The Best Time to Visit Sequoia and Kings National Park


This is one of the greatest places for those who intend to enjoy their vacation in an efficient way. Once your eyes meet the spectacular scenery of Sequoia and King National Park, I’m sure that no one will resist their eyes until they visit here.

The best time to visit Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park is in the month of JUNE. From June to August the weather is mostly stable and also all the seasons except winter seem to be suitable for the visitors to enjoy their camping and hiking sessions.

As the park is open for the whole 24 hours in all 365 days ; the visitors are always welcomed.

However ,visitors are curious enough to spend their tour in the Sequoia and Kings National Park by doing various activities under different weather conditions.

But most of the time ,if the visitor is willing to visit there , it is better to check the weather forecast before visiting. Because if the weather climate is not good enough ; the visitor may have a lack of enjoyment during the tour.

The best time for good weather condition in Sequoia and Kings National Park


The best time for good weather conditions is from June to August. There is an average temperature in the park suburbia during this time period. But places like foothills can probably be hot due to their elevation.

Therefore, if the visitor is willing to have a pleasant experience, the best seasons for good weather are late spring and early fall.

The average weather condition according to the seasons

  • The climate of the park in spring(March to May) and autumn(September to November) seasons ; is very delicate and pleasant.
  • In the summer season(June to August) , the temperature depends on the middle elevations of the park.
  • Also the winter season( November to February)brings plenty of snow to the park which leads to closing many parts of the park.

However, because of the high range of elevation ; Sequoia and Kings Canyon weather differs from time to time. Before visiting the park it is very important to be prepared in order to travel safely.

The Sequoia and Kings Canyon park is consisted of large sequoia trees, alpine peaks, deep canyons, and other largest trees like Black Oaks. Most of the visitors desire to visit the places like Giant Forest, Kings Canyon Scenic Byway , General Sherman Tree, Moro Rock and Crystal Cave.

But visiting these sites during different seasons makes the visitor have an awful experience. Most of the visitors pay more attention to do several exciting activities under suitable weather conditions. So, they are able to have an adventurous tour which is beyond a normal one.

The best time to avoid crowds


The best time to avoid the crowds is during the season of winter. Throughout this time visitors pay lack of attention to visit the Sequoia and Kings National Park.

Visiting places like the Grand Canyon during this period is great. The winter hike to Canyon seems to be a great experience in order to see the beauty of the place due to the lack of crowd. Though it is snowing it rarely reaches the canyon area.

The best activities to do under the best time


Most of the visitors desire to engage in activities like hiking, backpacking and camping. In the spring and summer seasons , they pay attention to cave exploration, horseback riding, rock climbing, wilderness excursions and scenic driving. In winter, visitors enjoy snowshoeing, sledding and skiing.

01.Best time for camping

The best time to camp in Sequoia and Kings national park is from June to September. But the elevations of the campgrounds contrast each other.
The higher elevations are colder than the lower elevations.

If the visitor needs a calm and quiet surrounding for camping ; it is better to visit in September or August. If not, it will be busy due to the school vacation.

There are many campgrounds for camping. All of them have the ability of giving a great experience to the visitor.

  • Lodgepole Campground
  • Calaveras Big Trees state park
  • Crystal Springs campground
  • Potwisha campground
  • Big Meadow campground

02. Best time for scenic drivers

The best time for scenic drivers is from the late August and to the early September. During this time visitors are able to drive through the park without any hesitation.

The area of the park is about 900 ,00 acres. So , the visitors have the opportunity to enjoy themselves by watching the scenic beauty of the park.

There are several scenic highways which are popular among the visitors.

  • Panoramic Point Road
  • Generals Highway
  • Kings Canyon Scenic byway
  • Majestic Mountain Loop

03. Best time for rock climbing

In the Kings Canyon National Park , there are famous routes for climbing called Bubbs Creek and Chimney Rock.

The easiest place to reach in Sequoia is Moro Rock.

04. Best time for hiking

The best time for hiking is from April to June. At this time the landscape is filled with wildflowers. The visitor will be able to see picturesque scenery.

There are several popular routes among the visitors for hiking.

