The Best Time to Visit Olympic National Park


Are you fed up with the daily routine of a busy life? Do you want to feel the cool breeze from the trees instead of grey smoke? Then Olympic National Park is the only best option for you to have relief. I assure you that no one will return home without mental relaxation. This environmentally friendly place never disappoints you.

The best time to visit Olympic National Park is in July. From July to August; The temperature is warm, all the roads are easy to access by visitors, and the park provides a bunch of activities to entertain visitors.

The park is open 24 hours a day every year. But from October to May; some roads and campgrounds are limited to access.

However, note that, before planning to visit here, pay attention to check on the weather conditions of the park.

Curious to know the best time to visit the park according to seasons? Then be ready to read the following



The Spring Olympics begin from March through May. The temperature together with humidity makes the weather cold. Rain is common during this season.

In the early months, the temperature seems to be slightly warm. But later on, the temperature slightly increases around 62.4°F (16.9°C) and 47.9°F (8.8°C).

Spring is the second busiest season for tourism and the visitors who are willing to do different activities can easily enjoy themselves by exploring the park. The campgrounds are too open in Spring.


The Summer season begins from June through August. The middle months of the year are usually in higher temperatures and have cold nights. This is the busiest season of the year where so many crowds arrive.

The average temperature during summer is 62°F. Rain is a possibility in this season.

As the weather is nice during the summer, at night there are several astronomy programs at Hurricane Ridge and guided walks through the Hoh Rainforest.


From September through November, the Autumn Olympics begin. The temperature begins to low in September. The daytime temperature is around 56°F or 13.3°C.

Visitors can experience an increase in rain and snow falls for about 3 to 10 days.

The crowds during this time have really decreased due to the unstable weather condition.


The Winter season in the Olympics begins from December through February. At this time the temperature in lower elevations is cool to mild. But, sometimes it drops below freezing. In higher elevations snow is abundant.

The temperature during daytime is around 24°F and -4.4°C at night.

The famous destinations like Hurricane Ridge Road are closed in Winter.

Do you want to have a calm and quiet journey with your family? Want to avoid crowds? Visit in a less crowded season


The best time to avoid the crowd is in the months of October, November, and December of the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Though, the weather conditions of these two seasons are unstable; Visitors can enjoy themselves by doing activities like snowshoeing and hiking.

Fall colors start to appear in the month of October which gives awesome scenery to visitors as well as to the landscape.

Also, the weather condition in the coastal area creates an ideal environment for photography.

Are you fond of enjoying yourself with your colleagues? Find out the best time for outdoor activities in Olympics National Park


What is your opinion on Hiking? Are you interested? Want to have an experience? Then know the best time for hiking in Olympics

The best time for hiking is from May through September or the months of Spring and Summer. During this time the weather is mostly friendly.

Visitors who are planning to reach the highest peak in the Olympic Range can plan their hiking tour in Summer or Spring. Because In early September it starts to snow in the higher elevations.

There are over 600 miles of trails for hiking in the park and contrasting to other trails in other parks, these trails mostly seem to be flat and easy.

Are you a fishing lover? Want to engage in fishing near a lake or river peacefully? Visit Olympics in the best time

The best time for fishing is in the months of February and December. The environment of the park provides a unique habitat for its fish population.

The Lake Crescent provides a home for two unique fish species named The Crescenti Trout and The Beardslee Trout. In the Summer and Spring seasons, Fishing seems to be an ideal event in this lake area.

The Elwha River is home to a large Coho salmon population. The species like Steelhead and Trout also live in the River and Spring is the best time for fishing here.

In the coastal areas, visitors can find Cutthroat Trout, Redtail surfperch, and rockfish for fishing.

Are you an animal lover? Do you want to explore to find more animal species? Then visit Olympics at a suitable time for wildlife viewing


The best time for wildlife viewing is from March to June.

In Olympic National Park there are about 56 species of mammals and over 300 species of birds. from March to June.

