The 11 Best Camping Stoves

Camping Stoves

In your camping gear list, a camping stove is essential as delicious food and hot drinks can keep you happy and comfortable during your stay. While there is a first-rate selection of camping stoves in the market, you can have a choice for a new level of pleasure-seeking to cook in style.

Here we come with the Best Camping Stoves for all camping chefs out there!

It is time to make your culinary adventures successful while keeping yourself occupied outdoors. There are different camping stove sizes from small tabletop models to freestanding. It is all up to you to pick the best considering power, portability, functioning, cooking system, style, and overall value.

What features make the Best Camping Stoves?

  • Rugged- Best camping stoves should be of durable steel or aluminum exterior confirming long time use and all-year-round compatibility
  • High Heat Output– Consider a stove with a 7,000 BTU of heat output minimum on each burner to cook your favorite meals outdoor
  • Windproof– Your camping stove should block the wind as you are taking it outdoors

Best Camping Stoves- Favorite Picks for your culinary adventures

Finding the perfect fit for your camping needs is not easy from tons of the Best Camping Stoves. But here we make it easier for you by bringing the best 11 options.

Nothing can beat great food made outdoors. Think about Bacon, toast, and eggs in a cast-iron skillet, a hot cup of coffee straight to your hands? So here we take you through Best Camping Stoves which becomes the center of your camping kitchen.

Camp Chef Everest 2X Stove

Camp Chef Everest 2X Stove
  • Category: Tabletop
  • Power : 20,000 BTU / Burner
  • Weight : 12.0lbs / 5.4kg
  • Fuel : Propane
  • Price: $159

With the best overall performance and quality build, Camp Chef Everest 2X Stove comes with only a weight of 12lbs. compared to some other camping stoves; this is a lightweight and powerful dual burner in the market today. It pumps out 20,000 BTUs of heat from each and comes with excellent simmer control. To enjoy cooking diverse meals, this is a perfect option that stands out in the market.

You can use Camp Chef Everest 2X Stove regularly for a long time thanks to its nickel-coated steel grates and a burly enough 3-sided windscreen. Plus, it has a matchless ignition system to fire up quickly. And thanks to a variety of different accessory support, you can customize it to what you need.

What we like:

  • Powerful 20,000 BTU per burner output
  • Quality build and durability
  • Matchless lightning system
  • Auto ignition
  • Large cooking area

What we don’t:

  • An adaptor hose needed to take extra for bulk propane tanks
  • A bit pricey

Coleman Classic Propane Stove

Coleman Classic Propane Stove
  • Category: Tabletop
  • Power : 10,000 BTUs
  • Weight : 9.8lbs / 4.4kg
  • Fuel : Propane
  • Price: $44

If you are thinking about getting your kitchenware on a budget, Coleman Classic Propane Stove is a great option. For generations, this has been one of the best camping stoves high in its popularity. This is made of cheap materials and built-in targeting the average camper.

This camping stove model is totally targeting a camper on a budget.  So what it highlights is average power, moderate heat output, and fuel efficiency. Even though it comes under a very cheap price tag, it can be used for a long time. But this is not working for harsh conditions or to cook for a larger group.

What we like:

  • Highly affordable and durable for average use
  • Good windshield
  • fairly powerful cooking solution
  • Totally flat and stackable when locked
  • Best for the average camper

What we don’t:

  • Slightly stronger construction
  • Limited slimmer control
  • Match ignition

Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner

Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner
  • Category: Freestanding
  • Power : 30,000 BTUs
  • Weight: 36 lbs.
  • Fuel : Propane
  • Price: $125

This is a professional camping stove coming in the freestanding category as a good fit for large camping groups. It has high burner performance with 60,000 BTUs in total with 2 burners. It is quick to set up and its strong legs are adjustable separately to fit on even rough ground.

If you want to try camping cooking with no limits, this Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner is a well-fitting option with large and powerful burners. And thanks to the wide cooking area it brings you can cook with fun for a larger group for multiple camping days using big pans. But since it is heavy, this is not going to work on limited space.

If you want something similar but bigger than this for a larger group, you can put an extra around $55 to get a three-burner version of the Explorer to get an additional 30,000 BTUs.

What we like:

  • Great value and powerful
  • Highly durable freestanding design
  • Features a larger cooking area
  • Comes with a larger refillable propane tank (more economical)
  • Responsive simmer control
  • Windshield

What we don’t:

  • Heavy and bulky model
  • No auto ignition

Eureka SPRK+ Camp Stove

Eureka SPRK+ Camp Stove
  • Category: Tabletop
  • Power : 11,500 BTUs
  • Weight: 3.3lbs / 1.5kg
  • Fuel : Butane
  • Price: $73

If you want a single burner powerful enough, Eureka SPRK+ Camp Stove is a perfect option. This is a budget-friendly model that has fine wind protection and it is coming with a durable shell supported with adjustable feet. So it stays at a level even on uneven tabletops. But this is not a very serious camping chef and it works best for limited use or as also a backup option in a camping kitchen.

