Top 10 Romantic Camping Activities For Couples (Must Try)


Can anything be more romantic than stars twinkling up above, warm fire near, and cuddle with bae? Come out the usual nights and spend time closer to each other. Camping is a perfect getaway and with the best activities, you can bring home a perfect story. What’s your plan?

You can do many things you love if you are in the right place with the right person nearby. Let us make things easier for you!

As a couple, if you are planning for a camping adventure, you really know the worth of spending time together. Here we bring Romantic Camping Activities for couples helping with planning your next outing more fun and charming.

There’s nothing like nature, go and enjoy!

Create self-serving accommodations


The first thing to consider when camping as a couple is finding a cozy accommodation. You have to pick a secluded campsite to stay relaxed and close to each.

You can easily go for an option like Yosemite National Park as a larger campground with a great view. But with noise around and people and kids running here and there, you will not find the expected romantic retreat. You will love seeing kids around but not this time as you are here for a break from ordinary life.

Find a secluded place to spend quality time. While there are so many options, I find myself comfortable in a small campground in Joshua Tree National Park like a destination with a gorgeous view too.

You can try places like,

  • Forests
  • Camping near hot springs
  • Beach camping 
  • In the mountains

Go for a sunset picnic


Think of watching sunset by getting closer to each having a simple yet delicious camping meal? What can beat that?

One of the best romantic camping activities for couples is planning a sunset picnic. You only need a comfortable blanket, something good to eat and anything you wish to take with you. Plus, find a peaceful location to enjoy the view.

There are some campsites, you can just sit and watch the sunset from your tent. But if you want a change, take a little walk and find a perfect place to watch the sunset. If you like, you can take a night hike by getting your clothes and camping gear ready.

Cook camping meals together!


We cook at home and it is kind of a job! But cooking while camping is so much fun and it is about keeping things as simple as possible. Making camping meals is one of my favorites and it is so much special.

Cooking over fire is a must in camping and additionally you can invest in a small camping cooking stove for further meals. This can help with cooking your favorite camping meals and make sure you pack all the ingredients.

It is incredibly romantic to cook together and taste your meals by feeding each other. Even though it takes longer than cooking in the home kitchen, even the waits are exciting and you can keep looking together.

3-course-meal is one popular camping meal that is easy to prepare. This includes cheese and crackers like a simple meal first and desserts like s’more. And in between a favorite meal can be arranged as the main course. You can try a meal you can easily try and love!

Never miss a chance to stargazing


Stars are so romantic and one most popular ideas among camping couples. If you choose a campsite like Death Valley National Park, you are at an international dark sky place ideal for stargazing just sitting on your campsite. Or you can take a hike or walk to an ideal place.

Pick a peaceful place with a clear sky view. Lay down the blanket and enjoy the beauty. If you want to stay warmer, get ready with your warm summer sleeping bags. And if it is too cold, wear gloves and pack all the necessities. Do not forget to hold your hands!

Fireside picnic romantic dinner


A romantic camping trip is never complete without a fireside dinner. Believe me, this brings so much love and you will miss the night even when you are back at home.

You can easily arrange a fireside picnic romantic dinner next to your campfire. Simply, place a warm blanket on the ground and take a warm meal; you can cook barbeque, veg, toast and more while telling all fun stories. When you are on a night hike, this is a must.

Hit the hot springs


A great way to lift up your romantic mood is hot springs where you can steam up together. If you find a perfect camping destination with a private hot spring near, you can spend great times together. If you love this, you can find a place with hot springs when you plan to camp.

Some good options for camping near hot springs include,

  • Vichy Springs, California
  • Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Colorado
  • Wild Willy’s Hot Springs, California
  • Homestead Crater Hot Spring, Utah
  • Bagby Hot Springs, Oregon

Camping Games for couples


How about being romantic and silly? Try a great time with romantic games. With busy lives today, you hardly get time to sit and relax. So at camping, you can take enough time for you two and playing a silly game will bring laughs and much joy.

After a long hike or adventuring, a fun game can bring relaxation to you to forget the fatigue. There are many camping games you can try and my love is for card games. You can play dice, talking games and more to spend great times with your bae. Also, board games can fix up your mood and spend a quiet night together mixed with fun.

Cuddles on the hammock


This is one of the favorites in my list to spend so much time. If today is an adventurous day with hikes and outdoor activities, tomorrow is definitely my day on a hammock. And that is so great with the one you love.

Camping hammocks are inexpensive and you can easily set them up in your campsite. Better than camping chairs, hammocks can make your romantic camping experience better. You can simply lay together and spend more connected times. This is perfect for relaxing times in a gorgeous view.

Take a beer or a glass of wine and stay warm


To experience the comfort of your campsite, you can add a beer or a glass of wine. Even a bottle of champagne could fit. This will not be the same you feel when you take a glass of wine or beer at home. This is more into nature and free at extremes. You can make your camping more romantic and special with your favorite bottle of wine or any brew.

Camping is an amazing day you spend out in the wilds with your partner. So having a favorite drink can make your mood better with a different feel. You can play your favorite music around and enjoy a romantic dance in dark nights near the campfire. Do not forget your portable speaker!

Make sure you bring unbreakable wine glasses to the campsite or use an alternative like camping mugs etc. Otherwise, you may find troubles with glasses that need high care.

Capture every moment you love!


Taking pictures is not anything new to you but when you are in an outdoor adventure, this is something more exciting. In fact, this is how you can bring your favorite moments home with you to remind and be happy. And everything near you when you are in nature is so special.

In camping, living in the moment is what is appreciated the most. But you definitely need some pictures too. It is common to take pictures with your high-end smartphones today. But if you want higher-quality pictures, you can take the digital camera with you. Do not forget to take your hiking camera strap too.

Time spent in camping is time invested!

Camping with your bae is a great way to bring inspiration to your relationship. You can spend quality time in nature surviving together, closed by each and with growing affection. This is a great nature’s way you can admire each other well. You get close to nature and nature brings you closer to each other.

If you were not aware of the Romantic camping Activities for couples, hope you had everything clear inside. And we like to hear from you about what makes you the most romantic and if there is anything else in mind, feel free to reach in the comments!

Happy camping to you two!

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