Best Comfortable Guide To Camping While 8 Months Pregnant


For sure, camping is not going to be the most comfortable thing to do when you are pregnant, but this will be a memorable and unbeatable joy. Camping while 8 months pregnant is as uncomfortable as being pregnant anywhere. So if you have a desire to walk out of the home and explore nature, you can do that. But this involves more learning and more planning!

In this article, we will guide you on how to get safe and comfortable camping while 8 months pregnant. If you are among the camping moms-to-be, know how you can spend time with nature yet be comfortable throughout the journey.

Pregnant or not, camping is beautiful, and how much you love nature makes the real worth of it. Some people may think you are crazy seeing you in a campsite bearing a baby. But does anyone know this is recharging you in nature’s way? Take the tips and camp safely.

Is it safe Camping While 8 Months Pregnant?

Yes, you are safe, but you need more work to do than you usually camp. When you are getting ready to camp while pregnant, it is important to know whether you are in good health status to camp. Make sure you meet your doctor and take all instructions first.

Those who are with low-risk pregnancies can engage in many of the things they love and that includes camping. However, it is a must to talk with your doctor about the healthy lifestyle you are in. And do not forget to get suggestions on what type of outdoor activities are safe to involve.

Bring all information to the campsite with you; contact details of the doctor, hospitals nearby, insurance details, etc.

First, Self-care


Even if you have been camping for years, camping while pregnant will be a fresh experience. Here, self-care is a must and it should come first of all.

Women used to take all responsibilities on the head no matter if you are home or at camping. But here, your role is different. You have to sit and relax and should take the maximum support when you need it.

You are going camping to relax and enjoy yourself. Make sure you are not involved in cooking camping meals as standing for a long is anyway not good for you. Cooking is for others when you are outdoors and this is your time to relax.

Find a perfect camping destination


Camping during pregnancy can bring you fresh air, fine exercise to mind and body, make a perfect environment to relax and stay stress-free. But here you have to wisely choose your destination.

When you are pregnant, your body is not the same as before and your energy is finite. So make sure you go where you know the best with easier access, with no long drives, and make sure the campground is 100% safe.

You cannot be involved in adventurous vacations when camping while 8 months pregnant. So avoid high elevation destinations where our bodies get less oxygen. And if it takes long drives to the destination, get frequent stops on the way and stretch out your legs for a more comfortable journey.

Consider the campground facilities

Your comfort is the priority when you are in this condition. You will need to use restrooms so frequently and you should find a location that fits the requirements. Make sure you reserve a place nearest to the restrooms.

Consider a good view and good weather

You should avoid taking risks when you are pregnant. So pick the location and visit when there is the best weather conditions. Avoid the times with too heat or too cold and find pleasant times to take a visit. Hunt for the best views around as you are just going to sit and relax.

Do not stay for a long

As you need more things to get prepared for camping while 8 months pregnant, I feel it is good to go with short camping trips. Make camping work as you just need a change from your surroundings. So take it and return as soon as possible.

Dealing smart with the challenges


It is not a secret that camping while 8 months pregnant is difficult as you are quite closer to your delivery and complications may vary. So you cannot handle everything as easily as before and you really need more attention.

Peeing and pooping while camping

To pee and poop while camping when you are pregnant are big challenges as it is not easy to get up and down with your conditions. So it is important to choose a campsite with a restroom to properly handle your private things. Or if someone is willing to build an outhouse for you, that would too work for you.

Have sufficient water

Taking water to drink from nearby sources is not recommended when you are pregnant. So bring enough water with you and drink as much as you can to stay hydrated and feel well.

In case if you have to use local water, make sure you boil more than 20-30 minutes before use.

Any chance of Morning sickness?

The possibility of getting morning sickness is higher if you get more chances for dehydration while camping. Keep your water bottle near you can take a salty snack to the campsite with you. If you wake in the morning, these will help with managing the situation.

Manage with the hygiene conditions

You cannot enjoy showers outside and any water-related activities at this stage. So make sure you have a bathing area in your campsite to stay clean and comfortable. Remember to bring everything you need for this to ensure hygienic conditions.

Stay comfortable to the highest


Camping is a good option while expecting only if done right, but especially if you suffer from any medical conditions related to your pregnancy, you should think carefully about camping on this holiday.

This is about thinking more about you and listening to your body. So arrange everything to feel extremely comfortable at the campsite.

Get a fine night sleep

Sleeping at a campsite while you are pregnant is really challenging. You have to get things perfectly ready to ensure you are comfortable.

