Guide To Camping Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the most intimidating parks in the American Southwest. In the year 2019, about 2.5 million tourists will have visited this park. This is why Bryce Canyon National Park, located in “Mighty 5” Utah National Park, is the second most popular park in the world. The park is famous for its unique geology and a spectacular sunrise. Camping allows you to experience the area as well as the economic benefits.

Your Guide To Exploring  Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon camping reservations

Camping at Bryce Canyon Park includes a guest center, two front camps near the sunset, and a background camp. Bryce Canyon National Park is famous for its unique rock formation known as the Hoods. Unlike other national parks, this Bryce Canyon Park is not poisonous in winter. Also, the number of visitors to the park in the winter is high.

Bryce Canyon Camping Reservations

Bryce Canyon north camping reservations

North Campground

All 99 sites in the North campground are first come, first served. The same loop exists throughout the year.

Sunset Campground

Reservations are accepted on a rolling basis for a maximum period of 6 months at the Sunset campground. That is, 

April 15 – May 19 (First-come, First-served)

May 20 – October 15 (Make a Reservation)

Reservations for campground group sites are available on a rolling 12 monthly basis during the above seasons.  During the above seasons, it closes in the Winter season.

Bryce Canyon Camping Fees

Bryce Canyon  camping reservations

RVs$30 per site per night
Tents$20 per site per night


To the following license holders;

That is, with a valid ID card, they receive a special 50% discount on their camp fees. The beautiful Federal Lands Senior Certificate is issued by the United States to persons 62 years of age or older who are residents of the United States. This is called the Golden Age or the Golden Approach.

The United States grants the Beautiful Federal Lands Access Passport for a lifetime to U.S. residents with permanent disabilities. But not all other passport holders are eligible for discounts on camp fees. Annual / Military / Volunteer / Grade 4 includes “every child in the park”.



Campgrounds in Bryce Canyon National Park

North Campground

  • Type ; Tent / RV
  • Open; Year around
  • Cost; $20 to $30 per night
  • Reservation; No. First come first served
  • Location; Across the road to the east of the Bryce Canyon Visitor Center.
  • Total sites; 99 (59 Tent, 49 RV)

The northern camp is considered to be the largest campsite in the area. There are about 99 sites, the first two loops A and b are for RV camps and the second two loops C and D are for tent camps. It has no electricity, sewer, water, hookups, or government power generators. It is very easy to access the sights of this northern campground. It is located near the Fairyland Loop Trail and the Rim Trail. You can also quickly access the visitors’ location and the general store from the campground.

All the sites on this campground were first come, first served. There is very little use of mobile phones and very little internet access. Garbage collection and recycling continue throughout the year and the rest of the service is seasonal. Pay for other facilities, such as flushing toilets, washing clothes. This campground is about 8900 feet above sea level so it is much cooler than you might expect.

Sunset Campground

  • Type : Tent / RV
  • Open: Mid-April to November
  • Cost : $20 to $30 per night
  • Reservation: Sometimes
  • Location;  West of Sunset Point, approximately 1.5 miles south of the Bryce Canyon Visitor Center
  • Total Sites; 100 (50 Tent, 50 RV)

Sunset Campground is the second campground in Bryce Canyon National Park. The campground is located 1.5 miles south of the spectator center. There is a shuttle at the entrance to increase access. A and b are for RV camps and C is for tent camps. There are no saver, electrical, or water hook-ups. There are laundry facilities, toilet facilities, and garbage dumps. Garbage recycling also takes place here. The use of mobile phones is also minimal in the campgrounds and internet facilities are very limited.

Campground near Bryce Canyon National Park

Campground near Bryce Canyon National Park

Kings Creek Campground

  • Type : Tent / RV
  • Open: May through September
  • Cost :$15- $17
  • Reservation: Individually, no; Group sites, Yes
  • Total Sites; 37

Kings Creek Camp is located 9 miles west of Bryce Canyon Park. This is a great place for tourists who like mountaineering. Tent sites are not available and two group sites can be booked. The camp is located in a pin forest adjacent to the park. Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative to the North and Sunset camps, this campground is more affordable and suitable. The King Creek campsite consists of 37 sites. It is located close to the Tropical Reservoir. Dogs can enter the campground. The campgrounds have a network of toilets as well as toilet facilities.

