20 Best Camping Activities For Adults To Enjoy Camping

Camping Activities For Adults To Enjoy Camping

Being an adult does not mean you are just to sit and relax when camping; you have many activities to enjoy. Camping is good for all ages and there are so many things you can do during your stay. We pick the best 20 camping activities for adults under 5 categories.

Fun camping activities

  • Hiking, biking, climbing or anything
  • Water activities
  • Horseback riding
  • Movie night

Camping Games

  • Drinking games
  • Name that song
  • Two Truths and a Lie
  • 20 Questions
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Card Games or Board Games

Exploratory Camping Activities

  • Wildlife watching
  • Birdwatching
  • Geocaching
  • Nature photography

Relaxed Camping Activities

  • Reading and writing
  • Yoga and Meditate
  • Hammock Time

Classic Camping Activities

  • Stargazing
  • Campfire cooking
  • Campfire times

It is time to avoid the boredom and make your whole camping escape a total blast. Go through our picks under camping activities in mind and turn your experience fun and more engaging.

Fun camping activities that you should not miss

Fun camping

Some adults prefer sitting relaxed and drinking while camping without getting too active. But the fun begins with getting some warm-ups. Fun camping activities are some common activities adults can join and it will be a waste if missed.

Hiking, biking, climbing, or anything

Your camping trip will not be complete if you miss a chance to hike in a beautiful trail, take long bike rides, or engage in strenuous climbing like anything else. Most of the campers go camping for these kinds of activities and those bring a lot of joy to your stay.

If you are of a group of adult campers, you can pick more difficult trails to engage yourselves in challenging experiences together. The more difficulties you face, the more fun it will be. From all of the hiking trails in your pick of the campground, try a difficult one this time with all your friends around. This can keep you engaged for a whole day or even more, fixing up moods and keeping you busy in the wild.

Almost every campsite has climbs; it can either be an actual rock wall or a larger boulder, what you are going to do is really fun. But this is one of the activities that need practice and preparation. Experience in climbing is a big support to work your way up.

Water activities

Water activities help adults to find their inner kid. And there are a variety of water activities you can do while camping. Find a campground that includes a water zone. It can be like you are next to a lake, ocean, and water springs or you have access to a pool. It is more useful than fun when it is hot out.

Swimming or just relaxing in water is fun, but if you want to make it more fun, adults can enjoy water camping activities to great heights.

  • Water volleyball- This is a water activity for a team if you have a net. You can enjoy the game while feeling cool in the water
  • Snorkeling- If you are camping near the sea, Snorkeling is a great way you can enjoy sea life. Bring a snorkel, your own mask, and flippers spend some quality sea life experience
  • Boating, Kayaking, or Canoeing- Adults love water activities when camping and vote high for boating, canoeing, kayaking like simple yet fun doings. Exploring water is an exciting way you can spend some of your camping times
  • Tubing and water skiing- For those adrenaline junkies, Tubing and water skiing are great fast-paced and fun activities
  • Fishing- For years, fishing has been a favorite activity for adults when camping. Undoubtedly, this can keep you involved for hours and this is ideal for fun and relaxed times out of the camp

In addition, there are water games for those who love to be cool and quite silly. If you love to try, do not forget options like “Marco-Polo” and “Chicken” to whatever you have in mind.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a joyful activity for adults to enjoy camping but not all campgrounds offer the chance. This is always exciting to take around for fans of this, and for newer ones, this is even more thrilling until you give it a try.

This is one of the memorable activities you can try as an adult and of course, it is thrilling to ride a horse on your own through the woods. Experience and skill are important here and you should have a perfect balance.

Those campsites offer horseback riding, normally schedule regular trail rides daily and sometimes twice or more. If you focus on this for specialized riding, you can go for scheduled riding instructions and brush up on precise skills.

Here are some of the national parks allowed Trail riding with horses,

So why wait to bring your horse to the campground?

Movie night- Relaxing and Entertaining

Backcountry movies are a highly entertaining activity to spend late nights. But this needs more planning with the right gear. This can be enjoyed by a team of campers and really a fantastic experience if you can work on it well.

You here need,

  • A Portable projector
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Outdoor projector screen
  • Portable Power source

You may have different tastes when it comes to movies. But here you have to pick one most of the ones can stand with. You can make a great outdoor cinema experience if you have more viewers at night. But even if this is for you are your partner, it can be a romantic outdoor movie night with cheers to the fullest.

