15 Cool Things To Do While Camping Alone

Camping Alone

Bunching around the campfire with friends, going for walks with groups and more huddling is not of your choice, you must love going wilds solo. You can enjoy the same taste of camping in a different flavor when you are alone. But that is of the things to do while camping alone.

There are lots of things you can do even alone; hope these can keep you excited to the fullest during camping.

You have so much time and freedom when you are alone and never let anything make you bored. Camping alone is inherently pleasing and peaceful as it can turn to self-exploring. Go convincing what can keep you content giving the best camping experience.

Improve your skills- Learn and learn!

Camping alone is a great opportunity to improve your wilderness skills. As you are alone in nature, you can focus more on admiring nature. It is a different setting. And when camping, you generally need to practice various things and if you are alone, it is more challenging and a chance for enhancing skills.

You have to pitch the tent, start the fire, store food properly, prevent animal attacks, and be on the right path. So among the things to do while camping alone, you are improving your survival skills. All these make you more confident and skilled.

The start to camping, setting up basics is fun to engage and it can keep you more excited on camping; especially when there is no one to help with. So you are thriving at survival skills while camping alone and the start is really to work a lot.

Study fauna and flora; it is your nature play

camping destination

When you camp alone, you experience the serenity and beauty of the outdoors better than ever before. You can take small nature walks to admire beautiful vistas, catch subtle sounds around and everything lays out before you.

There are so many things you can admire in nature. And I am pretty sure you can spend hours walking around your campsite to see different plants, flowers, insects, seeds and plenty of little things in nature. Pack your binoculars and choose the right camping destination. For a better study of fauna and flora bring a field guide and identify what is around you.

Here are some best solo camping destinations you can try:

  • Hot Springs National Park – Arkansas
  • Mesa Verde National Park – Colorado
  • Great Basin National Park – Nevada
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park – Ohio
  • Algonquin Provincial Park – Ontario

Set up your campsite: challenging things to do while camping alone

Set up  campsite alone

One of the fun and challenging things you encounter while camping alone is setting up your campsite. I recommend getting ready with this as early as possible as taking risks on where you are going to stay alone is not how it should be.

When setting up your campsite, it is really challenging as you have to manage there by yourself. Pack up the right tools so as not to encounter any troubles. And if you can meet up with the neighbors, you will feel more comfortable there during your stay.

Setting up your campsite is one of the foremost things to do while camping alone and make sure you check the ground, availability of water around, and safety around before pitching the tent. Find a good solo backpacking tent as this is where you are protected. I recommend hanging up a tarp above the tent for extra protection from unpredicted weather.

Note: most of the solo campers prefer established campsites

Cook for yourself by yourself

Cooking while camping

Cooking is fun when camping and it is more fun when you are cooking your camping meals for yourself. Here you have no other to cook for, so pack all ingredients you love and it is easy to make. No one is out there to judge!

You can make a campfire to cook easy meals or can bring your camping stove for a more comfortable cooking experience. No matter what method you prefer, bring food that can easily be prepared. Some like to spend more time on cooking when some aren’t. Pick your side and bring the things you need.

This is a great opportunity for you to measure up your culinary skills and you can try new receipts for sure. What is important is bringing up all food items that can easily be arranged. And make sure you match your meals with what type of camping you are intended for. If it is summer, pack more snacks, fruits, and light meals also with enough water. And if you are planning on camping in cold weather camping, bring things to have your warm meals.

Do what you love: hiking, biking, and more

Hiking & Biking

It is your time to nature play, so get out of the camp and live in your days with how you love to spend.

While camping alone, you can plan your days with activities like hiking, biking or climbing. You can pick your destination and the best time to visit considering the weather. If you are going in summer, start your activities early as possible to avoid midday heat.

If you are not likely to be too active in your camping trip, you can just plan for simple nature walks. You can find an easy trail and take frequent breaks while camping to admire nature closely. Or you can take a bike ride while looking around. If you are a fan of wildlife, you can focus on that with a good destination following up with the right safety guidelines.

When making a camping trip, find the best time to avoid crowds as you like to camp peacefully. But do not take risks when you camp alone and only choose where you know the best.

Take a nice sunbathe and relax


Relaxing in the sunshine is one of my favorite things when camping. You can just sit near your tent and relax doing nothing. Sunlight gives vitamin D synthesis and cuts the level of cholesterol in the body. So it is for both mind and body.

When taking a nice sunbathe, it is important to choose the right time for it. Do not get too exposed to the sun as you may end up with severe sunburns. For some campgrounds, the sun is too fiery and it is not working for sunbathing.

We recommend early morning and late evening to have comfortable times under the sun without any health threats. Make sure to add your favorite snacks and drinks and enjoy more relaxed times.

Do Birdwatching

Birdwatching while Camping

Birdwatching is a great hobby to stay happy and healthy. When camping alone, birdwatching is a great way to spend some hours and get closer to nature. Depending on where you are planning to camp, you can spot different bird species and admire them. If you are a good fan of this, target on times where there are migratory bird species.

With birdwatching, you will learn to appreciate nature. And this is a great hobby that develops patience by increasing mental alertness. To get the best of birdwatching, you have to spend more hours out of the camp and you can spend as much as time as your plans work just for your commands.

Find some of the best camping destinations for birdwatching,

Relax your mind with Meditation

Relax your mind with Meditation

Getting outdoors on your own is about living at your own pace. So why not save some time for yoga and meditation to reach extreme relaxation?