Ruby’s Inn RV Park Campground

  • Total Sites; 243
  • Price;  $35
  • Open Season; Year – Round 
  • Reservations;  Yes: Campers/Trailers/RV’S, No: Tents.

If you do not need to spend a little, such as hot showers, swimming pools, WiFi, and a washing machine, you can add to all the activities in the park. Tent sites are not reserved, but you can reserve places for RVs, trailers, and campers.

Bryce Canyon Pines Campground

  • Total Sites; 47
  • Price; $35
  • Open Season; Year-Round
  • Reservations; Yes

Like Ruby’s Inn, Bryce Canyon Pioneer is another campground with facilities outside of Bryce Canyon Park. It is about an 8-minute drive from the campground to the park grounds. There is also the possibility of booking tents and RV sites. This includes hot showers, laundry, and toilets. It gives you the ability to live a small luxury life during your camp tour.

Red Canyon Campground

  • Type; Tent
  • Open;  March through October
  • Cost ; $18 –  $20
  • Reservation; No. First come, first served.
  • Total Sites; 37

It takes about 15 minutes to reach Bryce Canyon Park from Red Canyon Campground. Reservations are not available here and sites are available for first come first. This camp is a little less popular than the ones we mentioned above. The land has drinking water and toilet facilities and garbage collection. There is a possibility of carrying dogs to this land. But it is important to keep them in a cage. You can even take it to your RV camp. But that tooHooks are not available as it is a tent site.

Basin Campground

  • Total Sites; 37
  • Price; $25
  • Open Season;  March  1 – November  31
  • Reservations; Yes

Here it is possible to reserve standard and complete hook sites. Hot showers, drinking water facilities, and mountaineering are also possible. The campground is ideal for relaxing before visiting Bryce Canyon National Park after exploring Capitol Reef National Park. It takes about 40 minutes to drive from the campground to Bryce Canyon Park.

Arch Campground

  • Total Sites; 6
  • Price;  $15
  • Open Season;  Year -Round
  • Reservations; Yes

Arch Campground is another campground near Bryce Canyon Park. It is a 35-minute drive from the campground to Bryce Canyon National Park.

Bryce View Campground

  • Total Sites; 11
  • Price;  $15
  • Open Season; Year -Round
  • Reservations; Yes

Bryce View  Campground is also known as the basin Campground of Kodachrome. The campgrounds at this government park are for climbers. There is also a 30-minute drive from this park to Bryce Canyon Park.

Backcountry Camping

Backcountry camping

You are only allowed to set up background camps on designated campgrounds. If you are traveling at night, you must obtain a background permit from the guest center beforehand. There are 7 camps at a distance of 36.9 km from the park. There are 3 camps on the Riggs Spring Loop Trail. There are no dispersed camps in the park.

Backpacking In Bryce Canyon National Park

Backpacking In Bryce Canyon National Park

The Under The Rim Trail is one of the most amazing experiences at Bryce Canyon National Park. This takes about 2-3 days and a background license is also required. The road here stretches from Bryce Point in the park to Rainbow Point.

Best Day Hikes

Best day hikes

Bryce Canyon Park offers fewer days off than other parks, but there are a few that should be at the top of your list.

Queen’s Garden / Navajo Loop Combination Trail

The 2.9-mile hike takes you to the Bryce Amphitheater, where you can see the park’s famous hoodoos. Combining the Single Queen Garden and the Navajo Loop Road is important for long loop climbing. You must follow but this path clockwise starting at sunrise Point and ending at Sunset Point. Although this route is a bit tiring, following this route will give you the ability to enjoy breathtaking views.

Peek – a – boo Trail

The 5.5-mile loop is a friendly ride for mountaineers and horsemen. As you navigate between the upper hoodoos you should be aware of rocks such as window walls. The loop section of the track starts after a slope of the canyons. If you’re looking for a strenuous hike that fully explores Bryce Amphitheater, consider these combination hikes:

4.9-mile “Mini Figure 8” (Peek-a-boo + Navajo Loop)

6.4-mile “Figure 8 Combination” (Peek-a-boo + Navajo Loop + Queen’s Garden)

Sunset – to – Sunrise Point 

The park is 0.5 miles from each lane and is used for walking between hoodoos. That is, it is unique to those who cannot climb slopes. If you complete the Queen’s Park or Navajo Loop combination, you’ve been able to walk about half a mile to your starting point along the edge.