Camping Games – Have laughs around

Camping Games

There are plenty of camping games for adults to enjoy and that is truly why some keep their hikes short or lengthen the trip days. What I believe are the best camping games are those with simple rules. Below are some of the best I pick for you to leave no chance for boredom when you have so many fun things to do.

Drinking games

Drinking games are fun games for adults and no chance for kids to join in. The objective is simply to punish each other’s faults with sips of a stronger drink than orange juice. The best thing here is you can turn any game into a drinking game. But here are some you could not avoid when camping with your gang.

  • Sevens- Simply, a circle round and you start counting as 1,2,3,4, and so on. But you are not going to count 7 or any multiple of 7. Instead, you just clap and next should count by skipping that number. For any mess you make, you drink and when you drink too much, the mess too will be extra. Is it simple; no but with excess fun
  • Medusa- The game starts where everyone’s heads are down and count to three. Then each should look at another player directly. When you look at someone, he or she should be looking at someone else. If two people are looking directly at each other, they should shout “Medusa” and drink. By each round, you should change the seats to make the game more fun to drink more
  • I am going to the bar- This is a memory game pretty easy to play but has a high chance to lose easily. One person starts saying “I am going to the bar” and the next should repeat it also adding another related word to the sentence; like “I am going to the bar and I need a beer”. So the one next should say “I am going to the bar and I need a beer and a shot of whiskey”. When the round is big, you have to drink more for all mistakes

In Addition to my favorites above you can enjoy Flip cup, Cup swap, Beer Pong, Tipsy artists and more.

Name that song

Name that song is a great option for musical friends. For hundreds of years, this is loved as a perfect campfire game following simple rules. There are different variations of the game by now and we will write to you about its basic idea.

It is easy as one starts playing a song of choice and the one who guesses it right at first is going to win. So it is more like singing around the campfire than a game. If you are camping in a large group, this can be more fun to try. Get separated into groups and play for some points. When the game is more of a rivalry, you can have more fun for sure.

Two Truths and a Lie

If you do not know much about the others in your group and love to know more about them, “Two Truths and a Lie” is a great camping game you can enjoy while camping. This is also one of the must-have camping activities for adults to enjoy the best of camping times.

This is simple and easy to play. Just as the name sounds, one is going to tell two truths and a lie about themselves. So others are going to guess which one is the lie among the three things you tell. What you are going to tell in front of others is the dawn of joy here and try your best to make it hard for others.

Everyone has amazing experiences and almost beyond belief. Just think how to get the lie out of three like; “I eat papers”, “I peed in front of the police”, and “my favorite teacher is once a student of my college”. What could be the lie?

Play with more creativity and vulnerability and make the times more memorable.

20 Questions

20 Questions is a time-killing game you can play as adults while camping. This brings so much joy and great to try around the campfire.

One person is here chosen as the chosen answerer and the game object is to make out what the answerer is thinking about! He or she can think of an object coming under any category like food, animal, any object, and even a person. Answerer tells under which category the object falls into and gives you the chance to raise 20 questions. But he or she will only answer “Yes” or “No”.

This is fun when played in groups and anyone can guess the answer together with the questions. The one who wins then becomes the answerer by picking a mystery object of own choice. In case if no one can guess the right answer, the answerer is the winner of the round and gets another chance to pick a mystery object.

Never Have I Ever

This is a very popular game and among the best camping activities for adults. “Never Have I Ever” is also known as “10 fingers” as this involves all your 10 fingers.

Someone starts saying something they have never done before and if one from the group has done that ever, they have to take down one finger from 10. If all the fingers are down that person is out of the game.

This game is simple and just about being honest. And by telling things that you have never done but seeing some others have done, you can make a lot of laughs.

Card Games or Board Games

Card games and board games for camping come with a different feel to fix up your mood. A deck of playing cards or any board game is worth bringing to camping as you can play fun games and make the evenings more memorable.

If I start with card games for adults when camping, Chinese Poker and Bullshit are at the top as they are simple to play only by having your cards with you. And if you have chips or pebbles, you can try variations of poker. And cheat is also a fun game to try with 4 or more players.

There are so many card games to try when camping. I can’t take all of them into a list here; I recommend giving a try to UNO, Multiple Solitaire, Rummy, Hearts, and Spoons.

