10 Best Camping Beds For Kids – Worth For Money

Camping Beds For Kids

Do you want to bring your kid on your next camp trip? Do you need a comfortable sleeping bed for your kid? Find the best kid camping beds so your baby can sleep well while camping. These 10 recommendations for you. The best kid’s camp beds come from our own extensive research on travel. 

Among the many camp beds for kids on the market, we found the 10 Best camping Beds for kids.

That includes our absolute favorite – the bed we have trusted with our son for over 4 years! I hope you find this list of camp beds for your kids useful. These 10 camp beds for kids are safe, comfortable, worth money, and portable. Let’s move on to further details about these 10 Best camping Beds.

Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

A kid’s camping bed and this is the best choice for travel! My little hero, now 4 years old, will never settle for any of the sleeping beds we brought for him, so the three of us would get up all night. The portable cradle with mesh sides was very tight and limited; He would roll over and wake up any time we tried to lay the kid’s mattress on the floor. We tried to make him sleepy.

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed then appeared, and it seemed to solve all of our difficulties at once. It ain’t attractive, but it sure helps us get our hero to sleep.

For a toddler air mattress, the Shrunks toddler bed is the perfect selection. I like that this bed uses regular crib sheets, which makes it incredibly simple to replace after an accident whether camping or traveling.

The innovation seems so simple: the shrunk bed is a standard flammable air mattress, but it comes with flammable safety rails so kids won’t get out of it. Genius! Other reasons why this works better than our other selections:

  1. Small size for easy packaging – When rolled it is only 16 wide and 7 high! It is always small enough to keep in our car.
  2. Inflate in 30 seconds – this bed includes a special pump that can do the job safely and quickly!
  3. It uses a medium-sized cradle / small bed sheet tied around the center of the mattress. Since I do not want to buy a particular size plate for a portable cradle, it saves me some money

The great benefit, of course, is that my 4-year-old really sleeps in it. Throughout the night. Without falling on the floor or awake in agony, begging to join Mom and Dad in bed.

Last summer, we camped for a week at Zion National Park, where we spent every night in a different campground – the Watchman camp, the Lava Point campground and he awoke each day excited for the next experience. 

The bed can be a little expensive, there are less expensive ones, which I have not tried and will succeed – but for me, it’s worth getting our days back, not spending the time we used to have fun with a sleepless hero.  It costs $69.99 or more. This suits kids of Age 2 and up.

Regalo My Cot portable bed 

Regalo My Cot portable bed

Regalo My Cot portable bed helps your budget. It is worth buying at a very cheap price. The Regalo My Coat comes with a lightweight, durable, inexpensive, fitted sheet. It costs $ 29.99 or more. This suits for Approx 2-5 years old kids.

It has no rails or a place to put them. Several commentators report that if a child carries the weight to one side, it gets stuck on it. 

The Regalo My Cot is not suited for my champ. Because of the lack of rails and the possibility of tipping, I only recommend the Regalo My Cot for children who sleep peacefully and don’t move and turn all night.

I would not use it at this point in my little boy’s life, but it is popular with small children and is relatively easy to find. I think it is better for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Below I mention, Overview of Regalo for camping.

  1. Easy setup – stretch it out like a camping chair
  2. Lightweight and durable – it has an overall steel frame that holds up to 75 pounds, so no problems
  3. Thrift – This is the cheapest option, so it may be the best choice if you are on a budget or do not intend to use it often.
  4. Includes mounted sheets – this makes it easy to tilt and maintain!

The Guava Lotus Travel Bed

The Guava Lotus Travel Bed

Guwa Lotus is the only travel-friendly bed that I find easy to use every night. It is suitable for children up to 2.5/3 years of age. The Guava lotus bed price is $209.00 or more. 

We bought the Gua Family Lotus Travel Cradle when Dion (above I mentioned my title boy as Hero) was one year and We tried it on a trip to Joshua Tree national park spring camp, so our expert reviewers can thoroughly inspect and evaluate it. 

Guava Lotus Dion’s favorite toddler bed for camping, traveling, and even sleeping in our cab. 

The Guava Lotus is similar to a Pack n’ Play, though it’s more durable, lighter, and simpler to assemble. For hands-free carrying, the bag simply changes into a backpack. It’s easy to set up and comes with camping-friendly extras like insect netting.

The mattress is slim and firm for a baby, but the small cradle-sized bed is adequate for a small child. To make the mattress more comfortable, they make a plush, soft sheet for small children.

After more than two years of use, Dion maintains well and shows few signs of wear. Zipper never had a problem, the bag is in excellent condition and there are no holes in the net.

The Bungalow Travel Bed

Bungalow Travel Bed

The bungalow Travel Cot is the best camping ground for small children. Come along because it features rails, the Bungalow travel bed is the best camping bed for toddlers.

However, the bungalow is quite light and easy to transport. It also comes with rails and optional canopies.

Folding cots aren’t my favorite because they’re usually not very comfortable and can be noisy. Furthermore, the Bungalow is difficult to lock in a place. However, the bungalow is quite light and easy to transport. 

It also comes with rails and optional canopies. Yeah, I have to mention the rails again! Most of the kids travel a lot in their sleep and fall off a mattress or bed if there are no sides.