Mossy Cave Trail

A stream can be seen outside the main entrance, a short distance of 0.8 miles along the 12 expressways. The moss cave is filled with ice cubes in winter and green moss in summer. The contrast between the bright green growth and the glowing red rocks makes Bryce  Canyon Park unique.

Non – Hiking Things To Do

Non - Hiking Things To Do

Compared to other parks, Bryce Canyon Park includes several non-mountaineering activities.

Astronomy and the Full Moon Hikes

It is not advisable to leave Bryce Canyon National Park without seeing it after dark. Because here you can see more stars than you have ever seen by spending a night in this park. It is best to get ready 1 or 2 hours before sunrise to watch the sunrise. You will also be able to view the Milky Way with your naked eyes.

During the full moon Poya season, you will have the opportunity to participate in a program led by the park rangers. Guidance is given only by the moonlight. The full moon Poya falls only once a month. Therefore, the demand for mountaineering on the full moon day is very high. Usually, during the summer, you and the rest of the group come to Bryce Lodge to draw.

Sunrise At Sunrise Point

If you are already awake to watch the night sky, you can also wait to watch the sunrise. It will surely bring you a fresh experience. At Sunrise Point you can watch the sunrise from the eastern side of the mountain.

Bryce’s Scenic Drive

Bryce Canyon Park has one path through the park from the visitor center to Rainbow Point. It takes about 3 hours to travel 18 miles on the track. This includes 15 locations in the Bryce Amphitheater for visionary drivers. For some, What’s 15 favorite points are Rainbow Point and Bryce Point. But it can be different.

Camping Tips For Bryce Canyon National Park 

Camping tips for Bryce Canyon National Park

  • Start your day early.

Like most national parks, Bryce Canyon National Park is crowded from morning until noon. During the day it is not easy to park around popular places such as the visitor center or lodge.

  • If you like mountaineering, do it too.

To do this, you can avoid crowds by getting up early in the morning from places like Queen’s Garden / Navajo Loop. That is, it is often best to watch the sunrise and then climb the mountain.

  • Bring plenty of water.

Drinking water is available at most campgrounds, but it is not always clean and tasty. Therefore, you must always pack and carry water. Then you can pack it as a cool water bottle and do the same. Bryce Canyon Park is located at a high altitude, so your body will quickly become dehydrated. Therefore, you should drink as much water as you normally drink. It is also important to drink water to prevent altitude sickness in low altitudes such as Zion.

  • Bring layers.

As far as I know, if you are an intelligent climber, your best friend is Layer. Especially since this Bryce Canyon Park is located at a high altitude, the whole park will be cool overnight. To keep you warm, always use a puller. If you plan to camp during the holiday season, be sure to bring camping blankets and warm camping equipment.

  • Get ready for thundershowers.

Summer in Utah experiences thunderstorms. Then lightning can also occur. Firefighters in Bryce can be struck by lightning. Therefore, if you hear thunder within 10 miles, you should find a building or vehicle.

  • Download an app for the night sky.

Bryce Canyon Park is one of the most famous places to see the night sky in the country. With the Night Sky app, you can learn a lot not only about the night sky but also about the stars.

  • A high camp during the summer months.

It is about 9000 feet above sea level, including Bryce Canyon Park and the surrounding area. Camping during the summer months gives you a good night’s sleep. But if you are afraid of the cold, do not forget to carry a sleeping bag.

  • Be aware of fire regulations.

Here, due to the dry season most of the year, the state has strict regulations. Therefore, we must make sure that we obey them.

Final Thoughts On Visiting Bryce Canyon National Park 

Final thoughts on visiting Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is a popular destination for backpackers and road trippers. It takes you about 1-2 days to experience everything in Bryces. 

FAQS About Camping In Bryce Canyon National Park

FAQS About Camping In Bryce Canyon National Park

What websites can you use to book websites here?

The best website for booking camps near Bryce Canyon National Park is Entertainment.Gov, and any official website for any 3rd party camp outside the National Parks.

Are there reservations for camping on-demand in Bryce Canyon?

It is best to book in advance, especially if you plan to stay during the high season, i.e. if you prefer to stay in established camps. Many people spend only one day in Bryce Canyon, so the campground is overcrowded. So you can avoid it by booking in advance.

How Far In Advance Should You Reserve?

You need to make reservations for the summer for about 4-5 months. Camps make rapid reservations, especially in the summer. So you need to make reservations in advance.

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