Best Camping Sleeping Bags For Kids In 2022

Best Camping Sleeping Bags For Kids

Ready to go camping with your kids! But did you choose the best camping sleeping bag for kids? Don’t worry. We are here to help you find out the best camping sleeping bag for your kids from our research list. A good camping sleeping bag makes your kid’s camping days most comfortable and warm while they are camping out in nature. Here are the 11 Best Camping Sleeping Bags For Kids.

The selection of high-quality sleeping bags for children is minimal compared to the many choices available for adults. Some manufacturers, on the other hand, make excellent sleeping bags for children. To be thermally efficient, the sleeping bag must fit the child’s size.

Coleman Kids 45° Sleeping Bag

Coleman Kids 45° Sleeping Bag
  • Price: 26$
  • Weight: 1.32kg
  • Insulation type: Synthetic

When sleeping under the stars in temperatures as low as 50°F, the Kids 50°F Sleeping Bag keeps your child warm and comfortable. It has a fun glow-in-the-dark design that will keep kids entertained until they fall asleep. Many kids will fall in love with at least one of these cozy sleeping bags, which come in three various color choices. 

These mild-weather sleeping bags are designed for children up to 5 feet 5 inches tall and can keep your child warm in temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from the astonishing patterns and colors, these sleeping bags have a “comfort cuff” around the top edge for additional comfortability that your child will enjoy.

Coleman kids 45° sleeping bag closure type is a zipper and shape is Rectangular. The zipper of this Colman kids is created to avoid getting caught on fabric, and this sleeping bag has an inner pocket where kids can keep a flashlight or their phone.

The sleeping bag is also simple to pack because it has “roll control” locks that keep the bag straight while rolling it up, and then the “quick cord” pulls around and snaps in place to keep everything tightly compacted.

Product highlights:

  • When the temperature outside is 50 degrees Fahrenheit, stay warm.
  • It is intended for young campers up to 5 feet tall.
  • Machine washable
  • The Roll ControlTM system keeps your bag straight as you roll it up.
  • The softness of the Comfort CuffTM design surrounds your face.
  • ZipPlowTM zipper eliminates snags during opening and closing.
  • ThermolockTM draft tube keeps heat from escaping through the zipper.
  • Insulation with ThermoTech® keeps you warm and comfortable.
  • Design that glows in the dark is a lot of fun.
  • Interior tuck pocket for storing small items
  • Zip two together for twice the space.
  • A stuff sack is included and one year warranty period.

Marmot Banzai Trestles 35

Marmot Banzai Trestles 35
  • Price: 61.99$
  • Weight: 0.84 kg
  • Insulation type: Synthetic

The Marmot Banzai Trestles 35 sleeping bag is designed for the most inexperienced nature lovers. So whether it’s your kid’s first camping trip or they’ve been on a few, the Kids’ Banzai Trestles 35° Sleeping Bag has all the highlights you’ll need to keep them warm as well as additional bits they’ll appreciate.

It is suitable for children up to 4 feet tall (122 cm). This kids’ sleeping bag has a second “fold-down” zipper for quick access and ventilation, in addition to one full-length, two-way YKK zipper.

All these zippers have draft tubes for safe nighttime maneuvering. The Marmot Banzai sleeping bag also has a soft lining, a tough face fabric, a comfortable 3D-hood with a drawcord for cold winter nights, and an inner stash compartment for tiny treasures. 

When packed in the stuff sack, it is filled with SpirafilTM high loft insulation, which offers good warmth (both in damp and cool conditions, down to 35 oF/2oC) and compressibility. The Marmot Banzai Trestles 35 sleeping bag for kids is available in a unisex color scheme of orange shell and blue interior.

 Gratitude to SpirafilTM high loft insulation, this comfy, mummy-style synthetic bag performs well in cool and damp conditions. Its unique combination of massive, spiral hollow fibers and tiny polyester fibers offers natural down’s outstanding warmth, smoothness, and compressibility.

Product highlight:

  • The fold-down second zipper adds ventilation and ease of access, while the main zipper anti-snag slider simplifies snagging.
  • There are two hang loops.
  • Anatomically 3D foot box provides more insulation and space for your feet, resulting in increased warmth and comfort.
  • Stuff sack for compression
  • High loft Spirafil insulation for highest warmth and durability
  • EN certified
  • The blending wave construction on top offers extra loft and warmth, while the blanket construction on the bottom gives the highest warmth and comfort under the body.