Eureka SPRK + runs on Butane which is less useful than the propane and liquid-fuel models.  In fact, Butane is not working properly in cold temperatures. However, this is a fine camping stove with a single burner that puts 11,500 BTU of energy and worth buying with its lightweight design. And a good option for those who are camping alone.

Fan of solo camping, check things to do while camping alone

What we like:

  • Offers a flat cooking surface
  • Double-walled design for wind protection
  • Integrated handle in the outer shell
  • Adjustable feet
  • Decently powerful and affordable

What we don’t:

  • Single burner with limited support
  • Comes with butane fuel not working in cold weather

GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540 2-Burner Stove

GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540 2-Burner Stove
  • Category: Tabletop
  • Power : 10,000 BTUs
  • Weight: 10.0lbs / 4.5kg
  • Fuel : Propane
  • Price: $125

For longer camping plans, GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540 2-Burner Stove is a good fit thanks to its overall performance. This follows the backpacking stove style and takes twin 10,000 BTU burners. Together, you have separate control valves to simmer and boil.

It is easy to start up with the stove thanks to its push-button Piezo ignition system. You can start making two meals at once on the nickel-chrome platform for cooking. And here it is easy to clean up too by removing. Plus, for extra durability, it comes with two fold-down side windscreens. They are sturdy powder-coated steel making the stove the best to use for a long time.

What we like:

  • Piezo ignition technology for better accessibility
  • Easy to clean with the removable pot stand
  • Durable with steel construction
  • Two fold-down side wind screens
  • Good all-around performer

What we don’t:

  • Lower power compared with some other models
  • Average build quality

Kovea Mini Stove

Kovea Mini Stove
  • Category: Tabletop
  • Power : 7,200 BTU
  • Weight : 5.6lbs / 2.5kg
  • Fuel : Butane
  • Price: $100

Kovea Mini Stove is a retro design stove that is good to take when you are camping alone or in a small group like 2 or 3.  In fact, it is a single burner that comes with 7,200 BTU. This is one of the easily transportable camping stoves which pack into a carrying case so well.

Another important feature of the stove is its safety shut-off. It is a good safety feature that comes with this and it has an all-in-one system to stock the included cookware just inside the burner. So this is great for packing. And here, Kovea Mini Stove comes with an included pan that works well to make a lot of your favorite dishes.

What we like:

  • Compact and very easy to transport
  • Included a ceramic pan
  • Safety shut-off as a good safety feature
  • Auto ignition
  • Handy all-in-one system

What we don’t:

  • No wind protection
  • Butane supported and not good for cold weather

Primus Tupike Stove

Primus Tupike Stove
  • Category: Tabletop
  • Power : 10,200 BTU / Burner
  • Weight : 9.1lbs / 4.1kg
  • Fuel : IsoPro
  • Price: $250

Primus Tupike Stove is a reasonable weight two-burner stove for camping especially fits well in windy settings. It is powerful with 20,400 BTUs in total and could be introduced as a solid and stylish camping stove in the list. This features foldable legs, non-stick griddle plate and can easily clean.

This camping stove is designed to be portable and minimalist making it ideal for light cooking. And with push-button igniters, you can easily go with a matchless start. It has the best wind protection too with three-sided windscreens. This is one of the best camping stoves for campsites with strong winds and good for picnics, outdoor kitchens, and camper vans.

What we like:

  • Three-sided windscreens
  • Push-button igniters for easy matchless start
  • Good look with the sleek design
  • Auto ignition
  • Comes with non-stick griddle plate and pot stand

What we don’t:

  • Expensive stove in the market
  • Limited cooking surface
  • Less durable for its high price

Gas ONE GS-3900P Dual Fuel

Gas ONE GS-3900P Dual Fuel
  • Category: Tabletop
  • Power : 15,000 BTUs
  • Weight : 2.44 lbs /2 kg
  • Fuel : Propane / Butane
  • Price: $59.39

Gas ONE GS-3900P Dual Fuel is a single burner stove you can use with both Propane and Butane fuel types. This means you can take the dual fuel single burner to summer with budget-friendly Butane and can take to cold weather camping with Propane. For its cheap price tag, this is a great option you can add to your camping gear list.

We can call this a highly versatile single burner camping stove very affordable and can be trusted for high performance. It has 15,000 BTUs power and that is really efficient. Together, it features multi-layers of the windshield, a fine flame control valve, and an auto-ignition system.