Board Games are too fun to spend a good time indoors. So think like you are caught with bad weather and have to cancel your hikes and forces to stay indoors; you can turn that into a great board game time.

For ages, you can find different board games. And by choosing some camping-themed games, you can enjoy the spirit of staying outdoors. Consider adding some of the following when you are planning on camping activities for adults to try this vacation. This is a great way you can spend hours at the same time being a backup plan against unpredicted weather.

  • Bananagrams
  • Taboo
  • Pictionary
  • Azul
  • Connect Four
  • Perudo

Exploratory Camping Activities- Nature Play

Exploratory Camping

If you are thinking camping is a great way to explore nature, you might fit with the following things to do while camping. You can find different exploratory camping activities and below are some I spotted the most popular. These are really good to keep yourself busy while camping and will bring a strong connection to nature.

Wildlife watching

To catch sight of local wildlife, camping is a great way. You can make this a part of your hiking activities when going more into the wilds. As adults, you can get into more adventurous sites making teams, and be amazed at what you find.

With wildlife watching, you have many benefits. You can spend time relaxing and admiring nature. And you will learn what is there in your local area and will really stand to protect wildlife. Choose the best times to wildlife watching when you are deciding on a camping destination. And be specific to wildlife watching when thinking about your place to visit.

Seeing wildlife in America is easier than you might think it is. And national parks like Channel Islands National Park in California with over 2,000 species of plants and animals live in, Katmai National Park in Alaska with best to bear watching, Yellowstone National Park with the most wildlife-rich areas in North America, and more you can make your camping directed right into flora and fauna.

Birdwatching- Favorite Hobby

America owns bird-rich spots all around the country making birdwatching one of the best camping activities for adults. This is a more relaxing activity you can engage in and can continue as a good hobby benefiting your health. Birdwatching can improve attentiveness and develop patience. Birds are one of the best sights to your eyes promoting your mental wellbeing.

Birdwatching is possible in every campsite you choose. But if you go camping to birding, check the following top picks too.

  • Death Valley National Park, California, Nevada- One of the birdies national parks in the country. The best spot for birdwatching is the Furnace Creek area, hosting hosted more than 330 different bird species
  • Point Reyes National Seashore, California- Brings a vast diversity of habitats including forest, coastline, open fields, and wetland. Home to over 444 species of birds and that is over any other parks in the land
  • Big Bend National Park, Texas- An incredible diversity of birdlife is brought being the only identified American breeding site of the Colima Warbler

Geocaching- Treasure Hunts For Adults

This is a sport or can be called an exciting outdoor activity. For all ages, you can make this work at a different working level. While kids can only work with limits, adults can enjoy the extremes. This is like a treasure hunt that can take you to an adventurous level. And among campers, this is a very popular activity to which you have to work with excitement and technology support

Geocaching is finding a “cache” outdoors. A cache is a small waterproof container with a logbook and a small toy or ornament included in marketing. There are sites listing cache in the area you camp to which you should go using your wits and GPS.

If you like this kind of activity, geocaching is a great way you can spend adventurous hours outdoors. And there are over 2 million caches around the world. To make the job more fun, you can find associations of geocachers in your picked area to join and share your adventures with.

Nature photography

Nature photography is mostly work as a solo activity but if you have a team of the same desire, you can go for this as a team work too. This is really better when kids are not around as you need high patience, attention and peace around you.

You can get involved in nature photography in different ways. You can take shots while having a nature walk, when hiking or involved in any activity or can set yourself in a hidden spot in the forest and intentionally wait for beautiful things to come in front of you.

If you love this activity, you can bring your DSLR to silently snap pictures. And pick a great scenic location to camp to have a comfortable photo tour. And for those who like to do your nature photography at an upgraded level can get a drone to catch beautiful shots.

Relaxed Camping Activities- Is this your type?

Relaxed Camping

When some adults camp for adventure, some prefer camping in a totally relaxing way. If this is your way to spend quality time outdoors, here are some relaxed camping activities for adults to enjoy. Convince that, resting should not have to be boring as it can be pretty exciting when camping.

Reading and writing

Reading and writing are great indoor activities when camping. If you are a relaxed camping type of a person, you will definitely admire these activities when camping. Reading and writing can take you to a perfect imagination.

When reading comes as an activity, we suddenly think of it as a kind of a kids activity. However, reading a book when camping is really a joyful thing for an adult too. It can make you relaxed and put you in a fine mental state.

