The Best Time To Visit Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce-Canyon National-Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is a visitor-centric location in American West high in popularity for its sandstone scenery. This is one of the parks in the USA full of natural beauty and charm. Bryce Canyon is unique with its pink and orange spires. And Hoodoos is one key ingredient in the landscape which attracts more new visitors every year.

The best time to visit Bryce Canyon National Park is May through September. It is the warmest weather season of the year to Bryce Canyon with access to a wide-ranging choice of activities. And as this is the peak season to the park, you will find too much crowd around, if you visit in this time-frame. However, this is not the only time you can visit Bryce Canyon.

Are you counting days to visit, but not sure when to go to Bryce Canyon National Park? Snow Melts in spring turning spring’s cold to mild warms. Summer brings long bright days with a lot of adventure to call. The fall foliage and wild beauty waits to welcome the autumn crowd while the winter brings a picturesque snowfall. So, begin your happy trails!

Will you visit Bryce Canyon National Park, in May through September for the best weather?


No secret that the best weather in Bryce Canyon National Park is from May until September. Even the days are long and sunny; it will be a little cooler in late afternoon.

With a high elevation of 8000-9000 feet, Bryce Canyon is cooler than other camping destinations in Utah. However, have a good plan of summer activities to do during the day with heat. Even with several ups and downs in weather, summer in Bryce Canyon National Park brings a pleasant and makes love to stay outdoors.

The days in spring and fall will bring fine weather during the day but will be colder at night. But the coldest is winter with high snowfall


Travel tip: Make sure you pack warm clothes in your camping gear, when visiting Bryce Canyon National Park regardless the time you travel (any time of the year)

Utah gets thunderstorms mostly during early spring and fall but not much rain in rainy seasons. And in winter, it is not freezing cold during the day and you will find it starts to snow in November. In a long winter, it will snow until March.

What is the best time to Camp in Bryce Canyon?

March through September is the best time to go camping in Bryce Canyon National Park with the finest temperature. In the mid of summer, July and early August, you will find the warmest days. If you want to avoid heat and camp, plan on the edge of the season.

Summer includes the peak tourist months and you will find so many crowds there at Bryce Canyon. For best camping, bring the essentials including tent stakes, to anchor the tents properly.

Planning for a hike; choose from April to September


Hiking is best when you know to shield from heat. The best time for hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park is from April to September with fully sunny vibes but not getting too much heat.

Earlier you start hiking the easier you reach the point. Sunrises early to bring enough light to the journey and you can hike safely. Never miss your camp essentials including headlamps, flashlights etc. that are important for hiking.

More solitude and less crowd; what is the best time to visit?

Over 2.6 million people annually visit Bryce Canyon National Park and June, July and August are the busiest times of the year. So the best time to avoid crowds is August through October.

With warmer weather, more people avoid these months in their camping plans. But if you bear heat by hiking early in the morning and all outdoor activities in a good time plan, this time will make a good visit to Bryce Canyon National Park by avoiding too much crowd.

Even in peak months you can avoid crowds in your hiking, climbing and activities by getting up very early. Start your exploration early as possible to find solitude even in the peak season or find a less crowded month to plan your visit. Even winter can fit if you can stand the cold.

The best time to snow; visit Bryce Canyon in winter


If you love cold spirits and appreciate solitude, winter is a perfect time to make a visit to Bryce Canyon National Park. From late November to February you can plan your trip and can enjoy the best Bryce Canyon Snowshoe programs.

There are more winter activities to enjoy like hiking, cross-country skiing, hikes to full moon snowshoe with guides, and special winter astronomy programs. And you will find the Fairyland Road and the Paria View roads are unplowed during the course of the winter and that is intentional.

Winter in Bryce Canyon is full of scenic drives. Snow on the Hoodoos is beyond inspiring and the landscape is full of pictures.

Visit Bryce Canyon May through October to best mountain biking


Bryce Canyon National Park is a place with many outdoor activities and mountain biking is one most popular pick. But not inside the park as there are trails around the park to avoid the wildlife getting troubled. If you are a fan of this, you better plan your visit in May through October.

These months will bring good weather with no troubles with ice. Between the good times, you can find a month with a lesser crowd and low-heat.

What is the best time for ATV Rides?


August and September are the best times for ATV rides in Bryce Canyon National Park. These times are cooler than mid-summer and best for ATV Rides. And in these same months, you can find guide tours mostly available if you love taking a try.

So book yours and enjoy!

Horseback riding in Bryce Canyon; when is the best?

If you are planning to visit Bryce Canyon including a horseback ride, the ideal time is April through October. Even though these are too warm days in Bryce Canyon, these are the driest. In terms of finest weather, September will be the best month to take a horseback ride.

April through October you will find the opening season for horseback tours. But it is really fine to take your horse all through the year.

Different Seasons vs Bryce Canyon National Park


Different seasons bring different moods. Summer is all open for activities while spring and fall bring cooler nights. Snow at Bryce Canyon is picturesque making your times great regardless of what time you are intent to visit.

Spring in Bryce Canyon

Spring is full of beauty and mildly cold in March to May. It takes sometimes to melt snow in the highest elevations after a long winter season. You will find some roads are still blocked and March is still counted as a winter month for Bryce Canyon.

It is average 44°F / 6.7°C in March and it turns average at 52°F / 11°C and 62°F / 16.7°C respectively in April and May. Remember that nights in spring are cold and you will need your warm clothes ready.

Summer in Bryce Canyon

During summer, the park is full of crowds and activities marking the peak season. The temperature gets around 75°F/ 24°C, during the day time and 45°F/ 7°C, at night. Even if it is summer; you will still have cool nights.

June through August, you will get summer vibes and the warmest month is July. It gets slightly rainy in the mid of summer to late summer as thundershowers in the afternoon. Make sure you pack the rain jacket.

Fall in Bryce Canyon

September to November is fall for Bryce Canyon National Park in which you can see inspiring transitory colors of woods. The daytime temperature comes with an average of 69°F / 20°C through September, 57°F / 14°C in October, and in November at 44°F /7°C.

Of all the times, September is a lovely month with pleasant weather, clear blue sky, and good air around. But the weather in Bryce Canyon is unpredictable as with many other camping destinations in the USA. Bring your warm clothes in falls as nights are cold and probably it will start snowing in late October or getting to November.

Winter in Bryce Canyon

You will get more snow experience in Bryce Canyon National Park as it is located at a higher elevation than other parks in Utah. The elevation is 8000-9000 feet above the sea level bringing colder winds and more snow.

From late November to February, it is winter in Bryce Canyon. The temperature is average at 36° F / 2°C during days and the nights at 11°F / -11.7°C. The snowfall is 32” during the winter and the biggest snowfall will be experienced in January to February.

Winter in Bryce Canyon will make a great trip with snow, activities, and a vacation free of crowds. But you definitely need winter essentials in your pack.

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