The canopy acts as sunlight during the day and can be a bit dark at night. You know how light it can be in a tent on a long summer evening!. The Bungalow bed price is $99.99 or more

Milliard Portable Toddler Fold Away Bed

Milliard Portable Toddler Fold Away Bed

This bed is extremely high quality – it bends to an easy, minimal setting and your little kids can jump on it!

Measure 25 ″ x 14.5 ″ x 27 measures when bending the bed and 55 ″ x 26 ″ x 7 measures when opening. The bumper is 7 ″ high on the outside and 4.5 high on the inside. The mattress is 48 ″ x 20.

I’m not saying this is lower than a Shrunks bed, but it’s not suitable for camping because it doesn’t have all the attachments like a sleeping bag and a tent. The bed has a durable outer material and a soft comfortable pad inside to give your little one an attractive sleep.

Everything that little kids sleep on can be stored inside – since it is shaped like a folding box, it means there is a huge gap inside! This is perfect for keeping little kids sleeping things like PJs, hats, and favorite stuffed animals! But it a little bit expensive. It costs $88.99 or more.

KidCo PeaPod Plus


KidCo PeaPod is the most popular style of camping bed among kids. They tend to be content and have limited space. 

You can usually easily attach them to the trunk of a car and you will find that you can use them both inside and outside the tent, which is useful if you need a short stay away from your tent.

The KidCo bassinet is essentially a simple tent bed: you set it on the ground and it has an easy-to-open top that allows you to access your kid at any time while keeping them safe from insects and crawlers.

Another fantastic feature of this camping bed is how easy it is to transport: the KidCo Bassinet comes with its own carry bag and folds up compact, so you can quickly load it in the car and take it with you throughout the day for naps outdoors or indoors! It cost is $88 or more.

Phil & Ted’s Traveler Cradle

Phil & Ted's Traveler Cradle

Phil & Ted’s Traveler Cradle, a great camping bed for little ones. The Phil & Teds travelers bed, another toddler travel bed we’ve discovered. It is another terrific travel bed that can also be used as a camping bed. 

It is very easy to set up with a self-inflating mattress. Breathable mesh sides for air blows and always keep an eye on your baby.

Phil n Ted’s bed super Portable, perfect for very small kids and rolling car trunks.

There is a compatible shade device (rarely sold) for outdoor use and it has a unique zip-open side.

Glad to know: This cradle will not be able to climb out or push, especially for small children. This bed most suit for Up to 3-year-old kids. It costs $149 or more.



AeroBed inflatable camp bed good choice for your 4 years of age and older kids. As our kids got a little older, we found that burning beds worked well for us.

 It is designed to weigh up to 300 pounds and has a sleeping surface measuring 50 x 25 inches. If you want your little one to be with them until they go to sleep. The 4-inch high-security cushion around the mattress is designed to prevent children from accidentally falling out of bed.

Comfortable, portable, and easy to use, the Aerobed Inflatable Bed is a good competition for children 4 years of age and older. Measure 60 ″ L x 36 ″ W x 8 H when the mattress is inflated.

Inflatable mattresses for children 4 years and older with a 50 x 25-inch sleeping surface

and electronically welded seam weight working PVC construction. It costs $151.99 or more on Amazon.

Intex Travel Bed

Intex Travel Bed

Intex Travel Bed is designed as a comfortable, convenient, and versatile option for families with small kids. 

This durable travel product will be a great solution for camping trips, drowsiness, short sleep, or anywhere you take life with you! Its price is approximately $ 42.90.

For toddlers or preschoolers, the frame should provide safety and stability to ensure that small children do not get out of bed. This travel option is designed for children ages 3-6 or 48 inches tall.

Having a separate mattress makes it easier to stick to standard cradle-sized sheets. This model includes a high output hand pump for quick and ease. When inflated, the Intex frame measures 66 ″ X 42 ″ X 10 measures and the inner mattress measures 28 ″ x 52 ″ x 4 measures.



All-around bed at USHMA is our choice of the best travel bed kids. Depending on your budget, you may choose to purchase this item with or without a foot-operated air pump for a difference of six dollars – although both price points are very budget-friendly.

This bed has two color choices. They can choose to sleep on the blue or gray side, both of which have a comfortable fabric cover. A pillow is also included and can also be rolled up on the blue or gray side. Its price is approximately $ 62.99.

The safety of a baby is always important, especially when they are in bed regularly.

This product is designed to easily include bumper rails on all sides to keep your baby safe throughout the night. You should feel comfortable knowing that this bed is free of BPA, phthalate, and lead chemicals.

Are inflatable beds safe for kids?

Air mattresses or air beds are especially dangerous for babies. Good parents may mistakenly think that a permanent air mattress is “sufficient” to be a good sleeping surface; however, the Consumer Product Safety Commission warns against using air mattresses for babies under 15 months.

What bed should a 2-year-old child have?

If your baby is young, consider moving to a smaller bed with rails. This is a small bed that uses a cradle mattress instead of a double-size mattress. A small bed can feel more comfortable and safer in a small bed than a twin bed, making it easier for some small children to switch.

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