays sharp for a long time. High carbon steel material is useful for quick digging.


This material is less popular among shovels as they tend to bend easily. But it is light in weight. So, It can be used for smaller camping sessions.

03. Material

70% of the material used in the shovel will decide its quality. In the current market, Most of the shovels are made from 3 materials.

Manganese Steel

Manganese steel consists of 13% of manganese. This removes sulfur and oxygen when iron ore is converted into iron.

Stainless Steel

This can last for a long time without breaking or bending. Stainless steel is highly resistant to rust and scratching. Also, This is durable and used for every purpose of the camping sites.

Carbon Steel

This is the most used material in shovels. It has supreme tensile strength.

04. Durability

The materials used in manufacturing affect the durability of the shovel. Carbon steel is more durable than any other steel. But, Stainless steel works well resisting rust and is strong. So, Stainless steel is more perfect for use in camping sites .

05. Versatility

You should pay attention to the number of things you can do with the shovel. If you are going on a simple camping trip it is enough to buy a shovel that can perform basic functions. If you buy an expensive shovel, You can find many functions such as Ice breaker, compass, emergency hammer, shoveling, sawing, chopping, and an emergency whistle.

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