Kelty Mistral Kids Sleeping Bag 20 Degree

Kelty Mistral Kids Sleeping Bag 20 Degree
  • Price: 44.95$
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Insulation type: Synthetic

This new Kelty kids sleeping bag is unquestionably the best bang for your kid, so it’s our pick for the recommended products that are the best budget-friendly sleeping bag on this list. 

This is the least expensive 20-degree sleeping bag for kids we’ve ever noticed, with an MSRP of only $45. So, overcome outdoor sleeping without spending a lot of money. The Mistral is intended to provide you with everything you require and nothing you do not. 

To top it all off, the quality is outstanding. We’ve only tested it in the backyard so far, but we’re impressed with its warmth and total creation. Both the outer shell and the inner liner are made of durable and soft 190T Teffeta Polyester. The bag is incredibly comfortable and weather-ready, and it’s built to last season after season.

We especially liked the extra-large toe box, every kid, who dislikes mummy bags, said it was comfortable and not too tight. This sleeping bag for kids is developed with some of Kelty’s best aspects in their adult sleeping bags. 

We particularly like the offset quilting, which will help it last longer without creating cold spots!

The Quilt-style stitch pattern offers an efficient, even insulation coverage throughout the bag, eliminating cold spots. In addition, cloud loft insulation from Kelty provides dependable warmth, cushioning, and coziness for your night under the stars.

Product highlights:

  • Budget-Friendly and durable
  • Offset Quilt Patter
  • Synthetic insulation in the form of a cozy cloud loft
  • Shell and liner are both tough but lightweight.
  • Offset quilting is used to prevent cold spots.
  • Natural fit and a large foot box
  • 20 Degree Temp Rating, Long Size

The North Face Eco Trail Youth Sleeping Bag

The North Face Eco Trail Youth Sleeping Bag
  • Price: 118.95$
  • Weight: 1353 g
  • Insulation type: Synthetic

The North Face Youth Eco-Trail Synthetic 20 sleeping backpack is 100% recycled polyester fibers that keep kids warm even in wet environments. The Youth Eco-Trail Synthetic 20-degree sleeping bag is confidently made with 100 percent recyclable content and functionalities an embossed lining for improved aesthetic quality.

While the specific North Face sleeping bag model differs slightly from the Eco Trail Synthetic youth sleeping bag, most of the details are oddly similar, so we are enthusiastic about recommending this as the best sleeping bag for kids.

The North Face sleeping bag contains 50% post-consumer recycled material. Heatseeker synthetic insulation provides a high warmth-to-weight ratio while remaining compact enough to fit in a stuffed backpack. This durable sleeping bag’s warm yet lightweight synthetic insulation makes it a camp essential.

Slip into a well-crafted bag with a fitted hood with cinch cord, draft collar, and zipper baffle to avoid overheating, enlarged width at the knees for ultimate comfort and mobility, and a vaulted foot box for added warmth.

Product highlights:

  • Fully recycled materials have embossed lining for added visual appeal.
  • Even when wet, 100% recycled synthetic insulation keeps your kids warm.
  • Tie-down loops for attaching the bag to the sleeping pad
  • Knees have been widened for maximum comfort
  • The foot box is vaulted.
  • Wraparound J-zip allows for more mobility and ventilation.
  • Phone or watch pocket on the inside
  • Warmth and comfort are provided by the fitted hood.
  • Hood cinch-cord for added warmth
  • Draft collar for comfort and heat retention

Big Agnes Duster Kids Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Duster Kids Sleeping Bag
  • Price: 113$
  • Weight: 1.3kg 
  • Insulation type: Synthetic

This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a sleeping bag for a little boy or a sleeping bag for a little girl that will grow with them! The adjustable fit of the Big Agnes Duster sleeping bag is one of its best aspects. 

This empowers the bag to grow with your child, allowing them to use the same sleeping bag from the time they are a toddler to the time they are a teen. The Duster also has a DWR finish for water-resistant, which keeps kids dry from rainy weather and water vapor within the tent. 

This sleeping bag is shaped like a mummy bag, which kids either like or despise. If you’re comfortable with Big Agnes sleeping bags, one of the critical aspects is the pad sleeve, which the Duster has.

If you consider nighttime lows in the 30s or lower to be typical camping weather, the Big Agnes Little Red is an excellent choice. The bag is warmer than our other picks, and it has a built-in sleeping-pad sleeve, as do most Big Agnes bags, guaranteeing that your little camper stays warm at night.