  • Foothills hike
  • Giant Forest and Lodgepole hike
  • Grant Grove hike
  • Cedar Grove hike
  • Mineral King hike

O5. Best time for wildlife watching

The best time for wildlife watching is in the mornings of late spring and early summer. This seems to be a good chance to watch over the diversity of the animals in the Sequoia and Kings National Park.

In the late spring and early summer, hungry bears are mostly visible due to their tendency to search for food.

There are over 260 species known and over 150 are rare and uncommon. In the Foothills, We are able to find Blue Oak and California Buckeye. We also can identify the local species like gray fox, woodrat, black bear ,acorn woodpecker, gopher snake, striped racer and California newt.

Also the seasonal residents include the chickaree, gray squirrel, golden-mantled ground squirrel, mule deer , black bear , mountain lion and majority of resident birds like western tanager, western bluebird and pileated woodpecker etc. can be seen.

The places like Alpine Meadows and the edges of the park seem to be good sights for wildlife.

06. Best time for horseback riding

The best time for horseback riding is during the summer months of July to August.

The alpine sections of the park are best for horseback riding. The visitors are able to have an awesome experience with their colleagues or family members.

07.Best time for skiing and snowshoeing

The best time for skiing and snowshoeing is definitely during the winter season. In this time, visitors will be able to experience about two hour-long guided snowshoe trips. They are open to any visitor who is over the age of 10.

Also the visitors will be able to have a great joy by using the great ski trails within the premises of Giant Forest and Grant Grove.

So, it seems The Sequoia and Kings National Park is an amazing place for the visitors who are willing to have an adventurous journey. Under the various climates visitors will be able have a great experience by doing several interesting outdoor activities. This place is a collection of wonderful sceneries. By visiting here visitors will be able to do all the activities from one place.

The best time to visit the important places in Sequoia and Kings National Park


01.Grant Grove

The best time to visit Grant Grove is during the summer season. On warm days like summer; the nights are so cool and in winter the sequoias are covered by the snow like an umbrella.

This was originally created in the 1890’s. The giant sequoias seem to have conquered this place. The world’s second largest tree , The General Giant Tree can be seen here.

02. Cedar Grove

The best time to visit Cedar Grove is from July to September. The campsites like Sentinel, Canyon view, Moraine, and Sheep Creek give awful sights during this time. This place consists of towering cliffs, tumbling waterfalls, and the Kings River. Generals Highway to Cedar Grove is open from May to October depending on weather conditions.

03.Mineral King

The best time to visit Mineral is during the seasons of summer, winter, and autumn. In the summer; we can spend a chilly night and in winter and autumn we can enjoy the cold breeze by watching the great scenery of the landscape.

The Mineral King Valley is the highest place which we are able to reach by car. This place consists of dense forests of pine, sequoia , and fir trees.

04. The Foothills

This landscape is ruled by every season. In winter and spring, we can experience rains and low temperatures while in summer under sunny and dry days.

05. Grand Canyon

This is a wonder which can be visited at any time of the year. But paying a visit in winter to the Grand Canyon in order to hike; we can experience the beauty of the place due to the low crowd. Though it is snowing it rarely reaches the canyon area.

The unique features of Sequoia and Kings National Park under different seasons


01. Spring Season

From early March to May ;the spring season of Sequoia begins. The temperature of the park depends on the elevations. The visitors are able to drive through Sequoia into Kings Canyon along the Generals Highway during the spring into the fall.

02. Summer Season

The numbers of visitors are respectively increased during the summer season in comparison to the others. The weather is mostly friendly and the numerous programs and activities are available in this season. This is the best time for hiking and horse riding.

03. Autumn / Fall Season

The fall season begins in the month of September. The night in Park during this time period seems to be very chilly. The weather during the day time seems to be warm.

04. Winter Season

This season is considered as the longest season in Sequoia and King National Park. When winter begins the sequoia groves are mostly peaceful as the snows spread all over the sequoias which also bring an awesome sight to the visitors.

Though the sceneries of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park are great ; there might be hidden danger behind them. So, it is better to prepare ourselves for backup to avoid the danger.

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