Those who read have stress-free minds and can live happily. In simple terms, readers are happy people. When camping, you can read a book to yourself inside the tent, just sitting or laying on the ground nearby or can even read aloud to others to have more fun by sharing your experience.

Writing is another peaceful activity you can engage yourself as an adult while camping. This is another perfect way you can preserve your memories when camping.

Yoga and Meditate

Those who are passionate about camping are those who love to stay fit. So why not practice Yoga and save some minutes for meditation? This is really worth trying!

When you are close to nature, you will feel peaceful and open to yourself more than ever before. So practice some yoga and live at your pace. Believe me; it is perfect to add yoga in your camping activities when in the beautiful wilds. Gorgeous sights, fresh air, serenity and what else for a perfect yoga session?

Meditating while camping is a great way you can unwind stress. Camping is not always relaxed; it can sometimes be stressful for some. So if you take some minutes to meditate, you can focus on yourself and free up your mind. Among all camping activities you are going to be busy in your days, preserve some minutes for yoga and meditate to stay fit both mentally and physically.

Hammock Time

Hammock times are perfect when you want to wind down. Yes, it is important to have a relaxing break just as important as to be active while camping. So bring your hammock to where you are going to camp and feel absolutely relaxed. This is one of the best camping activities for adults to feel comfortable.

For me, better sleep and rest make a better day next for a hike or any other adventure. So try more hammock times instead of the usual chair times. Even your simple rest can turn to quality sleep on hammocks.

When bringing a hammock, look for an option you can set up easier at the same time with fine features to lay comfortably. So even if you are planning to camp in a campsite with limited ground camping, the hammock can bring all comfort. All it needs is two strong trees.

Classic Camping Activities- Never miss the chance!

Classic Camping

Depending on different tastes, what you would like to involve when camping may vary. When some love adventures, some only need simple classic camping activities to get quality times. So here are some activities I recommend adding to your list for a great experience with your camping mates.


Stargazing is my all-time favorite activity when it comes to camping. No matter if you are a solo camper, a couple out for outdoor vacation, or even in a team of campers, stargazing is a great way you can enjoy camping nights. It is simple and nothing requires planning. The only thing is to go where you can see the clear sky above and can spend some time peacefully.

This is also kind of a relaxing activity for adults after a long, tiring day activity with kids. You can simply lay down your comfortable blankets on the ground and see a clear night sky putting twinkles and sparkles.

If you are a true fan of stargazing, choosing a campground works best for that. And there are certain times you can enjoy stargazing to the best and focus on that when planning your next camping trip.  Among the best places in the USA for stargazing Cherry Springs State Park, Glacier National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and Headlands International Dark Sky Park are listed on the top.

Campfire cooking

Campfire cooking is a classic camping activity every adult should try and that will taste to the next level. Definitely, camping cuisine is one of the great camping memories you can bring home.

Cooking when camping is a must as you have to prepare your meals in the simplest way possible. While you can take a camping stove for your main meals, try some camping special meals over a campfire. Try s’mores, hot dogs, beer-braised chicken, grilled burgers, chicken and onion kebabs, campfire nachos, and more delightful meals.

As adults, you should stand in the frontline when making camping food. But it is an activity all ages can enjoy. If you are in family camping, get your kids involved and enjoy making their meals simply over a campfire. Both males and females can enjoy cooking when camping and can make it teamwork.

Campfire times- best times of camping

The center of the joy of camping is the campfire. This is where you can get together and share experiences you personally had during the day. From starting to make your campfire, it is as fun as you can go into the wilds and collect wood. This is all about improving your skills.

  • Campfire stories- To keep everyone entertained, you can start with campfire stories. It can be funny, scary, and adventurous or anything just think about keeping everyone cheerful
  • Campfire songs- If one of your teammates is good at playing an instrument, you can spend some quality time singing around the campfire. This is one of my most preferred activities to end the day in a good mood. You can sing together while enjoying something more than an orange juice
  • Campfire games- By playing games when camping, you can keep yourself entertained while sharing the joy with others. So try some camping games for adults and enjoy them more. Many of the games can be done around the campfire and it will be really more fun than doing it during the daytime. So never miss your chance!

There are so many things you can do as an adult when camping rather than just running after your kids. While some of them need a little more preparation, some can be easily dealt with. If you choose to spend your time in nature, you can turn your experience super joyful. So wake up the inner kid and enjoy camping to the fullest. 

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