What we like:

  • Single burner with powerful heat output (15,000 BTU)
  • Comes in a very affordable rate
  • Very lightweight and easy to use
  • Dual fuel support to take in all seasons
  • Finest wind protection

What we don’t:

  • Slightly larger than some other single burner stoves

Stansport 3 Burner Propane Stove

Stansport 3 Burner Propane Stove
  • Category: Tabletop
  • Power : 25,000 BTUs / Burner
  • Weight : 15.0lbs / 6.8kg
  • Fuel : Propane
  • Price: $160

Stansport 3 Burner Propane Stove is for camping chefs to multitask and worth money. It has 3 burners with powerful 25,000 BTUs heat output from each. This is really useful and you can cook multi-dishes at once. It can easily start with the Piezo electronic ignition system and thanks to the adjustment knob for each you can take control.  

This 3-burner stove has a steel exterior to confirm additional durability. Plus, steel pot support grates are too durable and can easily be removed to clean up. And with windscreens on three sides, you can take it outdoors confidently for the best camping cooking.

What we like:

  • Piezo matchless ignition for easy start
  • Stable steel cook grates and steel exterior for superior durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Twin locking latches
  • High wind protection
  • Worth for its price

What we don’t:

  • Not easy to transport with no proper handle

Snow Peak Double Burner Stoves

Snow Peak Double Burner Stoves
  • Category: Tabletop
  • Power : 11,200 BTUs / Burner
  • Weight : 15.5lbs / 7.0kg
  • Fuel : IsoPro
  • Price: $400

Featuring automatic ignition, easy packing and stainless steel build Snow Peak Double Burner Stoves with quality double burners. It isn’t a complex model and many fall in love with its style and functioning frame.

As a reliable cooking stove for the outdoors, it has 3 sides of wind protection. So even when there is wind outside you can go ahead with your cooking games. It supports auto ignition and works when you connect a 1lb isobutane/propane tank to the stove. And thanks to its foldable steel legs, you can adjust it to a comfortable height to make your cooking easier.

What we like:

  • Auto ignition for easy start ups
  • Stainless steel construction makes it more durable
  • Foldable legs to raise the stove height
  • Fine blend of functionality and style
  • Total wind protection
  • Quality and reliable cooking tool

What we don’t:

  • Very expensive camping stove in the market

Coleman Portable Grill Stove

Coleman Portable Grill Stove
  • Category: Tabletop
  • Power : 20,000 BTUs / Burner
  • Weight : 8.0lbs / 3.6kg
  • Fuel : Propane
  • Price: $129.89

This portable grill stove from Coleman is heavy-duty and steel-constructed together with a fully- flexible cooking surface.  It heats up to 20,000 BTUs of heat output being a two-in-one option with the stove and the grill. So it fits the best for your multi-course meals so easily.

It features PerfectFlow pressure-control technique and fits well even in windy weather conditions. In fact, it has two wind block panels taking you to comfortable cooking times even when the weather does not work together. And with its easy transport support, you can take this compact camping stove to your campsite with no hassle.

What we like:

  • Easy to pack and transport
  • Affordable and handy
  • PerfectFlow pressure-control technique
  • 2-in-2 camping stove for multi-course cooking
  • Wind protection

What we don’t:

  • Durability is a doubt with metal damaging at very high heat

What you should know when looking for the best camping stoves- Buying Guide

looking for the best camping stoves

Choosing the right camping stove is challenging with wide-ranging options available in the market today. They are highly technological touch and come with a variety of features along with good styles. But there are essential things you need to check before you buy the best camping stoves. Here we go for the complete learning of camping stove features.

Freestanding and tabletop stoves

We can see two styles of camping stoves as freestanding and tabletop. Depending on your camping needs, you can buy the most convenient product. Each of them has its own pros and cons and you need to consider it on your own.

Freestanding camping stoves:

Here it means camping stoves with legs that are adjustable and can take anywhere. Thanks to these legs you can create your cooking area flat and comfortable. But these are somewhat heavy and you should consider them before you buy them. Check for the price, portability, weight, and ease of setup.

Tabletop camping stoves:

This is the most popular camping stove style, especially for car campers. They are portable and lightweight and to use you need a table or some other assistance. Even in this tabletop category, we find some camping stoves with legs for those who want to adjust with extra height. So check for that if you are looking for something similar.

Burner Power of the camping stove

Burner power is measured by BTU that stands for British Thermal Units. By one BTU, it represents the amount of power required to heat 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. We normally find 8,000-20,000 BTU range per burner but when you come to a decision that should consider your camping plans.