It’s a sleeve on the bottom of the sleeping bag into which a sleeping pad can be inserted to ensure that your children stay on their pad all night rather than sliding off of it! Because it is so breathable, this is a comfortable and relaxing bag for backcountry camping.

Some of the Big Agnes duster’s features that we liked were the external hook and loop closures for easy width and length adjustment. However, the Little Red also packs up narrower than any of the others we tested, despite being more highly-priced, and that’s without the necessary sleeping pad.

Product highlights:

  • The Duster has a customized fit, so it can grow with your little camper from tot to teen.
  • For a cozy fit, the contoured hood follows the shape of your head.
  • Comfortable fit
  • The low profile cord lock allows you to uncinch the hood with one hand
  • The hood and interior have a soft, cuddly polyester lining.
  • No further slipping out of bed in the middle of the night; The integrated half pad sleeve secures the bag to the pad while designed to allow your legs to move freely.
  • The backless design allows for more sleeping space without adding bulk to the pack.
  • Warm air is kept in, and cold air is kept out thanks to the no-draft collar, wedge, and no-draft zipper.
  • The bag’s shaped mummy contour helps it drape around you, enhancing insulation progress and giving warmth in temperatures as low as 15°F.

Vango nitestar alpha junior sleeping bag

Vango nitestar alpha junior sleeping bag
  • Price: 37$
  • Weight: 1.4kg 
  • Insulation type: Polyester

The award-winning Vango Nitestar Alpha Junior combines excellent warmth with greatly improved compressibility, thanks to Vango’s brand new alpha insulation, which makes it narrower and lightweight than ever before.

We recommend this mummy-style sleeping bag for overnight camping adventures because it provides plenty of insulation and comfort. In addition, the two-to-three season design is recommended for use in temperatures ranging from 4 to 20 ° C, making it an excellent choice for Scout trips, camping trips, and sleepovers for children up to 155cm tall. 

The two-way zip system allows users to quickly unzip the sleeping bag while inside, and the auto-lock feature prevents the bag from unzipping itself during the night.

The kid-friendly, elasticated 3D hood, which is drawcord-free and safer for younger campers, was one feature we particularly liked. Overall, it’s a high-quality purchase that our young tester described as the coziest of all the sleeping bags she tried. It also represents excellent value for money, coming in at just under 40$.

This junior size bag sleeping bag makes a smaller bag for kids, ensuring that they stay warm all night, and is ideal for both youth groups and spring-summer adventures.

Product highlights:

  • Internal pocket
  • Mummy-shaped sleeping bag
  • Super soft lining that is also durable and easily washable
  • It made of 100% Polyester Hexagon Ripstop 210T
  • Auto-Lock Two-Way Zip – Keeps warmth in a while, allowing for adjustable ventilation.
  • Construction with offset double layers

Bloomsbury Mill nap mat

Bloomsbury Mill nap mat
  • Price: 39.99$
  • Weight: 1.3kg 
  • Insulation type: Synthetic

The lovely safari animal print, as well as the name badge and carry handles, were very common with their two-year-old tester, and the fact that it’s machine washable and tumbles dryable was very famous with parents.

Bloomsbury Mill’s all-in-one providing was a big hit with our youngest tester. It’s a fully portable roll-out bed that comes with a pillow, padded mat, and fold-over blanket in the smoothest cotton blend, and it’s ideal for family camping and nap time, whether on vacation, at the childminder, or nursery.

We liked how simple it was to roll up the bed and secure it with the attached Velcro straps, and while it isn’t as portable as some of the other more classic sleeping bags, storage was no issue. It would also be a valuable and comfy extension to a family camping trip, but we recommend bringing an extra blanket for warmth. 

The nap mat is intended for children aged 18 months to five years old, and it ticks the kid-appeal box.

Product highlights:

  • Fully portable roll-out bed 
  • Fold-over blanket in the smoothest cotton blend
  • Portable and compact design
  • The mat is made of a sleeping bag, 100 percent polyester microfiber material. 
  • It also includes a blanket and attached pillow that can be removed from the case and washed.

Morrison Outdoors Big Mo 40

Morrison Outdoors Big Mo 40
  • Price: 99.95$
  • Weight: 0.53kg 
  • Insulation type: Synthetic

Morrison Outdoors offers sleeping bags, or perhaps sleepsuits, for even the tiniest hikers and outdoor enthusiasts!  The Big Mo 40, the ultimate kids camping friend, is the first sleeping bag with adjustable sleeves designed for children ages 2-4 years old.

