How To Wash Hair While Camping-Step By Step Guide

wash hair

Keeping your hair clean while camping is not difficult, and stressful activity. Hairs get oily and dirty easily when you are camping in rough and muddy areas, and those conditions will make you uncomfortable and you need to wash them up.

Wash less often, wash at the last minute, and you can use tools like dry shampoo or shampoo caps. Use home remedies like baby powder, baking soda, and cornstarch. Rubbing a small amount of one of those remedies will soak up the oils in your hair.

Furthermore, there are some ways besides those mentioned above. They all are detailed below. Wash hair while camping is not easy for some people because they struggle to find water or don’t know the procedure. It doesn’t matter because we scatter all the facts.

  1. What hair supplies should you bring?
  2. Wash less often & Keeping your hair clean when you  need to shower
  3. Keeping your hair clean when you can’t get a shower
  • Try out a dry shampoo
  • Find the water
  • Bring a tub
  • Create your shower
  • The magical shampoo cap
  1. Wash last minute & The way to clean without a shower
  • Baby powder and Cornstarch
  • Cleaning only from water

Camping can be more stressful on your hair than you might think. It means it’s easy to keep your hair protected and it can remain soft, healthy, and happy. Use these tips to protect and wash your hair while camping.

What Hair Supplies Should You Bring

Hair Supplies

When you are ready for your trip, make sure that you have got everything you need to keep your hair clean and healthy. According to your trip, this may include several items.

  • A shampoo or shampoo alternative 
  • A conditioner or a conditioner alternative
  • A wide-tooth comb or gentle brush
  • Hair ties
  • Bobby pins
  • Headbands
  • Bandanas or hats
  • Sunscreen

Moreover, you can use styles to your advantage. Keeping your hair in a tighter style can help to keep elements away from your hair. It also decreases the chances that things like dirt and debris will be able to make their way into your locks.

In addition to that, you can brush it out daily. So by following those steps you can protect your hair while camping.

Wash less often & Keeping Your Hair Clean When You Need to Shower

Hair Sprayer

Americans like to wash their hair too often. Shampoo can prevent oil production of hair, which triggers the body to create more oil. This means, your scalp starts to produce oil in another way. You can train your body to not produce oil as an answer.

If they have access to a bath, it’s very easy to stay clean while camping. Most campgrounds have bathrooms but the cost may be high.

Even when there isn’t a shower where you’re camping there are ways that you can get one. So you can carry a camp shower and you don’t have to worry about anything. Also, you can either use water from your bottle or use the sprayer if you have one.

Keeping your hair clean when you can’t get a shower

Without a shower, there are various options to keep your hair decently clean. Check out those options and choose the best one for you.

Try dry shampoo

try dry shampoo

Do you don’t like to wash your hair in a lake or river? so there is a better solution for you. It’s using a dry shampoo. You can use them without water. You just rub a small amount of this into your hair.

There are many kinds of shampoos, whether you have curly hair, fine hair, light or dark locks.

So, once you have found a dry shampoo, you will want to make sure to pay high attention to your scalp, as this is the starting point for oil to begin to build up. As long as you can keep that oil at bay, your hair will remain clean.

Also, note that dry shampoo isn’t a great option to use for the long term. When you use dry shampoo, it will add products to your hair and those products will cure skin problems. As a result, it may cause dandruff or acne on your scalp.

It means Dry shampoo can be the perfect solution for a few days of camping.

Find the water

Find the water

You can find a place to get clean if you’re camping anywhere near water. If it is a lake, river, or stream, it will be enough to get your hair clean.

If you are going to get clean in a natural water source, use a biodegradable soap or shampoo. These avoid problems caused by chemicals in the water. It keeps wildlife and the environment happier.

On the other hand, using biodegradable soap can still affect the environment.  But this is much better than typical soaps and shampoos, so you will still want to try to avoid using it directly in the water source.

On the other hand, using a bucket or a container to get water for cleaning, requires some extra steps, but can also prevent contamination.

Bring a tub

bring tub

If they’re not too far from camp can always bring your water and use the tub for cleaning. This can be helpful for hair cleaning. Gather together a tub, some water, a cup to help with rinsing out your locks, and a towel.

Maybe you won’t have hot water with you for your purposes. But if you have any method to boil some water it will make the process great. So, it will take a while. But you will need that hot water to feel like you have reached that ideal clean.

Create your shower

create shower

You can bring your shower with you and it will act as an absolute lifesaver. There are several camping showers on the market like Rinsekit, Ivation, Nemo, and a whole lot more. These showers are already set up and all you need to do is add the water. 

So, if anyone wants a less expensive option can also choose to put together their shower. You can make a shower perfect for your needs by using a household tool like a water jug, garden sprayer, or 5-gallon bucket.

While you are making or buying, you will need to keep in mind the weight of the shower itself when it is not in use. Make sure to come up with something that you will be able to travel with as much as you need. Otherwise, it may be irritating for you. 

The Magical Shampoo Cap

The Magical Shampoo Cap

A shampoo cap is another helpful option when you can’t rinse out your hair after cleaning. You can get packs of several caps. When you are going camping for 5 days or more, or need caps for a few people, this is great for it.

 Shampoo caps are easy t use. First of all, you have to brush your hair. Then open up the cap and keep it over your hair. After that massage all of your hair from outside. Most caps have both conditions and shampoo so it will make a quick process.

When you have finished getting all of your hair clean, you should remove the cap, and after that grab a towel to get your hair dry. Don’t forget to collect the garbage into a garbage bag and take it home with you.

Wash last minute & The way to Clean Without a shower

Wash last minute & The way to Clean Without a shower

It’s a good idea to save that previous good washing for the very last minute before you hit the road. This means that even if you’re leaving to start your trip in the afternoon, you should sneak in a noontime shower fast.

Unfortunately, you don’t have shampoo with you or you just forgot to bring it. Don’t worry there are ways to keep your hair clean to get rid of oil in a pinch.

Baby Powder or Cornstarch

baby powder

If you want to keep your hair away from getting too oily you can use baby powder and cornstarch.  Sometimes used in standard shampoo, so the baby powder can be used for clean hair.

So, these ingredients tend to be unscented and quite gentle. Hence, you will need a small amount to complete the task.

When you are using either of these options, just add a small amount of hair. You will need to know that you get it near the roots of the hair, where oil tends to begin. Then, brush it through your hair and it will do away with any oiliness in the area.

Doesn’t matter what you use but keep in your mind to use a little amount of them. An excess of either powder can leave you with white powder in your hair that may be difficult to get out.

Cleaning Only from Water

clean with water

In some cases, you will only need water to clean your hair. That said, it’s not usually something that is going to work perfectly.

Maybe you can’t imagine not using shampoo and conditioner daily. The latter can truly be a lifesaver, especially if you have long hair. So, with a little practice, it’s possible to keep your hair clean with just water.

It’s worth keeping in your mind that this may take time. Your hair and scalp will likely need to get used to the lack of chemicals adding to the cleaning process. That could mean dealing with greasy or dry hair until you get the process of cleaning with water just right.

If you want to try another way of this route, there is no reason not to give it a shot and see how it goes.  Those who camp often may find a much easier way to keep their hair looking and feeling good while camping if all it takes is a bit of water and a good scalp massage.

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