In the coastal area of Olympics National Park, Visitors can view the migration of marine mammals in the Spring(April to May) and Summer(October to November) seasons. Kalaloch, Rialto, and Shi Shi Beach are the best locations for whale-watching. There are another few whale species named Orca Whale, Gray Whale, Humpback Whale, and harbor Porpoise.

Roosevelt Elk is another animal species that is seen throughout the year. They mostly live in meadows and rainforests.

Mountain Goat is an animal species that live in Alpine Trails along with Hurricane Bridge.

If you are good at adventure… You can try boating in Olympics National Park

The best time for boating is from May to September. The rivers that are connecting rivers create an incredible opportunity for boating. In Spring and Summer seasons the volume of the waterfalls and rivers increase and it will be more adventurous for boating.

Lake Ozette and Lake Crescent provide an excellent opportunity for kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboarding. Boating is the most famous activity among visitors.

However, I’m sure that you will absolutely love this activity.

The best time for sightseeing

The best time for sightseeing is Spring through Fall.

After the heavy snowfall and rain during the Winter season, the whole environment completely changes in Spring. The trees are with new leaves and flowers, The animals come out from their habitat in search of food and the landscape is extremely beautiful with new freshness.

Visitors can enjoy sightseeing throughout the Olympic Mountain Range.

The best time for camping


The best time for camping in Olympic National Park is during the months from May to October.

Visitors can enjoy their camping in the campgrounds of higher and lower elevations. The weather condition of higher elevations during winter seems to be worse. So, it is better to check on the weather podcast before visiting there.

However, Camping is a great outdoor activity that is mostly enjoyed by visitors.

The best time for stargazing

The best time for stargazing is in the months of November to February of the Winter season.

The best location for stargazing is the higher elevations of the park. At this time; at night, the scenery is more perfect.

The best time for backpacking

The best time for backpacking is the driest season like Summer.

During this time the snow has almost melted and the trails are more clear than ever. In the months of June and July, the weather is mostly sunny during the daytime and cool at night.

The best time for tide-pooling

The best time for tide-pooling is in the months of March to September.

At this time marine life is more active on the shores of the Olympics. Marine species like whales migrate during this period. As the weather is warm visitors can enjoy their view from the shore more clearly.

Animals like rock crabs, sea stars, pricklebacks, wolf eels, barnacles, brittle stars, sea snails, and clams are available to watch.

Do you want to know more information about the Olympic National Park? Read the following


Hoh Rain Forest

The Hoh Rain Forest is a place covered with fully greenish trees. The view of the rainforest is exquisite and makes the visitor fresher with its cool breeze. This is one of the finest temperate rainforests in the United States.

Most of the visitors desire to visit here in the first place because of its importance as well as for its scenic beauty.

It only takes one or two hours to explore the rainforest.

Hurricane Ridge

This Hurricane Ridge is an easily accessed mountain area in the park. This place offers a variety of hiking trails and visitors enjoy the sight by doing activities like hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding.

It takes half or full days to explore the place.

Kalaloch and Ruby beach

This is one of the most visited places of Olympic National Parks. Kalaloch is located on the Southwest coast of the Olympic Peninsula. These coastal areas provide a home for most marine species.

In the Southern coats, the visitors will be able to see the birds like Western Gulls, Bald Eagles, and other coastal birds like Mirrors and Tufted puffins.

Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent is a glacially carved lake which was formed thousands of years ago. Visitors have the access to do activities like hiking, boating, and camping in this area. Lake Crescent is the home for fishes like Beardslee and Crescenti trout, which can not be found anywhere in the world.

It takes 2 hours or a half-day to explore the place.

Mora and Rialto Beach

The Rialto Beach brings out great dramatic scenery and it is a great place to look for sea lions, seals, otters, whales, seabirds, and eagles.

The Mora area is a campground that consists of a variety of trails like James Pond Trail and Slough Trail.

It takes a minimum of one or two hours to explore the place.

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