11 Fun Drinking Games To Keep The Campfire Going

Fun Drinking Games to Keep the Campfire Going

If you are going to camp with your mates next season, don’t miss the campfire with a few more beers. While being in the wilderness is enjoyable and exciting, sometimes camp can become dull and tedious. You can pass the time by playing some entertaining drinking campfire games. What better way to unwind than with a few drinks and some fun around the campfire?  Here is the list of the top drinking campfire games for your next adventure.

After all, sure, you won’t have access to tables and other essential things for playing classical drinking games such as beer pong and Drink, Drink, Shot while camping, so you’ll have to gain adventure. Are you not a drinker? Simply use some juice or other liquids that you have on hand to join in on the fun! Here is one of the best camping drinking games and keeping everybody entertained and fun around the campfire. No more talks; let’s jump right to it.

The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game

This drinking game puts your memory and geography skills to the test. It’s a great experience to play the Alphabet Drinking Game, and it makes everyone camping time fun. This is also a quick way to get drunk. You’ll only need your drinks and a group of guys to play. It is played by selecting a theme and beginning with a word. 

First, choose a category, such as countries in the world. The first player names a country that begins with A, such as Australia. The next player must add Australia, Brazil to the list, followed by Australia, Brazil, and Canada. The very first player who misses a country on the list or cannot think of the next one must take a shot and be eliminated. Continue to play with a different category for every round until one player remains the winner.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Any game, such as Never Have I Ever, can be turned into a drinking game with a good approach. Never Have I Ever game is a great drinking game for learning exciting information about your friends. The first player should say something they have never done before. The first person says something such as, “I’ve never go date with a girl or boy.”  Anybody in the gang who has gone to date is required to drink.

As the game progresses, you can expect people’s responses to become increasingly attractive. This goes all the way around the circle. It’s a simple game, but it can quickly become pretty funny. Whether you’ve done an awful lot in your life, you can also get drunk quickly.

Tipsy Artists

Tipsy Artists

This game is similar to Pictionary, and if you’re not good at art, you’ll become drunk. A time limit, sketch pads, pencils, pens, markers, and a gang of participants are required. Each player alternates between the artist and the timer, ensuring that everybody gets a turn.

The timer whispers a secret word to the artist to begin the round. When the timer goes off, the artist creates their best rendition of the secret word, but the others guess what is focused on the drawing. Thinking began shortly because the artist must take a drink every twenty seconds to make the correct assumption. The artist finishes their turn when everyone gives up by firing a full shot.

Drink, Drink, Shot

Drink, Drink, Shot

Drink, Drink, Shot is more fun among all camp drinking games.  Remember when you were a kid, and you used to play a nice spin on the childhood classic duck, duck, goose?  Drink, Drink, Shot! is the 21-and-up edition.

Somewhere at the beginning of the game, the gang should have a beer and a shot of liquor nearby. Like everyone gathers around the campfire, the first player walks around, tapping each player on the shoulder to ask them to take a drink. Participants then tape someone at unexpected times to take a shot.

That player must then follow the other person around the circle and back to the empty seat. Whenever they catch them, the caught player must take the shot. If the tapped player cannot catch the person, they must take the shot.

The Beer Pong

The Beer Pong

“ Beirut” is a widely known name in this game. Beer pong is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table in the hopes of landing it in a cup of beer on the other end. 

Firstly, arrange a more extended desk with single red cups on each end and fill all with a good swig of beer. The game is usually played by opposing teams of two or more players on each side, with six or ten cups set up in a pyramid shape on every side. 

Beer pong is typically played by two teams of two to four people each. So every group starts the game by standing at the other end of the table, behind their cup rack. Even though the game is generally played on a ping pong table or a folding banquet table, enthusiasts may design their table for friends and travelers to use.

The purpose is to effectively throw a ping pong ball through one of the cups on the opposite side of the table. You can enjoy one or two players per team. The opposing team must drink the beer inside the cup and remove it if you do this.

Whereas if the ball spins around the inner rim of the cup, standard indoor regulations require players to ‘finger’ or blow the ball out of the cup. However, according to the World Series of Beer Pong rules, only a single-ball ‘rollback’ happens, resulting in a three-cup maximum per turn.

Keep in mind before you shoot, teams may dunk the ping pong balls into cups of water to clean them. Regrettably, research findings have shown that wash cups can still cause bacterial such as E. coli. As a result, players may fill the cups with water rather than beer while preserving a different beer on the side to drink from.

