The Best Time To Visit Joshua Tree National Park


Joshua Tree National Park is an exceptional place on earth and is one of the most popular and largest visitor spots in the USA. Yes, it is a desert; but it is magical to enjoy California’s desert landscape. Joshua Tree has nearly 800,000 acres and more of them are desert environments to explore ideal desert-native wildlife.

The best time to visit Joshua Tree National Park is March to May and October to November. On the other way, spring or fall. Even though the park is open year-round, it is important to consider the temperature before you plan your visit. Better not go there in summer as it can be red-hot. And in winter, it is beyond freezing!

The park is a desert escape, paradise for climbers and a new prospect to photojournalists. Simply, Joshua Tree National Park is a center of many attractions being at the junction of two deserts; Colorado and Mojave. If Joshua Tree is your pick, when is the best time to visit? Is it spring, fall or some other time?

The best time to visit Joshua Tree National Park for best weather


Weather in Joshua Tree National Park is very important when planning a visit to the park. Year round the park is open but in some months, the park is less pleasant to access. And in some months with fine weather, the park is busy and full of crowds.

For the finest experience in weather, the best time to visit Joshua Tree is March to May with wildflowers, and a very pleasant climate around. Also in the months of October to November in the fall, the temperature is perfect for outdoor adventures.

Joshua Tree National Park is least busy in summer like many other national parks in the USA. The temperature is very high in summer when it exceeds 100 degrees.

There are also some who camp at Joshua Tree National Park in the winter. December to February, it is beyond freezing in Joshua Tree that is only bearable for cold-lovers.

What is the best time to camp in Joshua Tree National Park?


Spring and fall months are the best time of the year to camp in Joshua Tree National Park. You can experience a comfortable and warm daytime perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Night times at Joshua Tree in spring and fall are fairly warm and you can securely camp with a summer sleeping bag. In terms of weather, these are the best times you can camp in the park. But as these are months more visitors come and you will find busy times in the campsite.

Want to visit Joshua Tree; how to avoid crowds?


Between June and August, it is summer in the park and you will find the least crowds there. Also in the mid of winter season including months December through February, you will find no crowd in the park and can go there for a solitude vacation.

The day time temperature at Joshua Tree National Park in summer is very hot and goes about 100ºF (38ºC). The result is fewer visitors and those who come should take enough water and things to stay cool. You can hike or do activities outdoors early in the morning and avoid mid-day heat.

If not, winter is the other time you can visit Joshua Tree National Park and at the same time avoid crowds. Joshua Tree National Park is beyond freezing in winter months but brings you so much glamour in the eyes. So we see more visitors in winter every year.

Go, visit Joshua Tree National Park for best bird watching


During early spring months like March and April are best for those who love bird watching. In Joshua Tree National Park, you can go birding all year long as this is one of the popular destinations for bird watching. But if you visit in spring times, you get the best chance to meet the migratory bird species.

Include your binoculars in the pack and bird nerds if needed. As the park located along the popular Pacific Flyway migration path, you can see over 250 species of birds year round. Visit in spring to meet the fullest.

Mountain biking in Joshua Tree; what is the best time to visit?


Biking is another popular activity you can do in the Joshua Tree National Park and that is best in early spring and late fall. These times bring the finest weather and let you enjoy the surroundings.

To explore Joshua Tree on a bike, another recommended time is winter. Daytime-temperature in winter is cool and  enjoyable. But be careful when you ride on the roads in winter as cold times are only good for some.

Enjoy biking in Joshua Tree National Park!

Stargazing in Joshua Tree; when is the best time to visit?


Stargazing in Joshua Tree National Park is fun and should not be missed. The best time is during winter months. Remember it is best 3 days after or before a full moon.

You can see clear skies and earliest sunsets in winter months. So that brings excellent stars in the sky even without keeping you awake for long nights. Joshua Tree National Park is one of the popular stargazing locations in the USA and make sure you are there at the right time.

Best time to horseback riding in Joshua Tree National Park


The best time for horseback riding in the park is fall, spring, winter or even possible in summer but after 4.00 evening.

