The Best Time To Visit Hot Springs National Park

Best time to visit Hot Springs National Park

The National Park is located in the center of Arkansas. This starts as a place of healing and relaxation. Today, the Hot Springs Park has covered the North Corner of the town and still people go there for a peaceful, warm bath and relaxation.  It has enjoyable places like water parks, hotels, casinos, etc. Also, the incredible buildings and rich history of the city will surprise the travelers.

The best time to visit Hot Springs National Park is from August to October. This is the most crowded time of the year but most of the activities are based around the water so it will be more comfortable for visitors though it’s a hot month. August maintains the summer temperatures. The forest and park around the hot springs turn orange, golden, and red, from green. This is very picturesque and you will see this at the best time in the park.

Most travelers are looking for good weather, fewer crowds, and a comfortable climate for visiting Hot Springs. When you think of Hot Springs, warm thermal water ponds will come into your mind. But there are so many things you can do in hot springs.

If you spend several days in Hot Springs you will love it. And here we are looking forward to expressing some important and enjoyable facts to make your visit perfect.

Best time for Good Weather

Hot Springs National Park good weather

The best time for good weather in hot springs is from August to October. These are normally the driest months and outdoor conditions are comfortable. The nights of Hot Springs begin to be cooler and when nights get colder the land also changes color. The temperature of fall is relatively soft and there are many sunny days.

According to the weather forecast, it’s better to wear a rain jacket though it’s a dry season. This is the best time to go hiking because of the weather conditions. The wind in Hot Springs is calm. The windiest months are April, March, and February. The summer is warm in Hot Springs. Also, the summer months are the months that feature the least amount of rainfall. If you want to avoid rain during your trip, summer is the best. Spring and Fall are best for outdoor activities.

Best time for Camping

Best time for camping

The best time for camping in Hot National Park in August, September, and October.

These months bring a more stable weather forecast than other seasons of the year. Many visitors find this is a suitable time for camping though the climate is cool at night. You have to prepare with perfect blankets, sleeping bags, and tents for a cooler temperature.

Normally, the campgrounds around the hot springs have opened year-round. There are more beautiful campgrounds in Hot Springs which provide motorbikes and trailers. You can find a place for camping easily. According to the small area and the surrounding, the camping options in Hot Springs are limited. The only place you can camp within Hot Springs is Gulf Gorge camp and this is a great choice.  

Campgrounds near the Hot Springs national park;

  • Lake Ouachita
  • Lake Catherine State Park
  • KOA 
  • Catherine’s Leading

Best time for Hiking

Best time for Hiking

The best time for hiking in Hot Springs National Park in March, April, and May. The cool weather is good for hiking because it’s harder than other activities. At this time water levels are higher than others and it’s more appealing for passing hikers.

Hiking in spring is more attractive than other seasons because you can see many wildflowers at this time. You will see different kinds along the roads in Hot Springs. Hiking happens all around the year and you can start hiking within 26 miles after you travel to Hot Springs. There are some best trails in Hot Springs,

  • Falls Branch Trail
  • Goat Rock Trail
  • Sunset Trail
  • West Mountain Trail
  • Gulpha Gorge Trail 
  • The Grand Promenade
  • Oertel Trail
  • Lower Dogwood Trail to Floral Trail to Honeysuckle Trail

Best time to avoid Crowds

Best time to avoid Crowds

The best month to avoid crowds in Hot Springs National Park is during the winter months into early springs. The main fact is people don’t have time to miss this place due to warm water and comfortable weather. In winter most people avoid coming there, therefore winter and early springs are better to avoid crowds. But bathing in warm water is more enjoyable in winter than in other seasons, thus Some people make their holidays in Hot Springs during winter. 

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Best time for Bird Watching

Best time for Bird Watching

The best time to see birds in Hot Springs is Autumn and Spring. These months April and May along with September and December can see the biggest bird migration. Arkansas is the central area among the destinations of North and South.

The national park located in the middle of some large national forests takes a high place for birds. At any time of the year, you can have gifts by presenting videos, photos of birds. Birds can be seen at any time of the year but there are some certain times to see more productive species of the birds.

Arkansas Alligator Farm

Arkansas Alligator Farm

Arkansas’s Alligator farm is famous and old. It’s located in the Hot Springs just across from Whittington Park. Would you like to hold a baby alligator in your arms and feed it? You can have that experience from here.

Photography in Hot Springs

Photography in Hot Springs

While you are in the park, protect the things in the park. You can zoom with your lens, don’t get closer to animals or other things, park in roadside pullouts, and leave the drone at home to protect the things you enjoy. Hot Springs National Park has many places for taking photos. A few are listed below,

  • Bathhouse Raw
  • Goat Rock
  • Balanced Rock
  • The Grand Promenade
  • The scenic overlooks.

Seasons of Hot Spring National Park

Summer ( June-August)

summer at hot spring national park

The summer can be hot in Hot Springs National Park. You can prepare for it by wearing cool clothes and drinking water. If you are planning camping or hiking you can keep ice packs with you. The average temperature of summer is 91 degrees Fahrenheit. Maybe it takes 100 degrees Fahrenheit at some point. The summer is dry. But when you are packing you have to prepare for the rain. Things you can do in summer;

  • Check out the Grand Promenade
  • Walk along with Bathhouse Raw
  • Hike the Sunset Trail

Autumn/ Fall (September-October-November)

Autumn/ Fall

The Hot Springs begin to cool during September, October. and November, especially at night. Day and night temperatures can change 20 degrees Fahrenheit within 24 hours. In September the temperature is still hot and it is 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The rain has to be for a long period but in autumn you will see a little rain.

In October the temperature is 76 degrees Fahrenheit. In November the temperature is 63 degrees Fahrenheit. At the end of the season, the nighttime temperature is close to freezing and you have to pack your bags according to it. Things can do in Autumn;

  • Hike Hot Springs Mountain
  • Pop into superior Bathhouse Brewery
  • Dive into the most past at the Ohio club

Winter ( November-February)


It’s cold. Sometimes the temperature can go below the freezing point. The low and the high temperatures are 1-10 degrees Celsius. There is not that much snow freezing as in the other parts of America in winter. This pleasant weather is because the park and its surrounding campgrounds open year-round.

The months of the winter are January, December, and February. This time you will see a thinner crowd because of the climate. but when you compare this with the cool conditions outside The Hot Springs are better than it. Every month, the temperature of day and night time is low though the winter temperature stays about the same. Things can do in winter;

  • Bathe in a hot spring at Buckstaff Bathhouse
  • Take a tour of the historic Fordyce bathhouse
  • Take in a sunset



It is the wettest time of the year and in May it will have very high rainfalls. The spring is the pleasant season of the year due to the blooming of wildflowers and the migration of singing birds.

This is the rainiest season of the year, with about one-third of each month getting some precipitation. The temperature goes high in spring. The daytime average is 18 degrees celsius and at the end of May, it is 27 degrees celsius. Things can do in the spring;

  • Visit the Anthony Chapel
  • Start the day right way at the Pancake shop
  • Treat yourself at the Bathhouse Row Emporium. 
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