When you are close to nature, you can be more peaceful and focused. So practice yoga and meditate, taking some valuable minutes. There is no one to interrupt.

Yoga is helpful in promoting flexibility, balance and also physical wellness. Together with Yoga, you can do some simple exercises you usually do in your daily schedule to stay fit. Include your yoga mat when packing up the things.

To meditate, you need a peaceful surrounding and when you are camping alone, you get into the perfect setting. Take a few minutes and practice meditation to stay motivated and relaxed-minded. And this is a great way to manage stress after a tired active day at the campsite. If you are new to this, I recommend giving it a try and you will find it supporting throughout your outing.

Picnic to watch sunrise and sunset

watch sunrise and sunset

The real beauty of nature at its peak in sunrise and sunset and that you should not miss. Plan your camping trip to have a small picnic to watch the sunrise and sunset. Do not forget to bring your blanket, favorite snacks and drinks to have relaxing times watching the beauty of nature’s miracles.

To watch sunrise, select a fine spot in the east of the camp and wake up as early as possible. And when the sun goes down, lay down the blanket and get ready. Do not walk too far from the tent for your own safety. This is one thing I never miss every time I camp and I truly enjoy doing this.

If you can sit near your tent and catch the beautiful sight, that is really good as you have no trouble carrying your stuff from one place to another. But if you want a change from the setting, take a small walk ahead.

Go wild and collect firewood

Collect Firewood

Fire is essential to make your camping complete. No matter if you are a solo camper or going in a group, be ready for firewood. The best part is collecting firewood. During the day when the light is there, you can collect enough wood by taking a small walk in your area.

Even this sounds simple; you can find this interesting to engage with. You can walk into the wilds (only in the safe area) and get enough wood while admiring your nature.

Be Creative and spend quality time

Creative while camping

Nature is where you can be creative and relaxed being the real version of you. So why not get creative in the wild? But, how?

When you are alone, you can make your hobbies your priority. So start a painting, play your favorite music, and play an instrument if you can or write a new page in your diary. If not, you can add little things from your surroundings and do amazing crafts just like your childhood days.

When you are alone, you may sometimes feel bored. So this is one of the greatest ways you can spend some hours with what you love. I used to draw when I was camping and that makes me so happy in the end. They are memories you can take home. So never miss your chance.

Do water activities to stay cool

water activities

If you are going camping in summer, I prefer spending most of the time with water. There are beautiful water sources safe to swim in. Make sure you choose one good water spot to camp near. But it is very important to be safe and respect the rules and regulations.

Swimming is not just for fun it is also a way you can relax your body and mind. But before you jump into the water, check whether it is clean and good to go. When getting your camping pack ready, include your swimwear, goggles or any gear you need.

Go Fishing and enjoy the view!


If you are camping near a lake with a gorgeous view, it is worth spending some time fishing. What you need simply include waders, some fishing lines, bait, and a pair of sunglasses. Plus, a chair is good to sit, relax and go fishing with no pain on your back or legs. And do not forget to wear your hat to get the traditional fishing look.

As to experts’ words, fishing is a skill and gets perfect over time. If you are new, you may not find it work at the first but keep trying to let magic work. And remember to find a spot with a high chance of fishing. If you do it right, you can find your dinner on your own!

If you do not feel like fishing, you can join others to go fishing and enjoy just by watching. You can sit relaxed and watch the beauty around lakes even if you are not in the mood for fishing. There are many campgrounds near gorgeous lakes offering great times.

Read a book and have a break

Read a book

If you were so busy hiking and climbing, the next day is definitely a day to relax. So take your favorite book to camp and fix up the mood.

This is a great way to take a comfortable break while you are camping. And as you are alone, you can leisurely take your time until your story is finished. You can just stay inside your tent or can set up somewhere near the camp for a change. And if you have a hammock or comfortable chair, you can read your favorite book in a different posture. Do it as you feel good.

Here are some of my favorite picks when camping:

  • Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
  • Wild by Cheryl Strayed
  • The Wrath of Angels by John Connolly
  • Before the Fall by Noah Hawley
  • Travels with Charley in Search of America by John Steinbeck

Take up photography and bring memories home

Take up photography

There is no specific time you should take photographs; you can picture everything you find beautiful. I personally maintain a memory book with all of the beautiful captures I took so far. So why not give that a try? Believe me, this is a great way to recap your camping memories.

Taking photos is an amazing way you can spend your camping days. And there are so many things to capture for sure and you will never get bored. If you have a camera, pack all the accessories to take some quality shots. But if you do not want to take on extra weight, even your smartphone is enough.

Take these tips while camping alone

Camping alone is not easy and it has plenty of challenges to deal with. The most important thing is safety. Find a perfect campground and think about good weather. Plan your activities soon once you pick the destination and start packing your camping gear. Hope you find the following tips helpful.

  • Let someone or more know where you are camping (if you are going too far, carry a GPS locator beacon)
  • Store your food properly (use bear canisters and store bags)
  • Have campfire safely away from tents, trees, and people (find a clear space)
  • Try the best to choose an established campsite for your ease and practice safety actions
  • Know your campsite neighbors
  • Protect yourself from wildlife
  • Pack essential camping gear including safety gear

Are you ready for a great solo camping trip?

In general, camping is mostly regarded as a group activity. But did you know camping alone is a next-level experience?

Camping can smartly help in knowing yourself better. Leave all stress away and take a good break into the wilds. If you are an experienced solo camper, it is only to decide what to do this time. But if you are new, you need good thinking, better planning overall.

Why wait to go solo camping, you will be happy you did!

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