Drunken Horseshoes

It requires some materials and some space away from the fire and picnic table. Polish Horseshoes, as well recognized as Frisbeener, Spanish Horseshoes, Beersbee, or French Darts, is a game for two teams of two people. From both sides of the field of play (about 20-40 feet apart), a stake in the ground keeps a beer can or bottle in the air, although the team of two remains next to the stake. 

The players must always maintain one hand busy and the other prepared for play by holding a drink in one hand at all times. Each time the Frisbee returns to your side, you must hold it; the opposing team scores a point if you drop it. You have a point if you throw the Frisbee, and it hits the stake, knocking the bottle off. You get two points if you hit the bottle straightforwardly.

Even when you catch both the bottle and the disc, which is a difficult task, the throwing team receives no marks. The opposing team scores one point if you catch the bottle but lose the disc. If no one catches the Frisbee, the throwing team receives 2 or 3 points, based on whether the Frisbee landed straightforwardly on the stake or the bottle.

This game has some small regulations; however, however, after one round, you’ll have this game down pat. This outdoor task includes more skill and less chill, but it also needs a lot of materials and is best done during the day, so it’s a plus for good camping drinking games.

G’Day Bruce

If you are looking more excited about challenging drinking campfire games for your next camping journey, don’t miss to add G’Day Bruce to your list. This drinking game from Australia appears simple initially but becomes progressively tricky; however and complicated as the drinks keep Finally, lowing. Player One, sitting in a circle, turns to the person next to them and says, “G’Day Bruce.”

Player Two then responds to Player One by saying, “G’day Bruce.” Then, Player One says, “Say G’Day to Bruce (pointing to Player Three), Bruce.” Then, Player Two switches to Player Three and says, “G’day Bruce.” The real trick is that the next Bruce is selected at random from the circle, so it’s not in a logical sequence. As a result, keeping track of all the Bruces will become difficult.

If someone makes a mistake, they must not only take a drink. They are then given a new name of their choices, such as Steve or Sheila. This increases the difficulty of the game and guarantees that the drinks keep ongoing.


It is predicated on the Medusa legend from Greek mythology. Medusa is the game that reminds medusa movie, but like the movie, but people didn’t turn to stone when they saw her. This is an easy game. 

The Medusa Game is a warm-up or best drinking game for a group of 8 or more friends.  This game needs only a picnic table, a few drinks, and a group of mates. On the count of three, everybody lowers their heads to the table and quickly raises their heads to look at somebody. You are secure and do not need to drink if you look at somebody and are not looking at you.

If you make eye contact with someone, you must both yell Medusa, and the person who does it last must drink or take a shot. As this is best done at a table, it can also be done with your heads down around the campfire.

The 21

If you’re gathering around the campfire with your best friends, drinking a few beers, you would just like to keep the party going. So what can you do to make the evening more enjoyable and memorable? The 21 camping game is the best answer for you. 

The best-known drinking game 21 requires a group of people gathered around a campfire, a beer or wine in every hand, and a witch glass, which will be discussed shortly.

The youngest member in the group begins by calling out the number one. The partner to their right then tells the number two. The counting keeps going till someone gets it wrong or says the number 21, which needs them to take a drink and create a new rule for the game. “For instance, if the number seven comes up, you must moo like a cow first, then say the number,” If that rule is broken, the violator must drink.

If You Know What I Mean

If You Know What I Mean

If You Know What I Mean is a game show related to “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” For this one, you must classify into groups. One person draws a scene from a magazine or other publication they’ve come across.  The team or pair must continue until one person cannot make a statement, at which point you must drink. When you want to advance, you must drink every time you laugh.

Sometimes, you can draw a scenario or write it down when you have no pictures. Two players make comments to each other back and forth. Each remark must be followed by “if you know what I mean.” The phrases must contain a sexual undertone. The person who runs out of phrases must take a drink.

The Flip Cup

The Flip Cup

This traditional drinking game necessitates a larger table and a line of red solo cups on every side. However, for big groups, the relay-race drinking game is ideal. It is a game that takes some technical ability and hand-eye coordination, but with a bit of practice and alcohol in your system, this camping drinking game becomes more enjoyable.

This traditional drinking game necessitates a larger table and a line of red solo cups on every side. For big groups, the relay-race drinking game is ideal. Then after dividing into two equal teams, everybody will put a beer in their red solo cup and line up on opposite sides of the table. 

The very first player on each team, facing one another across the table, chugs their beer at the start, then ideas the cup over on the edge of the table and attempts to flip it over right-side-up effectively. When they have completed their task, the next person will take their place. The winner is the first to complete the relay. And after a couple of games, everyone should be feeling it.

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