The Little Mo and Big Mo sleeping bags, named after the founder’s son, are available for babies (ages six months to 2 years) and toddlers (ages 2-4 years) up to 4’6″ (137cm) tall. Each size is available in both a down and a synthetic version. This is filled with  Polyester fiber, and the lining material is nylon.

We chose the Morrison Outdoors Big Mo 40 for this list because it uses synthetic insulation and is thus suitable for ambient temperatures (40°F to 60°F / 4°C to 15°C).

The Big Mo 40 (and Little Mo 40) has adjustable open-and-close sleeves, allowing your kid to have their hands free while woke up and tucked tightly inside the closed sleeve when asleep. 

The Big Mo 40 is fun to wear and keeps your child warm all night long. It is guaranteed not to be kicked off while your child sleeps, no matter how much they roll. The two-way zipper allows for complete ventilation control, so it can be zipped up or down depending on how warm your child is at night.

Product highlights:

  • Open-and-close sleeves
  • Fully-enclosed foot box
  • A 2-way zipper opens from the top and bottom for complete draft control, and a draft tube prevents warm air from escaping.
  • Tiny toes are kept warm by a fully enclosed foot box.
  • Machine washable: For quick and easy cleanup, wash at home.
  • A soft fleece zipper flap keeps cold metal from getting under tiny chins.
  • Two-way zipper for adjustable ventilation

Eurohike juniors’ adventurer sleeping bag

Eurohike juniors’ adventurer sleeping bag
  • Price: 54$
  • Weight: 1.05kg 
  • Insulation type: Synthetic

The name says it all: this is an excellent sleeping bag for young campers. The synthetic insulation in the Eurohike sleeping bag traps warmth for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Eurohike juniors’ adventurer sleeping bag more excellent quality, well-insulated sleeping bag, created to keep your toddler warm even on colder nights, packs a punch for the price. The hollow fiber, lightweight grey retain appropriately the addition, the filling traps heat without adding bulk. Moreover, the lightweight appropriately and length retain lengths shell is tough and water-resistant, making it an ideal option for kids and young teens camping.

The sleeping bag’s two-to-three season rating means it can be used from spring to autumn, and the built-in neck muff and wind draft tube will keep you warm.

Cheers to Hollowfibre insulation and a synthetic shell outer layer; the Adventurer Sleeping Bag offers superior comfort, insulation, and durability in a Freshmen’s size. This sleeping bag is perfect for multi-day hikes and includes a neck buff and wind draft tube for extra protection against cold weather.

Product highlights:

  • Ultra-durable and tough synthetic shell – 68 denier polyester treated for water resistance
  • Insulation made of hollow fibers is a lightweight way to trap heat without adding bulk to the bag.
  • Pocket for internal security
  • Pillowcase
  • Neck buff and wind draft tube – additional cold-weather protection

REVALCAMP Kids Sleeping Bag

REVALCAMP Kids Sleeping Bag
  • Price: 29$
  • Weight: 0.839kg 
  • Insulation type: Polyester

Children who dislike rolling up their sleeping bags will enjoy this offer because it is created to be stuffed in a carrying bag for ultra-easy transportation. There is enough space for a child up to 6 feet and 1 inch in height, and there are ten different colors to ensure there is something for everyone.

These sleeping bags collapse into a small bag in seconds. There is no more need for fold or roll. Simply stuff it into the sturdy travel bag, pull the straps, and fold down into a comparatively tiny, lightweight, and two-pound pack that will easily fit into your backpack.

Spacious and comfy design with dimensions of 30 x 71 inches, these sleeping bags are ideal for any adult or child. It is simple to enter, exit, and turn around to maintain a suitable sleeping position. The zipper stays closed, and the plush filling ensures a good night’s sleep.

Whereas the price is appealing, this sleeping bag is particularly suited for family dinners and warm summer nights because it should not be used in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Don’t worry about your kid’s safety and comfort, because REVALCAMP Kids Sleeping Bag has outer fabric that is water-resistant that keeps your children safe and dry on dewy mornings, and has an anti-snag zipper style.