Many women practice pains and discomforts in their backs, hips, and also legs, and sleeping in a tent is something that could make this worse. So bring an air mattress or a thick pad to sleep on.  And better you take a pregnancy pillow to feel extra comfortable.

In addition to the sleeping bag, bring more lightweight blankets with you as you may feel cold at night. Also, bring something soft to pad between your thighs and knees for better aid.

Bring a comfortable chair to sit and relax

You come for a camping trip to sit and relax. So do not forget to bring a comfortable chair to spend quality time nearby the camp tent. You better take a chair with a footrest to gain no pain in your legs. You can sit leisurely while having a perfect snack or drink.

Take a walk and reset

When you are 8 months pregnant, you may experience frequent joint pains. So sticking to one place for a long period is not comfortable and you need relaxing walks.

Camping is a good exercise to take little walks, breathe fresh and relax. So step outside the campground with the help of another and take some walks to reset and feel better.

Bring suitable food and drinks


Food distaste is common among pregnant women and you should plan your camping meals well when camping while 8 months pregnant.

If you feel troubled with morning sickness, pack salty snacks, ginger pops, crackers and more you like and find helpful to control this.

Also, pack enough food you love to eat including high-fiber snacks. And try to bring your high-protein snacks like cheese sticks, almonds, and yogurts, and more you find helpful.

When cooking meals, prioritize healthy meals and make sure they are cooked well. You can watch things going well but avoid involving as that is out of your jobs this time!

What is important here is to plan your meals well before you start camping. And if you have any complications, talk to your doctor and get instructions.

Best clothing for camping while 8 months pregnant


When you are pregnant, you have to feel comfortable with everything you take on. So what you wear is important especially when you are camping. But this depends on where you are planning to camp.

Depending on the weather, you will have to pick your clothes. So be ready for both too cold and too warm situations. You may be a fashion enthusiast, but now it is not the time to enjoy a traditional waistband or accessories. So fit on stretchy pants or comfy shorts to stay easy.

Adventures while pregnant?


The best advice is, go easy on the activities!

You cannot handle everything you used to do when you are pregnant and when it is about 8 months. So do not ever push yourself to do anything. Take only what you can easily handle or simply leave it aside. It is all about your comfort!

If you know your body well and your needs, you can hit the trail with confidence. You can take enough time and take slow and safe moves. Make sure you are with all support around and in a good mood to adventure. We recommend taking a group hike as it is not the time to go solo. Be wise to choose the right destination with no risks and with the finest weather.

To stay fit, you should take enough water with you and drink every time possible. And do not forget to take breaks and you will enjoy the surroundings better than any time before. What you wear is important too and wear comfortable shoes.

Protect yourself from insects


As to some proven facts, women at pregnancy get twice the number of mosquito bites than usual. So it is important to beware of mosquito and tick bites when you are outdoors.

One of the camping essentials is bug spray as it is very important to stay healthy when exposed to nature. But when you are pregnant, a spray is not recommended as some of these types of things could bring complications. So if you are in a campsite where ticks and mosquitoes are common, try to protect yourself.

Make sure you wear proper clothes to cover as much as possible and try to use a natural alternative as citronella oil to keep bugs away. In some camping sites, you can use mosquito nets but not all the time.

How to prepare your camping gear?


When you plan camping while 8 months pregnant you should spend more time on planning the things you need to pack up. So here we are helping you with making a complete list to leave nothing behind and regret.

Essentials for pregnant you:

  • Prenatal vitamins and all prescribed medicine
  • Jacket
  • Comfy, slip-resistant shoes
  • Snacks and any other food you like
  • A comfortable sling back camp chair with a leg rest
  • Water bottles as sufficient
  • Spray bottle to stay cool if you are going to a warm climate
  • A hand towel and wipes

Things to a comfortable stay:

  • Waterproof tent
  • Pillows as needed
  • Extra blankets and comforters
  • Cotton sheets
  • Sleeping bags
  • Air mattresses (Double Tier Air Mattress is recommended)
  • Insect repellent or citronella oil like alternative
  • Flashlights for late-night (optional)
  • Battery-powered fan (optional)

Things for kitchen:

  • Cooler with ice packs
  • Camping stove
  • Frozen meals as you desired
  • Pack vegetables and fresh fruits
  • Drinks as desired
  • Washing materials
  • Pan and kitchen gears (knives, spoons, etc.)
  • Plastic cups, plates, bowls, and required
  • Camping meals pre-cooked
  • Serviettes, bowls as required, and paper plates
  • If needed pack some pickles, mustard, and other temperature-resistant items

Depending on where you camp and the times of camping, the camping gear may vary. Make sure you take everything essential but not to over pack.

Happy camping for all moms-to-be!

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