The park, Joshua Tree, is a very popular place for horseback riding. As heat can be hard on horses, it is better to go there in fall, spring or winter if you love horseback riding included in your things to do in Joshua Tree National Park list.

If you are planning to visit Joshua Tree National Park in summer, you can still ride on horse. But it should be an evening ride after 4.00 pm.

Love rock climbing; visit Joshua Tree National Park


From the end of October to early May, you can find the ideal time for rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park.

As you already know, spring and fall are the best times of the year to adventure in Joshua Tree National Park. But due to heavy crowds, you sometimes have to wait for your chance in these months.

Even winter is good for climbing as day time weather is fairly pleasant. And in this season, the visitation number is low and you can enjoy climbing leisurely.

Best time to visit Joshua Tree National Park for best photography


Joshua Tree National Park is full of beauty in every season. You can find unique beauty in each day but never let mid-day sun and harsh heat destroy the pleasure.

If you love to capture the best photos, an hour before or after the sunrise or sunset is the preferred time. To watch golden light over the desert, wake up early or stay up late.

Waiting to visit keys view; know the best time to visit


During fall or spring targeting the months between April to October, you can see clear weather which is best for Keys Views.

Exceptional views are known as Keys views that are good on bright sunny days in Joshua Tree National Park. If you take the visit on the right days, you can see the view of Signal Mountain, all the way in Mexico.

Due to the high popularity of Keys view, a lot of crowds will be there in spring and fall. But if you want to admire nature without much crowd around, you can plan your visit in winter.

Joshua Tree National Park in Different Seasons


What you can expect from each season at the park is different. And remember, every season is unique and has its own beauty. Throughout the year, the park is open for visits. But weather in Joshua Tree National Park is changing from season to season affecting your outdoor plans.

Spring in Joshua Tree

March through May is spring to Joshua Tree National Park and that includes the most active months of the year. The weather is calm and bright on spring days and brings fresh air around.

Traditionally, spring is very popular for camping in Joshua Tree National Park and it is very hard to get a campsite during this time. Reserving as early as possible is recommended if you camp in this season.

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in the campsite with the chance to enjoy the desert’s wildflowers. Especially at Cholla Cactus Garden, you can find the true beauty of spring.

Summer in Joshua Tree

Summer is not a peak tourist season in Joshua Tree National Park and that is due to high daytime temperatures.

At the park, daytime temperature goes to an average over 100ºF (38ºC) and nights at 75ºF (24ºC). In lower elevations, high temperatures are common, making summer extremely hot. But if you like a too hot vacation and with the least crowd around, summer is open too. Do not forget to drink more water.

To beat crowds, you can plan your vacation in summer. To hike and outdoor activities, you can start in the early mornings to avoid the midday heat. Camping in summer does not go to waste as you can be active early in the mornings and rest in the middle of the day.

Fall in Joshua Tree

Fall is again another popular season in Joshua Tree National Park with finest weather opening for a fine outdoor adventure. The temperature in the day time goes around 85ºF (29ºC) and nights are going around 50ºF (10ºC).

Fall season is only second to spring season in terms of crowd. So if you want to reserve a campsite, fall is good and easier than in spring. The park is more popular in late fall with its snow-free conditions.

There is no fall foliage in Joshua Tree National Park but you can see golden glow over the desert increasing the scenic value. If you wish to visit Joshua Tree in the fall, that will certainly be an unforgettable vacation.

Winter in Joshua Tree

Winter weather in the park goes around 60ºF (15ºC) in day time and nights are below freezing. To see snow, the only chance is with the higher elevations and that is not too common though.

The culture of the Joshua Tree National Park in winter is silent with low visitors in the site. Compared with previous years, we can see winter visitors in recent years. For those who are fine with cold temperatures, winter is a great visiting time.

Make sure you pack everything essential to spend winter in Joshua Tree National Park. The park is accessible even in winter and if you find snow in Joshua Trees, you are very lucky to catch the beautiful sight. So pack up your winter boots this winter to spend in Joshua Tree National Park.

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