Here we take the amount of BTUs you should look according to your camping needs,

  • Camping alone or maximally 2 people- 7,000 to 10,000 BTUs (each burner)
  • Two to six people in a group- 10,000 to 20,000 BTUs (each burner)
  • Six or more people- 20,000+ BTU (each burner)

Remember that, higher the power of your stove, the more fuel it will eat. So consider the amount of BTUs your camping stove supports with the number of campers in your group.

If you are camping with only a few people, consider picking a camping stove with lesser BTUs as you are not cooking a lot of food at once and you can manage well with lower BTUs. This will save your budget to put on the camping stove and also fuel.

Just like you are thinking about the number of campers you have to think about in which weather condition you are going to camp in. if it is too windy, you at least need 15,000 BTUs for each burner. So think that too depending on the weather as you need enough power when the weather is not cooperating well.

Number of burners in your camping stove

There are wide-ranging options of the best camping stoves in the market with 1 to 3 burners. If you are planning to cook more when outdoors, you should think about a camping stove with 3 burners. So thinking about the group of campers, you can think about your preferred cooking space.

  • Camping alone or two people only- 1 burner (eg: Kovea Mini Stove)
  • 2 to 6 people in the group- 2 burners (eg: Primus Tupike Stove)
  • 6 or larger group- 3 burners (eg: Stansport 3 Burner Propane Stove)

Even for a solo camper, a 2 burner camping stove will be beneficial if the camper is determined to do more cooking activities.  So you can choose a 2 burner stove but with lesser BTUs.

And if you want multiple course meals, you can choose the best camping stoves like Coleman Portable Grill Stove which is a two-in-one stove with grill and stove. So you can cook in style if you pick that type of burner.

Together with burners, you should consider the size of the stove. Even if it has 3 burners but not enough space to have 3 pots or pans at once, investing in that type of option will be a waste. If you have big cooking needs do not stop at a small camping stove.

Many of the best camping stoves support auto ignition by today. So this is a very good feature you should stop and note as it allows you to start with your stove with no matches or lighters. This adds more convenience when you are camping.

Best simmer controls of the camping stove

Your camping stove will not bring the same heat output as your home kitchen. However, it is important to have an aspect of simmer control in your camping stove not leaving them to burn by accident. So think this a priority when you are thinking about buying a camping stove.

Type of fuel for your camping stove

Camping stoves are using different fuel types and that makes a change in the efficiency of each. In fact, this impacts the performance of your camping stove and it is a must to pick the right fuel for yours.

  • Propane: This is mostly used in camping stoves and most camping chefs prefer it. For better simmering, it vaporizes at a lower temperature but propane is expensive and bulkier too
  • Butane: If you are working on a tight budget, you can go for a stove that is fueled with Butane as it is more affordable. Not much supporting for simmering and butane takes a lesser amount of space when pressurized
  • IsoPro- Offers a good combination of simmering and compact with a mix of isobutane and propane. In camping stoves that are much focused on a powerful performance, you can find IsoPro fuel is used

Depending on various factors, we could not say how long your fuel will last. So to decide how much fuel you will need, consider the following facts too.

  • Campsite elevation
  • Number of campers in your group
  • What type of cooking plans you have
  • The amount of BTUs of your stove

Experience is the best way to know about these things in general. But we see people most commonly take about 1/2 lb of pressurized gas fuel (propane or butane) per one person per day.

Wind protection of your camping stove

Wind can ruin all your camping cooking plans. So consider a camping stove with excellent wind protection. Depending on where you are going to camp, you have a choice to decide the level of wind protection. If your campsite is too windy, think about a double-wall camping stove like Eureka SPRK+ Camp Stove to shield your burner from the wind.

A lightweight and well-fitting solution to protect your burners is a windscreen that comes with 3-sided wind protection. Think about this too if you want your burner to perform well.

Size and weight of the camping stove

There are different camping stove styles ranging from bulkier designs to some lightweight options. But thinking about something less than 10lbs is probably going to feature fewer burners or the size. So if you want everything in a nice mix, it will at least take 10lbs (4.5kg) weight or more.

Camping stoves do not drastically change in the pack size as they are commonly simple and take a lid. But when it comes to different freestanding or tabletop styles, you will find a big difference in size and weight. Freestanding camping stoves are bulkier and good when you are camping in a group. And with tabletops style, you can have lighter options smaller in size too.

So think this too when you are concerned about the weight to carry and the size your kitchen equipment will take when packing gear.

Manufacturer Warranty of the stove

Almost all of the best camping stoves come with a manufacturers’ warranty which covers from 1 year to 3. This is to give protection over faults in construction or materials. And to be suitable for the warranty, your camping stove must be in a good state, working condition, and free of grime. Before you buy your camping stove, consider the warranty period along with durability factors.

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