Product highlights:

  • Budget-friendly and compact design
  • Water resistance
  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Ultra-lightweight and simple to transport
  • Colors and Patterns for the Entire Family

REI Co-op Kindercone 25

REI Co-op Kindercone 25
  • Price: 113$
  • Weight: 1.3kg 
  • Insulation type: Synthetic

The only 2nd product on this list that can be adjusted in length to accommodate your child’s growth is the REI Co-op Kindercone 25 sleeping bag for kids. The method is simple but not without merit.

The stuff sack is attached to the sleeping bag’s foot box, so you can simply cinch it around whatever amount is unnecessary for your child’s current height. Because the stuff sack is attached, it is impossible to lose, but it also makes packing a little more difficult until your child has mastered the method.

The REI Co-op Kindercone 25 sleeping bag has two different anti-snag coil zippers that can be used to ventilate the legs. The hood is customizable, but it also has a stretch opening around the face for a great fit.

The exterior is a grey lightweight, durable ripstop nylon shell, while the inside is a red tartan made with soft polyester taffeta.

Product highlights:

  • Adjustable in length (suitable for children up to 5’6″/167 cm)
  • The lightweight ripstop nylon shell is water and abrasion-resistant.
  • Bluesign-approved shell content
  • The bag’s length can be adjusted by cinching it down.
  • The lightweight ripstop nylon shell is water and abrasion-resistant.
  • This roomy hood has an adjustable cord and a stretch opening around the face for a cozy fit.
  • The mummy shape provides a lot of interior space.
  • Colorful graphics are printed on a soft polyester taffeta liner.
  • Zipper with a 2-way anti-snag coil
  • Because the stuff sack is attached, it cannot be lost.

Best Camping Sleeping Bags For Kids – Buying Guide

Your kids must get a good night’s sleep while camping with your family to refill their energy. 

Selecting the perfect sleeping bag for your child can be difficult, so knowing what features are best suited for them will help you choose which one to buy. Ideally, you’ll want something that will keep them warm, comfortable, and dry at night.

To be fair, that is the daily reality of a parent’s life! However, when sleeping away from a familiar environment, it’s even more essential for them to feel warm and snug, so here’s what to look for when selecting the correct type of kids camping sleeping bag.

Let’s move on!

Best Camping Sleeping Bags For Kids in 2021


Synthetic or down insulation is used in sleeping bags. Down insulation gives more warmth for its weight and compressibility, but it is also very highly priced and loses its insulating properties quickly if wet. On the other hand, synthetic insulation is less expensive and retains heat even when damp or moist.

Because children’s sleeping bags have a narrow utility span – at some point, the child will require an adult sleeping bag. It doesn’t make sense to purchase a high-priced down sleeping bag.

Moreover, down sleeping bags are primarily marketed to professionals who require ultralight gear for their demanding trips.

It’s worth noting that synthetic insulation comes in various qualities, with the best being able to compete with down. Therefore, we made it a priority also to include materials with superior synthetic insulation on this list of great sleeping bags for kids. 

Some of the products are available in down versions, but synthetic insulation should suffice unless your children are going camping in freezing weather.


Make the mistake of purchasing a sleeping bag that is too big for your child. Many parents do this in the hope that their children will outgrow the sleeping bag before too long. 

However, keep in mind that a sleeping bag will only keep your child warm if it fits properly. Adjustable sleeping bags are available for a better fit.

Kids’ sleeping bags creates in different widths and lengths. When shopping, keep your child’s height in mind to verify that the sleeping bag isn’t too small or too big.

To be thermally efficient, the length of the sleeping bag should be significantly longer than your child’s height, as said before.

Unfortunately, few children’s sleeping bags can be lengthened and slowly expanded to adjust your baby’s growth. So instead, check out the following table to see what height(s) each product listed fits.

Rating of Temperature

Because the widely used EN 13537 temperature rating standard does not apply to children (it only applies to adult men and women), brands of children’s sleeping bags generally use their tests to identify which temperatures their sleeping bags are best suited for.

It should be noted that these ratings do not excellently apply to everyone, as women, for example, become colder faster than men. As a result, it is critical to test the sleeping bag at home before using it in public.


A sleeping bag should be light and compact, mainly if it will be used for on-foot exterior activities like hiking, backpacking, and scouting. If your child wants to bring their sleeping bag or you end up carrying it on the trip, the item must be light and small. 

Even if you’re thinking about synthetic or natural fiber camping sleeping bags for kids, make sure they’re compact and light to ensure portability. Your child will be able to hike faster and more efficiently if they use light equipment. We chose the most lightweight sleeping bags for kids we could explore without sacrificing quality.

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